Fearless Predictions

Now that theLegislature has adjourned without the DFL majority’s budget passed, and with Governor Pawlenty promising to use the line-item veto to unallot the budget back into balance, look for the following:

  • Predictions from DFLers of bodies lying in the street (oops – already happened)
  • Threats from liberal-run school districts that they’ll have to close, followed by exactly zero schools closed, at least due to state budget cuts.
  • More predictions from DFLers of bodies lying in the street.
  • Lamentations that “the governor abused his plurality”, which are not only shrieking points, but dumb ones; the governor is an elected executive, not a pluralistic deliberative body.  That’s why the Legislature is given the opportunity to override his vetos.
  • Threats from cities to lay off cops and firemen (leaving city garbage collectors, administrators, civil rights commissioners, convention planners, community planning organizers, planning/policy wonks and layer upon layer of other bureaucrats unmentioned and untouched, because people don’t get scared into writing their legislatores to demand tax hikes to protect any of those jobs).

And if all of the above haven’t happened by the end of the day today, I’ll rhetorically eat my hat.  Or would, if I owned any.

8 thoughts on “Fearless Predictions

  1. The “We Have to Close the Washington Monument! Oh, Noes!!” gambit is always funnier when it’s, say, the other folks’ PD that’s doing it — trimming off, say, such frippery as, I dunno, oh, patrol to maintain the level of doorkickers in their executioners hoods err, make that “tactical balaclavas”, serving routine warrants.

    But I digress.

  2. Well, the state does have enough money to put up signs on I-35 that says that this construction work is due to Obama’s Big Gov’t spending. Wonder how much those signs cost.

  3. Time to mount a major assault on the old “cut where it hurts most” gambit that cities, schools, and the State DFL party have been grinding us with for years. The next time (probably this afternoon) you hear it, ask them what are the HIGHER priority items that cannot be cut. What’s more important than police and fire protection, courts and prisons, school textbooks and the right number of good teachers?

  4. I don’t believe you, Mitch, I am sure you own at least one hat. Any middle aged Minnesotan, especially if they have kids, owns at least one hat. I seldom wear a hat but I have many hats.

  5. Sorry Chuck, those signs come with the stimuless money.

    Interesting to see that the voters in California made the same decision as the Governor in Minnesota.

  6. how much longer before they somehow try and blame bush for this? BDS didn’t die when Obama took office.

  7. I’ve got to admit – I’ve had my issues with the Governor in the past. Just when I think he couldn’t possibly any dumber, he goes and TOTALLY redeems himself!

    I take it all back, Tim.

    Thank you.


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