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  1. Or maybe you’d prefer to look at this sampling of polling on the race instead of Barrett’s internal poll.

    I grew up in Wisconsin and have plenty of family back there. It’s difficult to see how Barrett, who has lost twice before in bids for statewide office, is going to pull it out.

  2. With Walker’s backers outspending Barrett 25-1 it will indeed be a miracle if Barrett wins . . . but stranger things have happened.

    It all comes down to voter turnout.

  3. It all comes down to voter turnout.

    Will Klobuchar win a second term this year? “It all comes down to voter turnout.”
    Will Bachmann win a congressional seat in her new district? “It all comes down to voter turnout.”
    Howabout the ultimate contest? Obama v Romney? “It all comes down to voter turnout.”

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  4. Sanity,

    “It comes down to turnout” is the political version of “the team with the most points will win the game”.

  5. Terry;

    Seems to me like that is Sanity’s MO. He did the same thing with his/her “Bachmann became a Swiss citizen” flap. Of course, we all know that she decided not to move forward with that. I wonder if Sanity knows that Obumbler henchman, now Chicago Mayor also has dual citizenship – U.S. and Israel. Now IMO there’s a person whose allegiance should be questioned.

  6. Obumbler henchman, now Chicago Mayor also has dual citizenship – U.S. and Israel

    …and served in the Israeli military.

  7. This should also help Gov. Walker. And from the PiPress, too!


    I also find it funny how the Dems in WI are wailing that Walker didn’t create jobs and/or the state lost jobs under his leadership, yet funny, Obumbler made an example of the jobs brought back to Master Lock from offshore to Milwaukee. Just can’t please those libbie liars!

  8. Okay, I think I have it figured out.
    Barret is Rahm Emmanuel’s boy. Emmanuel holds dual citizenship, U.S. and Israel, and has held a commission in the Israeli armed forces. I shouldn’t need to explain that this makes Emmanuel — and, by sponsorship, Barret — agents of the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, the Jewish court that condemned Christ for blasphemy.
    Bachmann had her dual U.S.-Swiss citizenship just long enough to travel to Switzerland as a citizen, retrieve the Spear of Destiny, and smuggle through customs back to MN. That is much more easily done with dual citizenship. How do we know that the Spear of Destiny was hidden in Switzerland? Simple. Look at the Swiss flag. A white cross, symbolizing Christianity, on a field of red, symbolizing blood. Bachmann, of course, backs Walker, and her district borders Wisconsin.
    Obviously she intends to give walker the Spear of Destiny, and he will use its mystical powers in an arcane ritual to defeat Barret. The circle will be then be completed.
    One complicating factor: Who actually stole the Spear of Destiny from its immortal Rosicrucian guards?
    The answer is obvious. Indiana Jones, Wilhelmena “Willie” Scott, and Short Round, known in this dimension by their mundane names “Harrison Ford”, “Kate Capshaw”, and “Jonathan Ke Quan”.
    This is where it gets complicated. Please keep up with me.
    Harrison Ford is half-Jewish. Kate Capshaw is married to Steven Spielberg, a Jew.
    But what about Jonathan Ke Quan, you ask? Unless I am very much mistaken, “Ke” is a Chinese honorific middle name given to first born male children. What does it mean in English?
    “Son of Heaven”.
    It’s all crystal clear, now, isn’t it? Walker better watch his back.

  9. Okay, I’ve brought you to the Well of Knowledge. Now it is time for you to drink your fill.
    “Emmanuel” in English means “God With Us”. This term could be used to describe Satan. And remember that Satan had his origin in Heaven when you think of Jonathan Ke Quan’s middle name — “Ke”, or “Son of Heaven”.
    There is a word that describes people who would reject the notion that cute, adorable little “Short round” from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” is the anti-christ.
    That word is “naive”.

  10. “It all comes down to voter turnout.”

    I need to clarify. It comes down to which side does a better job of turning their voters out. It will be close, and whichever side does a better job of getting their voters to the polls wins.

    If it were a November election then weather could be a factor, but of course this is unlikely to play a role in June.

  11. Mitch, don’t forget to pay me for stirring the pots and upping the comments on your blog posts . . . when we get to 20 comments, as agreed upon . . . 😉

  12. Quiet, folks. Sanity is auditioning for presidential press secretary in Obama’s second term – that is, if more Obama supporters than Romney supporters vote for him.*

    * dead voters not included.

  13. What’s with the dead voter meme? Where’s the proof that this is happening? This is one myth that doesn’t want to die, kind of like the birther deal.

    Doesn’t Wisconsin have voter ID now? How can dead people vote there? Show me how that works.

  14. The reason the recall will lose is simple: many signatures on the petitions asking for the recall were fraudulent. That degree of fraud, even by the masters of deceit within the democrat/labor machine, isn’t possible in the general election. Walker won the general election because the voters liked his program. He will win the recall for the same reason.

  15. “Sanity”

    Lefties want “proof” that, as Sam correctly notes, is hard to come by under the current system.

    For example, tens of thousands of provisional voter cards – the cards mailed to voters’ addresses after the election to confirm that they actually live there – were returned by the USPS because nobody by the listed name lived there – or, in many cases (like the case up north where 13 people listed a laundromat as a home address) could have lived there.

    Is there “proof” that any illegal voting happend? Not in the form of convictions – because it’s impossible to get a conviction on this evidence under any law, much less current laws.

    But this does not pass the stench test with any, er, sane person.

  16. overheard in the Frederic WI Hardware store this afternoon

    did you hear that the Obama Campaign staff will be in Wisconsin this weekend to help with the union get out the vote effort?

    Yeah, they’ll be the ones walking through the graveyards monday writing down names on voter registration cards.

  17. The dead people voting myth is a good smokescreen to cover voter suppression / disenfranchisement by the right.

    Here’s the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Report on Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election.

    “During Florida’s 2000 presidential election, restrictive statutory provisions, wide-ranging errors, and inadequate resources in the Florida election process denied countless Floridians of their right to vote.”
    “This disenfranchisement of Florida voters fell most harshly on the shoulders of African Americans. Statewide, based on county-level statistical estimates, African American voters were nearly 10 times more likely than white voters to have their ballots rejected in the November 2000 election.”
    “While some of those denied the right to vote in the November 2000 election no doubt were legally denied that right, others who should have been legally entitled to vote were also denied that right. Indeed as this report demonstrates, Florida state law in some instances virtually guaranteed that some citizens who were legally entitled to vote would be denied that right.”

    The National Review denying everything that happened in 2000, denying that it is happening now, and drawing the wrong conclusions from the USCCR study. They are relying on the fact that their readers are not going to read the report, and they are trying to drum up blind resistance to any claims of voter disenfranchisement.

    Now we’re only a year and a half from another presidential election. The claims of impending disfranchisement are sure to multiply.



    Keep the smokescreens and disinformation coming . . .

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