Lie First, Lie Always: Why Is Erin Maye Quade Lying?

Last week, after the collapse of the DFL effort (for now) to ram through a couple of gun control bills (including Rep. Linda Slocum’s gun grab bill, HF 3022), the names of several DFL legislators quietly disappeared from the “jackets” – the cover sheets that accompany the bills and list the signatures of Representatives who are “co-authoring” the bills.

We’ll come back to that.

Honesty Is For Non-Patricians!:   We’ve encountered Erin Maye Quade before.  Before she was an ultra-left DFLer from Apple Valley, she worked for “The Uptake”, the far-left media outlet.  There, she got busted years ago for giggling about her ability to edit video footage to make people appear to say things they hadn’t .

She squeaked into office – where she’s become a fixture in the DFL’s shrill Gang of Four – along with Peggy Flanagan, Jamie Becker-Finn and Ilhan Omar.    She’s also married to a “Moms Want Action” paid organizer – so her anti-gun credentials would appear to be solid.

Maybe too solid.

Last week, her name disappeared as a co-author of Slocum’s gun grab bill.    When quizzed about it, she responded that her inclusion was a clerical error by House staff.

The DFL Memory Hole:   Rob Doar of the MN Gun Owners Caucus went down to the Capitol to resolve the mystery.  Was it clerical error?

He shot a video.  And unlike the younger Maye, there was no editing involved to get the truth out:

Here’s the signature (reversed from the video):

So many questions, here:

  1. Why is Erin Maye Quade lying to her constituents?
  2. Why is she distancing herself – and badly – from Rep. Slocum’s gun grab bill?
  3. Will the people of Apple Valley put up with this kind of duplicity?

Stay tuned for more.

8 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: Why Is Erin Maye Quade Lying?

  1. My representative (Applebaum) was listed as one of the authors of the Slocum bill, which prompted me for the first time in my life to write a letter to my state rep. I expressed my surprise and disappointment that he would willingly attach his name to this bill – that while several of the authors/sponsors had built successful careers out of pandering to political extremists, it’s a disingenuous and dishonorable way to serve. I told him that I expect my state representatives in the house and senate to engage in purposeful discussion that is at least designed to produce rational legislation. I said I was therefore “disappointed to see your name (as well as Reps May Quade and Omar) attached to this bill.”

    True story. All three have since removed their name from the bill. I’m thinking I should write more letters.

  2. Why does she lie? Um, because she knows that if she tells the truth, it’ll go over like a lead balloon, of course.

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  4. Yea, the news outlets had Linda Slocum on claiming that a gun owner threatened to kill her twice, voice mail and email. She told the drooling sycophantic reporters that she “welcomed legitimate and civil debate, but would not be intimidated”. Then, in the next breath, said that she’s asked the Richfield police to step up patrols by her house.

  5. I hope that the Dems have the integrity to nationalize this year’s mid term elections and make them all about impeaching Trump, amnesty for illegals, and gun control.

  6. Is that reprobate on record? Cause if she is, this is a wonderful opportunity to rub her feral snout into her nasty little lie.

    ‘Course she’ll just giggle about it, probably.

  7. If you are talking EMQ, she won’t giggle, she’ll cry. It is just SO unfair that people find out what I really stand for!

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