Doug Williams goes after Paul Krugman’s latest:

Krugman is not an idiot. And yet anyone from quick-thinking geniuses to nose-picking morons knew exactly what Krugman’s opinion was going to be about any issue for the past eight years – his opinion was the opposite of whatever the Bush administration supported. Krugman substituted a reliably pure strain of reactionism for thoughtful commentary and bleated it with all the gusto of an agitated sheep. Only now that scary Republicans do not inhabit the land’s highest offices does he feel free again to flex his long neglected thinking parts.

Without getting into a whole “the media is biased” diatribe, this is the problem when media classes turn into left-right cliques. Krugman spent the last eight years in blind, unthinking opposition, and probably made himself more popular because of it. The lefties didn’t want to hear careful thought about a Republican administration. They wanted their smart people to give them smart sounding justifications for their automatic opposition to everything that administration attempted. Krugman more than happily danced to that tune. The fact that this schtick works just as well for right-leaning pundits doesn’t change the basic point – it’s a fundamentally anti-intellectual approach to punditry. Rather than using reason to determine one’s opinion, the opinion comes first and reason is used simply to justify it after the fact.

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2 thoughts on “Krugged

  1. Krugman is still a nutcase. In the column Doug references Krugman speaks positively of fellow nutcases James Hansen & Al Gore. The irrationality that bred BDS is still around. In its newest form it makes lefties think they can control the weather.

  2. Obama’s gonna change the weather!!!!

    Obama’s gonna change the world!!!

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