The Babylon Bee Has Apparently Taken Over Democrat Messaging

They can’t overturn Roe again, but the Democrats don’t think their audience knows any better:

I’m surprised the trooper wasn’t wearing a Darth Vader helmet.

Then, there’s the vital issue of…


…text equity. Here’s Senator Warren, who is no-how, no way a race fraud, nosirreebob:

Y’see, iPhones display messages from other iPhones in blue, but non-Apple message systems come across as green.

This is real Pettus Bridge stuff.

Senator Mitchell: DFL, Woodbury

MInnesotans: “Judd Hoff. Matt Roznowski. Julie Blaha. John Thompson. Dan Wolgamott. Brion Curran. Andy Smith. Can the DFL get any more depraved?”

Minnesota DFL: “Hold our Kombucha”.

Why, yes – that’s the relentlessly smug Nicole Mitchell – DFL senator from Woodbury, and apparently the DFL’s designated civil liberties expert.

Jeff Kolb ran through the facts we know (Twitter thread):

The incident took place at the home of her late father’s wife. Fill in further details at your own peril, but that might suggest a few answers.

It goes without saying Berg’s 18th Law is in force, and of course Michell is innocent until proven guilty.

The Kristallnacht Theme Park

Harvard and MIT disgraced the nation’s “elite academia” last year.

Columbia says “hold my kombucha”:

Yep – progs standing in the door of the schoolhouse, trying to keep the race they hate out.

Is a single Democrat office-holder or leader anywhere going to condemn this?

“Columbia University’s Public Safety and the NYPD cannot guarantee Jewish students safety”.

Oh, I suspect the NYPD could do it, if there were any political will to do so.

The fact that there isn’t should make every American sick to their stomach.

Bonus question: as someone else put it (I wish I could claim credit) – if Trump was responsible for what happened in Charlottesville, why aren’t Biden and his boss responsible for this?

Feature, Not A Bug

In the wake of three episodes of pro-Palestine protesters burning themselves to death, the sixties – the radical-chic version – called to tell the left of the 2020s to dial back the crazy:

I mean, if “interests of power” = weeding out the most insane elements of the crowd that also wants to self-immolate Western Civilization, she may have a point.

On the other hand, it’s a teeeeeny little step from this to “not immolating other ‘serves the interests of power'”.

Call On Line 5 From The Dixie Chicks

John Mellencamp, who turned his real-life persona – “an American kid who grew up in the Heartland” – into his show-biz persona, is shocked that other American kids from the heartland aren’t having his Los Angeles politics:

“Love the art, ignore the artist” is an aphorism that’s served me well over the years. Uh Huh, Scarecrow and Lonesome Jubilee were three of the best albums of the 1980s, especially for another “American kid growing up in the heartland”.

As to Mellencamp’s politics getting rejected? To cite the sage, there is indeed “no free ride. Nobody said it’d be easy”. Some guys put you in your place. Some day hopefully we can look back and remember when.

Hot Gear Friday: The Swiss Army Guitar

The word “iconic” is overused these days. I try to avoid it.

It’ll be hard in this next bit.

If you are not a guitar player, and someone says “electric guitar”, it’s more than a little likely the first guitar you picture in your mind is a Fender Stratocaster.

There are other electric guitars – but if the world had to explain “electric guitar” to an alien, this would likely be the example of choice.

The Fender Stratocaster turns 70 this year.

Radio repair man turned inventor Leo Fender could not possibly have known what he was starting when he began designing the Strat in the early 1950s. Perhaps because he wasn’t a guitarist, he approached the design differently, with an eye on not just manufacture but also repairability. Hence the bolt-on, rather than glued-in, neck. He had hit the mark a few years earlier with the Broadcaster, later renamed the Telecaster due to a legal wrangle with rival manufacturer Gretsch. He also designed the Fender Precision bass. Both were instant successes, popular with western swing bands, but the Telecaster was and remains a slab-like, utilitarian workhorse – two pickups, no nonsense. And as much as musicians loved its sound, they often complained that its square edges dug into their ribs and banged their hip bones.

The Strat, with its neatly nipped navel and two-horned cutaways, is probably what first comes to mind when anyone hears the words “electric guitar”. Millions of players have learned on a Strat – whether made by Fender, its budget Squier imprint, or one of the numerous companies producing copies. Many others dream of owning a top-of-the-range model from the Fender custom shop, costing a five-figure sum. Then there are the secondhand Strats with one previous famous owner. The black 1969 model that Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour played on The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall went under the hammer for almost $4m, in aid of a climate change charity.

They are famously versatile – their electronics provide thinner tone than the beefy Les Paul, but the three pickups are out of phase with each other, which helps give the Strat a dizzing sonic variety.

There’s reedy and out of phase:

To piercing, with tones you didn’t know existed until you played them:

To pretty much anything you want:

I finally got one, three years ago. It’s a Squier – but it gets the point across.

Clearing The Decks: 4/19 Edition

In one sense, this blog hasn’t changed much in the 22 years I’ve been running it. I get up early, I write stuff. For the past 20 years, it’s doubled as show prep for the Saturday NARN.

But one thing that has changed is the pace. I used to shoot for four posts a day, and frequently posted much, much more. These days, I stay consistent at 2/day – 6AM and 11AM. That’s actually a habit I picked up during blogging’s heyday – about 2/3 of the visits for the day came before 9AM, with another surge around lunch. I wanted to give people a reason to come back at lunch, so there was (and is) always a post at 11AM Central.

It’s probably a sign of how under-challenged I was back then. I sort of put career in the back seat between 2000 and probably 2012-ish; I had kids to raise. Which meant I had jobs where I really wasn’t that challenged. I had dribs and drabs of time during a not-overly-challenging workday to throw together rough drafts and story links to get to during my usual writing time, 5-6:30 AM – my “Me” time during my decade-plus with a couple of kids.

The career is back on my front burner, and going very well, thanks (knock wood); it’s been a blessing. I’ll go into more details some other time.

At any rate, two posts a day, sometimes more, is not a bad goal.

But one habit that’s not changed is the sheer volume of stories that I’d like to write about. I open them up in tabs, intending to blog about them, leaving them open until I do, and making a point of closing the tabs out when the story is done.

Which means every few weeks I have a browser with 40 open tabs, with stories I’ll never get to, largely out of date.

So what the heck – insteads of just nuking the browser full of tabs from orbit, let’s just bang out a bunch of them in one post, Instapundit style:

Ripple Effect

I say this fully aware it might be deeply insensitive.

By the way, “Deeply Insensitive” was the caption in the high school annual my senior year, so that tracks.

Anyway – people appear to be choosing sterilization over wrangling with new abortion laws (or at least the hype about them).

The good news, sorta? Fewer abortions.

The better news? It’s not unreasonable to presume these people are overwhelmingly “progressives”. Hopefully their self-inflicted demographic sunset will happen before they destroy the rest of the country.

The bad news: They got a big headstart on the whole “destroy the country” thing.

News To Me

Forget the Mariah Carey you’ve known for the past 20 years – the diva shenanigans, the Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon drama, the most expensive penthouse in New York.

Remember, rather, the Mariah Cary who broke out into the music world in 1989 – 19 years old, a voice like a laser, the work ethic of a sled dog…

and so very versatile and talented across genres.

And a curse upon her label at the time.

Religious Radio

The worst part about last week’s news about long-time National Public Radio (NPR) editor Uri Berliner’s tell all about the network’s, uh, systemic bias toward the left isn’t the bias itself (and if you haven’t read Berliner’s entire article, you should). We all knew that; it was obvious on issue after issue:

  • Tripling down on the “Russia Hoax”, treating it as divine revealed truth until it all fell apart, followed by a half-hearted and oh-so-quiet walkback.
  • Participating in the DNC (and RNC’s) defamation of the Tea Party, the last serious conservative threat to Democrat hegemony (which led, pretty directly, to Donald Trump, for better or worse; to Donald Trump; to quote Glenn Reynolds, ““I’m increasingly concerned that the neutralization of the Tea Party movement — an effort by both major parties — may have convinced a lot of people that civics-book style polite political participation is for chumps.”
  • Went full-bore Mao on Covid, not only unskeptically carrying the party line on the lab leak theory, vaccination, lockdowns and treatments, but actively attacking any departures from the Administration’s narrative, even as the narrative fell apart.
  • Actively participated in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.
  • Buying modern “Woke”-ism and portraying it as the revealed absolute truth – serving more like a religious broadcaster than a news organization, serving America’s modern, upper-to-upper-middle class progressive faith.
  • Reporting on every other issue imaginable – climate, guns, faith, abortion, you name it.

It’s not that the network has lied about it for decades; as recently as a couple years ago, Ira Glass and Bob Garfield dismissed the allegations, saying “multiple studies” proved it was untrue – conveniently without showing the “studies” for serious examination.

It’s not that they went full-bore “woke”:

Race and identity became paramount in nearly every aspect of the workplace. Journalists were required to ask everyone we interviewed their race, gender, and ethnicity (among other questions), and had to enter it in a centralized tracking system. We were given unconscious bias training sessions. A growing DEI staff offered regular meetings imploring us to “start talking about race.” Monthly dialogues were offered for “women of color” and “men of color.” Nonbinary people of color were included, too. 

These initiatives, bolstered by a $1 million grant from the NPR Foundation, came from management, from the top down. Crucially, they were in sync culturally with what was happening at the grassroots—among producers, reporters, and other staffers. Most visible was a burgeoning number of employee resource (or affinity) groups based on identity.

It’s not even that NPR actively denies they have a problem – “my weaknesses are actually my strengths”, as Michael Scott put it in a similar situation – and septupled down, suspending Berliner for doing business against the family and hiring a new CEO, Katherine Maher, who reads like a Babylon Bee caricature of a Prius-driving “In This House” sign-wielding upper-middle-class credentialist Karen.

(Naturally, the real crime is “pouncing” on Maher)

As great a service as Berliner has given the world of journalism, the biggest problem isn’t even that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Berliner’s observations about NPR appear to apply, to one degree or another, at every mainstream media newsroom, particularly here in the Twin Cities. All four local TV news stations, to say nothing of the Strib, are reliable DFL mouthpieces. While some reporters are modestly diligent about getting a variety of points of view, that appears to be much less a priority than it used to be..

In particular, Minnesota Public Radio seems to have abandoned their long-time drive for, if not “balance”, at least trying to include more perspectives. Not so long ago, NPR reporters would reach out to the state’s opposition – not just in the legislature, but opposition advocacy groups for their groups points of view on issues. When the DFL would float one of their gun control bills, for example, you’d hear Bryan Strawser or Rob Doar along with the usual suspects from Everytown or “Protect” MN.

When was the last time you heard any of that?

And while I try not to conflate Human Resources with news, it can’t possible escape notice that while MPR is famously hostile to hiring anyone to the right of Paul Wellstone, and is an actively hostile workplace to any that might leak through, they hired a meteorologist who’d gotten whacked for rhetoric too extreme for KARE, had a political reporter who dated and eventually married the state’s sitting ultraprogressive Lieutenant Governor, and another newsroom figure who we are assured no-way no-how frothed with hatred for conservatives and all they stood for before he retired.

No. The worst thing is, all of this systemic bias not only guts the media’s ability to do it’s most important job – holding government accountable – but eradicates any real reason to trust the media to do that job. It erodes the trust among people and institutions that a society needs to make “democracy” work.

And the worst part still? Either they are too cloistered in their class bubble to see the problem, or they think their class’s interests are what society actually needs.

The fact that NPR has become “Religious Radio” for the secular faith of the modern left hasn’t been even a serious debate outside prog journo circles in over a decade.

The perception that the rest of the media is the same thing in a lower-gloss format? That’s the part that needs to sink in.

I Love A Happy Ending

Hamas*holes in Florida try to block a road.

Get dragged.

Literally and figuratively.

I want to send this video to the Minneapolis City Council, just to see if any of them retreat to a crying room…

Not The Judean People’s Front

“Woke” constituencies in Massachusetts are having a hard time sorting out intersectional value:

The Daily Mail notes that in May, the student newspaper aired accusations that Christian staff members at the school had misgendered children, engaged in conversion therapy, and had even gone so far as to hold a prayer meeting during which there were references to an “LGBTQ demon.”  

Trans vs. Christians? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Not so fast. The Christians were also Latino!

Normally, this outcry would have been met with multiple apologies and reams of new policies designed to accommodate the aggrieved parties. But in this case, the staffers are black and Hispanic. So someone upped the ante. The parents who stated that not enough had been done to protect trans children were then accused of racism. 

Only in America. Well, only in Blue America. 

I think I just figured out how to make my fortune – running an intersectional small claims court, to adjudicate these sorts of things.

For a price, of course.

“Speaking To A Rally With 30,000 People About Hayek”

I always liked the idea of Argentina’s libertarian-conservative President, Javier Milei.

But after seeing this interview, I am actively wondering a bunch of things:

Does the US need to bottom out, as Argentina’s been doing for most of my life – before being ready to, as he says, “put on our long pants?” and embrace the freedom that used to be this nation’s reason to exist?

And where can we get one of him to run for governor in 2026?

The “Don’t” Doctrine Meets The “Just The Tip” Doctrine

Allegations in the Jerusalem Post: the Potato Administration knew that Iran was going to attack Israel over the weekend:

The United States had contact with Iran through Swiss intermediaries both before and after Tehran’s mass drone and missile attack on Israeli territory overnight, a senior Biden administration official said on Sunday.

The official declined to provide details on the contact, saying only that the US and Iran had “a series of direct communications through the Swiss channel.”

The theory: Iran needed to launch a face-saving attack after alleging Israel killed one of their terror leaders. Biden wants the mullahs to save that face.

Every time I think I couldn’t possibly be more ashamed to be an American, President Potato Obama digs the bottom of the barrel a little lower.

This Is Today’s MNDFL

Judd Hoff has allegedly been stalking Minnesota State Representative Mary Franson for a while now.

“Stalking”, you say?


He’s got kind of a colorful past (emphasis added), which has been recognized:

“Defendant approached Mr. Cornett with a machete pointed at him to instill fear so that he would comply with defendant’s command to return the flag,” she wrote. “As Mr. Cornett retreated, defendant approached. Defendant continued to keep pace with Mr. Cornett’s retreat all around his vehicle, into the street and back onto the sidewalk. Mr. Cornett felt sufficient fear of being stabbed or killed by defendant’s dangerous weapon, a machete, that he pulled his handgun. Even then, defendant did not stop.”

Oh, yeah – and he’s now the DFL-endorsed candidate running against Franson:

Not just endorsed. Endorsed unanimously.

This is today’s DFL .

Oh, yeah – I suspect that if the GOP endorsed a felon and someone very credibly alleged (with, say, footage they shot themselves, and a loooong social media record) to have stalked his female MNDFL opponent, the media would be humping the story’s leg.

UPDATE: Ken Martin, to his credit, at least rhetorically tried to distance himself from Hoff.

On the one hand, I don’t suspect the DFL is going to spend any money in 12B no matter who gets endorsed; Franson hasn’t faced a serious challenge since 2012, and she’s going to win the district by a 2:1 margin no matter who the DFL runs; with Hoff, it might be close to a three digit margin. .

But kudos to Martin; there is a bottom to the barrel below which the DFL won’t dig. John Thompson taught ’em something.

Well, some of them, anyway. Other DFLers, including this endorsed candidate, doubled down:

Which DFL will show up?

Snail Mail

Joe Doakes, formerly of Como Park, emails:

I turn 65 this Summer.  I went online to apply for Medicare. Can’t, must apply for Social Security first.  Okay, filled all the boxes, established a strong password, set up two-factor authentication, entered the confirmation code, received acknowledgement of the code, so are we done?

No.  They’ll send me a letter in the Snail Mail with my final activation instructions.  Should receive it in 10-15 days. Then I can finish the set up to have funds direct deposited into my bank account.

Snail Mail?  Does ANYBODY use snail mail for ANYTHING anymore? The entire process is electronic (and soon to be digital currency, as well) except for this step which looks like nothing more than a make-work payoff to the Postal Worker’s Union.  I’d gladly have offered to pay for them to ship it Fed Ex, had that been an option, but no.  Wait for the letter.  Hope for the best.  What could go wrong?  Unbelievable.

It could be worse. It could be run by MN IT.

Ire On Cue

A “plan” for a “masjid [mosque]-centered development” in Lino Lakes dropped into the chat this week.

And it’s generating the usual clouds of ire from the usual suspects.

I’ve got my suspicions. We’ll come back to that. First (with emphasis added):

Construction on the project is allegedly “expected to begin Fall of 2025.” However, the City of Lino Lakes released a statement on the project saying they have “not received a land use application for this development at this time. No review has been undertaken and no approvals have been granted.”

Should Madinah Lakes be constructed, it would be located “approximately 1.5 miles east of Lexington Ave on the south side of Main Street” in Lino Lakes, with Olson’s Market to the north and The Tavern on Main to the west.

In other words, like a lot of big real estate development proposals, it’s vapor.

In fact, very vapoeous:

Zikar Holdings, the corporation reportedly developing Madinah Lakes, is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State (OSS).

The website for Zikar Holdings states that the corporation specializes “in transforming land into sustainable and inviting spaces where families can flourish and individuals can thrive.” The corporation also says it has “a proven track record spanning over 10 years.”

However, Zikar Holdings only registered with the Secretary of State in December of 2023, and no completed projects are listed on Zikar Holdings’ website. Instead, the company promotes the pending Lino Lakes development and references future projects in Rochester and St. Cloud.

So – let’s recap:

  1. Vaporware development…
  2. …with an Islam-centered vibe
  3. …in the north suburbs.

I’ve got suspicions.

Development Of Convenience: As we noted last week, Democrats are nervous about their polling heading to the fall election. They are particularly concerned about holding onto:

  • The various suburban seats that went for Trump in 2016, that they won by paper-thin margins in 2022.
  • A Muslim voter base that is not happy about President Potato trying to split the baby on Gaza, and a far left base that is using that to leverage the larger Democrat party.

If you’re Ken Martin, you have to be thinking that they can’t overturn Roe again, the Biden Administration isn’t going to cough up any positive surprises, Trump’s personality is a stranger to nobody, that if he didn’t suspend the Constitution and declare himself dictator in 2020 he’s not going to do it in 2025, and that most people outside the NPR class are keenly aware they’re not doing better than they were in 2019.

So what’s the wedge that’ll logroll gullible Democrat-susceptible voters to the polls?

Lots of “They’ll BAN ABORTION” for the white progs. And lots of “LOOK HOW MUCH THEY HATE YOU” to the Muslims.

And nothing shores up Democrat wall like trafficking in intersectional victimhood.

The “Don’t” Doctrine

The Babylon Bee remains America’s most legitimate source of news and analysis [1]:

So, you give billions in cash and even more in moral legitimacy to a regime thats sworn its intent to commit genocide, that murders its own people, and that has for two generations run espionage, terror and covert military actions throughout the Middle East and Europe, and they turn around and do exactly what they’ve always said they were going to do?

Put another way: Are you better off now than you were four years ago? If you live in the Middle East (Arab, Jewish or other), or Ukraine and Eastern Europe, no. Biden (and Obama “before” [2] him) unleashed the hell you are currently living in.

This is, by the way, the first direct, non-proxy attack on Israel from Iran:

Iran launched 185 drones, 110 surface-to-surface missiles, and 36 cruise missiles, with most coming from Iran and a small portion being launched from Iraq and Yemen, the New York Times reported. IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said that, by about 3:00 a.m. local time, a small number of missiles had hit Israeli territory, causing minor damage to a military base in the country’s south.

Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter’s legacies must both be profoundly thankful for Joe Biden.

[1] Along with the NARN, naturally.

[2] Cut the crap. He’s the real President today.

Tolerance For Tall Tales

The Middle East is sliding into World War III.

Inflation is gutting working families’ budgets – but illegal immigration is gutting their paychecks, so the budgets are becoming irrelevant.

The exploding national debt is unsustainable, in ways that could very well make our society unrecognizable sooner or later.

And since “tall tales” are the issue here, we are of cours, led by a President who, on top of being demonstrably senile and corrupt to the bone, is a serial fabulist – about his childhood, education, his first wife and child’s car accident, his career, “civil rights work”, and Beau’s death.

But this is what Tina “The Giggly Butcher” Smith is yapping about.

Not to mention the media.

Good Generic News

A new KSTP/SUSA polls says Minnesota voters aren’t enthralled with “the Trifecta“:

When likely voters were asked if they’re “generally more inclined to vote” for a Republican, Democrat or candidate from another party, 45% said they prefer Republicans, 44% prefer Democrats, 8% were undecided and 3% preferred another party.

Minnesota Republicans are taking encouragement from this – as they should.

The same poll shows Trump and the First Potato in a dead heat:

According to our latest exclusive KSTP/SurveyUSA poll of Minnesota voters, Biden leads Trump 44% to 42%, with 11% saying they’ll vote for another candidate and 4% undecided. The poll has a credibility interval, similar to margin of error, of ±4.9%

“When you have a 2-point race in a presidential year, you’ve got a competitive state,” Carleton College political analyst Steven Schier said. “One that both campaigns will probably pay attention to.”

I’d urge a little caution along with the exuberance:

  • See that11% “Other Candidate” and 4% in the Presidential poll (and 11% between “Other” and “Undecided” in the House race)? I’m going to guess that, among the Legal Pot and Libertarian and Ventura Party dross, that involves a lot of “Uncommitted” DFLers. Democrat intraparty squabbling is like a couple of bull hogs fighting for the best patch of mud – but being essentially herd animals, Democrat voters almost always “come home”.
  • The numbers in the House poll refer to generic Republicans versus generic Democrats. It’s contingent on coming up with candidates who are better than generic. There is a strong undercurrent in the MNGOP of the same crowd that made Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Tayor Green into powerbrokers. Someone needs to teach some Minnesota GOP voters what legislatures are for. On the other hand, it shows that for exceptional candidates – people cut from the same cloth as Harry Niska, Eric Lucero, Pam Scott, Walter Hudson and Mary Franson – there is immense opportunity.
  • The Conventional Wisdom in 2016, when Trump came without two points of toppling Hillary!, was that Trump didn’t “almost win”; Hillary!, being a terrible candidate, almost lost. We’ll see if Trump has increased his cachet, but it’s entirely possible the First Potato is a worse candidate than Hillary! was.

Still, two years into the “trifecta”, we’ve had worse news.

Let’s try not to screw this pooch, MNGOP.


So – why did the ever-so-decisive Minneapolis City Council delay its “minimum wage” hike against Uber and Lyft to July?

To help the soon-to-be-unemployed drivers?

To give the companies a reasonable chance to adjust?

HAH. Naïve peasant!

It’s to save the DFL from itself!

The Minneapolis City Council, in voting unanimously on Thursday to delay enactment of minimum pay rates for Uber and Lyft drivers for two months, offered a lifeline for Democratic legislators embroiled in their own divisions over the issue.

Legislative leaders, who are trying to craft their own compromise that would increase driver earnings but keep Uber and Lyft in the Twin Cities metro, are increasingly concerned that the polarizing ride hailing issue could upend the remainder of the legislative session, which hangs on a one-vote majority in the Senate.

The council has come under immense pressure to reconsider their minimum rates since the wide-ranging effects of Uber and Lyft pulling out have become more clear: some 10,000 drivers likely losing income without unemployment benefits and tens of thousands of convention-goers, commuters, bar hoppers and people with disabilities needing to find different transportation.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, and House Majority Leader Jamie Long, DFL-Minneapolis, met recently with a half dozen members of the City Council to request the delay and remind them of the stakes of a deal, as well as the city’s significant legislative agenda at the Capitol, according to several people present or briefed on the conversation.

So they found an issue where out-radicaling each other isn’t bringing them votes.

Weird. It can be done.

BTW, if I were the CEOs of Lyft or Uber, I’d tell the CIty Council to go pound sand unless they all came to my headquarters on their knees to kiss my butt on live television.

An Intellectual Palate Cleanser

Sunny Hostin on The View: Climate Change caused the eclipse, has brought out the cicadas:

I wonder what “intellectual self-defense” looks like, legally? Because this woman is an immediate danger of destroying or gravely injuring the national intellect.