Bad Information

Rep. Erin Maye-Quade sent this bit out to her constituents earlier this week:

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s the same, precise set of fallacious claims made by The Reverend Nancy Nord Bence a few weeks ago.

Neither of the bills would “eliminate” the permit to carry.  That’s not the point, of course, so we’ll let that slide for now.


Neither bill will eliminate background checks for purchasing firearms.  Having a card saying you’ve got a clean background is more or less irrelevant; if a cop has time to see a card, they’ve got time to run your driver’s license or car’s license plates and make sure you’ve got a clean record themselves.  The carry permit does nothing but price the right to self-defense out of reach of working-class people.

And the last paragraph is gibberish.  Guns sold online have to go through a licensed firearm dealer, lest they break a slew of federal and state laws on both ends.  Every firearm sold at a gun show in Minnesota gets a background check already.  And the only thing separating a legal and illegal personal transaction is the participant’s honesty and willingness to tell the government what they’re up to.  Criminals don’t, and never will.  It’s not that complicated.

For most of us.

Rep. Maye Quade is either:

  • Grossly ininformed
  • Taking part in a disinformation campaign.

Given that Maye Quade’s wife is a field worker for the Bloombergs, I suspect the answer is “both”.

7 thoughts on “Bad Information

  1. I would love to buy a Glock 19 (Gen 4) over the internet, no dealer, no background check. But I can’t find a website that offers it, despite assurances from every Liberal that they’re ubiquitous. My Google-fu must be terrible.

    Tell you what, I’ll pay $10 for each such website you find me, up to 10 of them, first come, first served. Easy way for somebody to make a quick $100.

  2. Bloomberg has dropped 1.4M in this state in the last four years, I think and ***every*** Leftist gun policy person here is looks dumber than Sara Palin. I mean all of them all the time.

    How does this happen?

  3. I’m still curious as to how such doofuses do not get laughed off the planet, or at least out of the Lege?

  4. TFS; I think it’s a simple application of the fact that they cannot win by being honest. Like the old lawyers’ adage; if the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If the law is on your side, pound the law. If neither, pound the table. And that’s exactly where gun grabbers find themselves.

    (did I get that about right, Joe Doakes?)

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