A Major Milestone

Being a Republican in Saint Paul, there’s some things you never get much chance to get used to.

Winning elections – so far – has been one of them.  We’re working on that with the Copeland For Senate campaign (for which I am, in the interest of disclosure, a volunteer).

Another one?  Getting a big fund-raising goal on short notice, and hitting it with time to spare.

But the Copeland campaign did it; in its first big hurdle – attracting $3,000 in donations to get an $8,000-and-change state match, and doing it in seven days.  Five, actually – the campaign actually topped $3,000 on Saturday (not all the money got in to the campaign until today), with the total standing at $3,400 and still no word on contributions from the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh CD conventions this past weekend.

So this is big news; I don’t know that a St. Paul GOP campaign has ever hit this kind of a fundraising target; the Copeland for Senate campaign has more money already than some CD4 GOP congressional campaigns can muster.  And volunteers are getting involved from all over the place, to say nothing of those from among Saint Paul’s plucky GOP minority.

Speaking of which:  if you’d like to volunteer…:

Phone: (612) 242-8051

Or you can email at Elizabeth.e.Paulson, which is a Gmail dot com email address.  We need lit-droppers, door-knockers, phone-bankers, sign-pounders, and every other kind of help a campaign needs.

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