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Jack Jablonski – the kid injured and potentially paralyzed after a hockey accident – is apparently moving his arms, which is a good sign:

Eight days after a check sent the Benilde-St Margaret’s hockey player into the boards breaking his spinal cord and paralyzing him, Jablonski moved his arms.

In an interview with several media members prior to Benilde-St Margaret’s hockey game Saturday night, Jack’s mother Leslie delivered the encouraging news.

Leslie Jablonski says Jack moved was able to flex his left arm at the elbow, something doctors intiially said he would not be able to do.  He also was able to move his right arm away from his body.

I promised someone I’d mention the case on the show over the weekend, and I may have booted it (sorry… :P) but hopefully this helps too…

By the way, the link to learn more about the case is right here.

3 thoughts on “Some Good News

  1. This hits me hard because I graduated from there and I know the hockey coach well. He was actually my History teacher back in my junior year. This sucks and makes you remember what is really important in life.

  2. Since this story broke, after all of the info that we have on this young man, I would not be surprised if he were to one day walk on his own again! The body is capable of remarkable mysteries and I hope and pray that we see one here!

  3. Predicting long term outcomes in spinal cord injury is difficult because usually the cord is not literally cut but crushed. Some of the initial paralysis improves because nerve fibers that are stunned can resume function. There is a natural reluctance on the part of physicians to encourage undue optimism, hence the subsequent improvement that”proves” the doctors were wrong but I’m sure they’d rather be wrong than see total paralysis as the final outcome. I hope the kid keeps on improving.

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