Sedition For We, But Not For Ye

From 2004, Lex Green at the Chicago Boys blog – the best political/economics blog that I never have time to read – worked over the “United States of Canada” meme – the sore losers who sprang up after John Kerry got sent back to Ville de Palooque:

The basic idea is that the Blue Staters are so horrified about living under the rule of George Bush that they want to break the USA into pieces and form their own country. Of course, they are just venting.

The core strength of “liberal” America resides in the descendants of Yankee puritans, a memetic “Greater New England” that sprang from the Yankee diaspora which settled the Northern tier of the country. These folks have been living uneasily with their fellow Americans for over 350 years. They have been trying to reform the rest of us for our own good the whole time: Revolution, abolition, prohibition, civil rights, environmentalism � . Sometimes they are even right, as much as I hate to admit it. Look at a picture of Cotton Mather, or Susan B. Anthony, or any eat-your-peas liberal do-gooder. The eyes: sad at the foolishness and injustice of the world — the mouth, a mirthless line — and the jaw, set in determination to rectify the world’s wrongs and smite its wrongdoers. Those Yankees, genetic or memetic, are the core of the “progressive” element in American life, and they have been for centuries, and they’ll never change.

Spoofing this movement was some of the most fun I’ve had writing this blog.

And now, ripped from the headlines, “Jamie Stiehm” writes in USN&WR:

All states are not created equal, as this summer’s performances in Congress and other political platforms show anew. Some states are pretty great; some are just plain trouble. Take [Texas, Arizona and South Carolina], for example…

…let me make a modest proposal: that the states that seceded–let them be gone! That means South Carolina, Texas, and even Florida as a bonus, along with the Deep South states that send recalcitrant Republican representatives to Washington with no intention of doing the nation’s business. They are there to block, taunt, and undermine a president, a man from Illinois making social progress. This time, let’s let them go without a fight. Oh, and we’ll keep Virginia, more reconstructed than the rest, and give them Arizona.

…by way of calling for the reddest of the red states to secede.

Let’s make sure we’re clear on the comparison here; people from the ultra-conservative fringe advocate secession = knitted brows and outraged talk of sedition.  Typically vapid Ivy League legacy slime working puff jobs with major media outlets talk about seceding or expelling states that offend them = look at the shiny object.

Wonder if Erik Black will furrow his brow and write a scholarly piece dissecting the pathologies of the left’s mania for secession.

I’ll take “Under” on the over/under.

9 thoughts on “Sedition For We, But Not For Ye

  1. I think anyone who advocates secession doesn’t know their US history very well. Unless they are simply mocking the right, like Perry down in Texas for being idiots.

    I noticed that in ‘today in history’ it is Davy Crockett’s birthday. He did his own personal secession, in a snit, when politics didn’t go his way as the representative from Tennesee to Congress, and left the US of A for Texas, only to end up at the Alamo. (Btw – Crockett’s side of the political controversy was probably the correct one, but not the popular one at the time.)

    I would love to see all the extremists who really believe that secession is an option do the same, make their own personal, individual secession, and move to Texas. And then let them have their second Alamo, just like Davy ‘King of the Wild Frontier’ Crockett. Which dovetailed in with a conflict down in Florida. I’d bet any kind of modern second Alamo of politics will involve Mexico and hispanics – given how history repeats.

    Great, now I can’t get Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads doing ‘History Repeating’ out of my head.

  2. Dog Gone said:

    “Unless they are simply mocking the right”

    Do you typically not read the post before making a comment?

  3. Dog,
    Where do the States get their power and authority? I mean, if the Federal government rides roughshod over States rights, how would a single state check that overreach?

  4. “Great, now I can’t get the Propellerheads out of my head.”…..for the past forty years.

  5. “I would love to see all the extremists who really believe that secession is an option do the same, make their own personal, individual secession, and move to Texas.”

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the Free State Movement? No need to secede.

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