It’s Almost As If There’s A Theme

Attorney General Ellison compares Justice Thomas to a “house slave”:

Ellison – whose entire career is was financed by Alita Messinger and George Soros – accuses conservatives on the SCOTUS of being beholden to plutocrats.

And about 1:00 in, he says:

“Anyone who’s watched Django – Clarence Thomas is like Steven.

Ellison is being both a little more artful than Ryan Winkler’s ape-like response that Thomas is “Uncle Tom”. “Stephen” is a dog whistle reference from a Spike Lee movie – a coded reference to “someone all real black people should hold in contempt”.

Last year, with the aid of a 14:1 spending advantage, Ellison won by about a point.

He can be beaten.


SCENE: Mitch BERG has found a cache of hard-to-find chili paste at a Vietnamese grocery store, and is putting a half dozen in his basket. Distracted, he doesn’t see Avery LIBRELLE rounding the corner, wearing an N95 mask.

LIBRELLE: (Muffled behind mask) Mrrg.

BERG: Oh, ffffaaaaercrying out loud, how ya been…

LIBRELLE: (Muffled) Jw Shlll hm nmmr prfmkmmd m kem in crm.

BERG: Jim Shultz, the GOP candidate, has never prosecuted a case in court?


BERG: Huh. OK. Got a list of cases that Keith Ellison has prosecuted?

LIBRELLE: Hm pm Drmk Shmvm m prmm.

BERG: He put Derek Chauvin in prison? Sure – in exactly the same way that I fixed the plumbing in my bathroom. I hired a professional. The prosecuting attorney of record was a private practice lawyer that Ellison hired.

LIBRELLE: Hm rm thm cmmm!

BERG: He ran the case? Sure – the same way the MNDOT Commissioner runs a road construction project. MNDOT guy manages. He doesn’t do the surveying, engineering, or driving the steamrollers. Ellison managed the lawyers. But if he ever went into the courtroom, he was there as an interested spectator.

LIBRELLE: Thm Slmstm gmrm um fm Unumfm stem thmm “hm brm hm ekfpmfmm em m lorr tm br emrm deh”!

BERG: The Solicitor General of the United States said he”brought his experience as a lawyer to bear every day”? Perhaps. But that didn’t make him a prosecuting attorney. He has never sat at the prosecution table in a trial.

Long story short – do you list of cases where Ellison has been an actual lawyer of record for the prosecution in a criminal case?

LIBRELLE: Duh ym hem umm frm Schlmmm?

BERG: Do I have one for Schultz? No – but he’s never claimed to have one, and he’s not the one using his vaaaast courtroom experience to try to separate himself from Schultz.

So – you have that list of cases for which Ellison has been the prosecutor of record?

(Brief pause. Then LIBRELLE’s face goes red, and steam starts shooting from under the N95).

STORE CLERK: Did he…er…sh… (BERG shrugs shoulders) did this person try the chili paste?

BERG: You’d think.


All The DFL’s Fault

Mike Freeman on why he doesn’t bother prosecuting straw buyers:

So let’s sum it up.

Minneapolis has an epidemic of shootings because:

  1. The city is full of illegal guns, because
  2. the DFL county prosecutor doesn’t prosecute gun crimes, in part because…
  3. the DFL-controlled House hasn’t increased the penalties, and also because…
  4. the DFL-controlled City Council, Mayor and the state’s DFL Attorney General think public safety is a “privilege” and crime is society’s fault

The common factor is the DFL.

Dirty Harry Meets Batman

Shot: Representative Omar with a devastating riposte to Jim Schultz, GOP candidate for Attorney General, giving us all a civics lesson:

Chaser: Keith Ellison, himself giving, in turn, a, uh, civics lesson of his own:

Which is it?

Is prosecuting violent local crime a job the AGO does when asked? Or is Keith Ellison a caped crusader patrolling the streets and heading off crime…

…badly and half-heartedly, and not at all until a month before an election?

The Show Suit

Keith Ellison, after three years and 9 months of glorifying, aiding and abetting crime and the collapse of the rule of law…

…is “tackling gun crime“.

The lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County District Court, alleges Fleet Farm sold at least 37 firearms to two straw purchasers over the course of 16 months, despite red flags that some buyers were trafficking the guns to criminals and those otherwise prohibited from legally purchasing guns themselves. 

But – is it really “tackling gun crime”.

Pay attention. It’s Keith Ellison. Of course it’s a cynical artifice.

The alleged straw buyers were already arrested, tried and sentenced…

…by the Feds. Not by Mike Freeman, John Choi or Keith Ellison, none of whom cares about straw buyers, since it’s not a “sexy” crime (until five weeks before the election, anyway); nobody ever got elected Senator for chasing down a gang-banger’s grandmother.

It’s their job – but none of them are doing it.

Rob Doar at the MN Gun Owners Caucus explains the stuff the media won’t re Ellison’s deeply cynical action. Read the whole thread:

This lawsuit is just for show – to deflect away from three years and nine months of sloth and indifference…

…no. That goes too easy on Ellison.

He’s trying to deflect way from almost four years of using crime as a campaign prop.

“It’s Easier To Get A Gun Than A Fresh Apple”

That’s a direct quote from Mayor Frey, from a presser yesterday.

I could shred that statement myself, using facts and stuff

Or I could let Keith Ellison do it, far more delightfully, starting around :12 seconds into this video:

When Keith Ellison‘s BS detector explodes, spewing shrapnel about the room, you know you’ve got a problem.

Keith Ellison’s Round Trip Journey

Keith Ellison – a year ago this week – op-edding to endorse the “Defund” Amendment in the MInneapolis city elections:

Keith Ellison today: “I’m so a law and order, I make Dirty Harry look like a soy-boi cuck; just ask Mike Freeman!.

No, really. Check out his latest TV ad:

It is is the most artlessly blatant campaign lie I’ve ever seen.

It opens with…

Mike Freeman (?!?!?) talking about the Ellison’s crime-fighting chops – which is a little like getting your coaching skills recommended by Les Steckel. The ad name-drops Freeman – without (if I recall the ad correctly) mentioning he’s the Hennepin County attorney who’s been letting robbers, carjackers and shooters go free, over and over.

The ad claims Ellison has “…never lost a criminal prosecution” – which is true, in the sense that I didn’t f**k up my bathroom plumbing when I replaced it – because I’m not a plumber, and I hired someone who was to do the job. Keith Ellison contracted the job to outside counsel…

…because his next statement, “he added criminal prosecutors”, is technically true and still a lie. The criminal division at the AGO was tiny, and is now a little less tiny. Which was why he had to farm out the Chauvin prosecution!

Ellison‘s ad is further proof that DFLers think they can count on their voters – or swing voters – being too gullible and uncritical to look past the lies.

Experience shows it’s not a bad strategery. Frankly, if he’s wrong I think it’d shock the world.

So let’s shock the world.

The DFL’s No Good, Very Bad Day (Part II): Police On My Back

As the DFL’s day continued, the DFL’s push to wrap themselves in law and order took a solid hit when a couple of dozen county sheriffs endorsed Jim Schultz for Attorney General:

This has got to terrify the DFL. There may be more bodies buried at the AGO than even in Steve Simon’s State Department. Expect a tsuanmi of Sorosbucks to try to right the DFL’s ship in this race.

And that could get even worse for Ellison, given the next story that dropped yesterday…

This Should Solve Everything

Rights come with responsibilities.

Exercising rights without responsibilities is libertinism.

By the opposite token, having responsibilities without rights is tyranny.

With that thought in mind: Attorney General Ellison, trying to look “tough on crime” after 3.85 years of actively coddling it, is going after public enemy number 1: the businesses where the crime takes place:

It’s more than a little tempting to respond “turning a blind eye to violence – you’re going to be perp-walking Mike Freeman, John Choi and the entire 2020-2022 MInneapolis City Council?”

But no. That’d actually get at the ever-popular “root cause”.

What precisely are the stores options?

Call the police? And have the response come far too late to do anything? Or, even if the perps are arrested, watch them back on the street before the paperwork is filled out?

Hire private security? Whose only value is potential deterrence, maybe. If not? They call the cops. See above.

Hire off duty cops? Forget the expense – $60-80/hour – for the moment. Can the business even find any, whatever the price?

What precisely would the DFL ruling class like the knaves to do?

The Media’s Loving Embrace

According to the Strib, there’s almost no difference between the two attorney general candidates!

I mean, an honest report would note that, for the incumbent Attorney General, this (if true, which you can never really assume with the incumbent attorney general) would be a 180° reversal of course

… but no worries. It’s not like people are concerned about law and order, this cycle…

Ellison: “You Are All Victims!”

Keith Ellison’s Attorney General’s Office is soliciting “victim impact statements”…

from, literally, everybody.

Community impact statements are statements submitted by those who have been impacted by a crime. Those statements then may be read at the sentencing hearing.

On a form on Ellison’s website, people can submit their own community impact statement describing “how Mr. Chauvin’s offenses have had a social or economic impact” on their lives and community. When submitting, people must select whether they reside in Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota, the United States, or elsewhere.

“It is not common to facilitate the submission of community-impact statements in this way, but this is not a common case,” a spokesman for Ellison’s office told FOX 9.

Reading between the lines: the DFL has to keep the outrage stoked, since none of the other Democrat issues are polling well at all.

The Mission For Today

As crime plummets in the rest of Minnesota, violence creeps ahead in the Metro – most of it using mundane, stolen conventional handguns.

And suicides claim 80% of the gun deaths in Minnesota – mostly unfashionable older guys with depression and frequently terminal illnesses. And with suicide, magazine size is utterly irrelevant.

But Keith Ellison – former Congressman and current Attorney General with, one suspects, aspirations to the office of Governor of Minnesota, has filed an amicus brief in a state case seeking to limit magazine sizes.

Of course. limiting magazine sizes has no effect on violent crime – not even mass shootings. Especially not street crime or suicide.

But that’s how he’s wasting his time and your dollars.

You need to help fix that.

Go here and email his office; there’s an email form (please rewrite the boilerplate message to suit). You can also call – leave a polite but firm message.

We need to blow his inbox and switchboard to shreds with belt-fed reason and indignation.


Last week, the Pioneer Press did a comical dive into the shallow end of the journalism pool, digging up – Sorry, no. They “dug” nothing up about Doug Wardlow’s purported junior high days.   A DFL operative spent weeks shopping the story to every local news outlet.  Only the increasingly loathsome PiPress would take it.

But while the Twin Cities media digs back a couple of decades to find dirt to prop up the increasingly unviable Ellison campaign, the rich journalistic vein that is Keith Ellison’s past remains untapped.

Which is why we had these things called “blogs” 15 years ago.

Thanksfully, some have kept the faith.  Over at Powerline, Scott Johnson just keeps  shining the light down the memory hole – in this case, to 25 years ago, after the murder of Minneapolis police officer Jerry Haaf:

Ellison publicly supported the Haaf murder defendants. In February 1993, he spoke at a demonstration for one of them during his trial. Ellison led the crowd assembled at the courthouse in a chant that was ominous in the context of Haaf’s cold-blooded murder: “We don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace.” Ellison’s working relationship with Sharif Willis finally came to an end in February 1995, when Willis was convicted in federal court on several counts of drug and gun-related crimes and sent back to prison for 20 years.

Now Keith Ellison seeks Minnesota’s top law enforcement job. In the video below, Doug Wardlow does the job that the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune refuse to do. He tells the highly relevant truth about Keith Ellison.

Oh, there’s more.

The Record

Caron Monahan – the ex-girlfriend of anti-somatic DFL congressman Keith Ellison, who is running for state auditor this fall – reports that the big social media platforms appear to be engaging in shenanigans.

Since the big social media platform is our plan I’d like to make sure the actual record gets out:

Pass it along.

This Is Your DFL Candidate For Attorney General

As I discussed on the show on Saturday, I believe in innocence until proven guilt, even in cases of domestic abuse.   We don’t, as the hysterical left is wont to say, “Believe Accusers” because of some a priori  conflation of assumed victimhood and virtue.

We take accusers seriously.  And that means accusers of either gender.   Women are thumpers, too.   Take them seriously, and find out the truth.

So in the wake of the DFL Politburo Central Committee voting 82-18% to go ahead with endorsing Ellison, I won’t be joining the horde demanding he step down from the race over the domestic abuse allegations.  There’s juuuuuust enough missing from Karen Monahan’s story to make me want to get the actual facts – preferably, to see (or have lawyers and prosecutors see) Monahan’s elusive video.

Maybe it’ll be enough to convince voters that he’s not a great fit to be the state’s top law-enforcement officer.

And I don’t care.  Because for a rational person, there are plenty of other excellent reasons not to allow him within a mile of the Attorney General’s office.

Gonna Dust Some Cops Off

Ellison’s history of cuddling up to cop-killers – without a lot in the way of nuance or question – should give one pause:

In September 1992 Minneapolis police officer Jerry Haaf was murdered execution-style, shot in the back as he took a coffee break at a restaurant in south Minneapolis. Police later determined that Haaf’s murder was a gang hit performed by four members of the city’s Vice Lords gang.The leader of the Vice Lords was Sharif Willis, a convicted murderer who had been released from prison and who sought respectability as a responsible gang leader from gullible municipal authorities while operating a gang front called United for Peace.

The four Vice Lords members who murdered Haaf met and planned the murder at Willis’s house. Despite the fact that two witnesses implicated Willis in the planning he was never charged because law enforcement authorities said they lacked sufficient evidence to convict him.

At the time, Ellison was a Minneapolis attorney in private practice. And within a month of Haaf’s murder, Ellison appeared with Willis supporting the United for Peace gang front. In October 1992, Ellison helped organize a demonstration against Minneapolis police that included United for Peace. “The main point of our rally is to support United for Peace [in its fight against] the campaign of slander the police federation has been waging,” said Ellison.

Read the whole thing.  Goodness knows the local media won’t be running anything of the sort.

Ellison The Ideologue

Even before he became the Deputy Chair of the DNC and one of the de facto leaders of the most “progressive” wing of the Democrat conference in DC, Ellison was a noted extremist.

No – I mean extremist:

While speaking to an atheist group in 2007, Ellison compared the Sept. 11 attacks to the Reichstag fire. He stopped just short of accusing then-President George W. Bush of having a hand in the attacks. “It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison said of the terrorist attacks. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

Ellison went on to say he wouldn’t suggest the U.S. had a hand in the attacks because “you know, that’s how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you,” before later walking back the comments.

About Those Jews

It was probably ten years ago, appearing on a podcast run by a local center-left pundit, that I got my only chance to actually talk with Ellison.

I got one question out:   “Do you renounce the Hamas charter?”

I was referring, of course, to the parts that call for the eradication of Israel, and the extinction of the Jewish people.

Ellison’s response:  “Do you know any Arabs?”

Not sure if he was expecting me to respond “Some of my best friends are Arabs” or what – but the rest of his answer was peevish deflective baked wind, intending to turn a simple question into an ad hominem against me – for trying to get a straight answer about a record that could be charitably called corrosively antisemitic.   And has been.

Domestic abuse is the least of the questions Ellison should be impelled to answer.

So will anyone in the Twin Cities media bother asking?

Your Future Attorney General (?)

This is Keith Ellison:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison on Monday didn’t rule out the possibility that a Democratic Congress could impeach a Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice.

Ellison said Democrats probably won’t try to impeach a justice that President Donald Trump nominated to the court but said it “could theoretically happen.” Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, previously claimed in May 2017 that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch isn’t a “legitimate” member of the court.

Ellison on Monday hosted a community forum on the Supreme Court, where he was asked if there was “any possibility that the legislative branch would remove a Supreme Court justice.”

Government is the things “we” do together to subjugate “they”.




…a state, and a world, where this guy is the chief law enforcement official:

He thinks Justice Gorsuch was bribed, and the case is on par with Plessy V. Ferguson.  

“I am deeply disappointed that this ruling gives legitimacy to discrimination and Islamophobia,” he said. “America holds a unique place in the world as a nation of immigrants. Unlike some other countries, we welcome refugees, asylum seekers, and dreamers fleeing war and instability in other parts of the world. America is and must remain the ‘land of the free’ where the family escaping persecution in North Korea or civil war in Syria can seek shelter and thrive.”

Just what Minnesota needs – an AG who believes the law means what he says it means.

Dig deep and give time and money for Doug Wardlow.



Gary from Saint Paul emails:

Has anyone in the Twin Cites media asked him if he’s going to Netanyahu’ s speech?

Just thinking.

I’d be interested in finding out.

Side-bet:  I’ll bet if he skips it, the Twin Cities media will bury that fact, if they report it at all.

Keith Ellison And That Famous DFL Civility

Here’s a blast from the past:  Keith Ellison, in an interview on KFAI (a little community station that serves as the drum-pounding id of the loony liberal West Bank, and for which I was a news guy for a while in the early ’90s) exhibits that reach-across-the-aisle comity that Lori Sturdevant is always demanding (from Republicans), repeatedly calls MNGOP Deputy Chair (at the time, Secretary) Chris Fields a…

…well, let’s take a look (with some emphasis added):

Ellison: “You’re real stupid for bringing up your domestic violence allegations. I wasn’t gonna say a thing about it. I wasn’t gonna mention it.”

Fields: “You know, if you want to talk about divorce —”

Ellison: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Fields: “—talk about your own. Talk about the fact—”

Ellison: “You are a scumbag.”

Fields: “—that you only pay $500 for child support. Talk about that. You used that money to hurt my ex-wife, who I still love.”

Ellison: “You are a low-life scumbag. You are a low-life scumbag.”

Fields: “I did not spend money to look into my divorce. You did.”

Ellison: “You are a gutter-dweller, and you’re an idiot for bringing up your domestic violence charges.”

Fields: “There was never any.”

This is the DFL in action.

Hear the whole thing here.  And if you live in CD5, bring a friend to vote for Doug Daggett.

CORRECTION:  I thought it seemed familiar.  The story is two years old.  Blah.  I think I may have even written about it back then – to try to get people to vote for Chris Fields, who was running against the peevish Ellison back then.

The story is old.  The sentiment – get rid of Ellison – is timeless.

Demand Integrity!

Keith Ellison, speaking to the Democrats’ greatest public intellectual, Bill Maher, had the following exchange:

“Why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment? It’s a problem,” Maher asks, to which Ellison replies, “I sure wish they would. I sure wish they would.”

I with the Democrat Party would do it, too.  It’d be a sign of integrity. 

Even with the extra context that the City Pages’ Aaron Rupar is careful to note (for Ellison):

It should be noted, however, that earlier in the segment Ellison said, “I don’t think you have to eliminate ownership of all guns in order to get some common-sense gun rules.” So what he means in saying he wishes Dems would come out against the Second Amendment isn’t totally clear.

Of course it is.

Ellison believes the Democrats should endorse the idea that civil rights and liberties are gifts from the government to the people.  Things to be doled out by a wide, benificent government to the gabbling rabble they are chose to rule. 

Ellison just wants the Democrat party to reclaim its legacy as the party of people who decide who gets what rights – just like it did under slavery and Jim Crow. 

It’s perfectly clear.

With Apologies To Jesse Ventura

Former Governor Ventura, if you’re reading this – and I am sure you are – I have to tell you that an apology is in order.

I am sorry.

For four years – including the first year of this blog’s life – I claimed that you were the biggest embarassment in the history of the state of Minnesota.

That crown – or belt, as the case may be – has been passed.  Mark Dayton, when he was a Senator, gave you a run for your money, but it was a transient thing.

But today, there’s no doubt. Keith Ellison is a morbid humiliation to everyone in this state that has the faintest interest in not looking stupid:

Representative Ellison is further proof that Minnesota Liberals never have to learn the art and craft of civil debate; they, like Ellison, come up through school systems where liberalism is taught as the social baseline, and universities where conservatism is treated as an aberration.

Listen to as much as you can. It’s cringeworthy.

I got to talk with the guy one time, on an online talk show. The guy really is more brittle and facile than I thought he was.

So I’m sorry, Jesse. I mean, I was right and all – you were a train wreck. But that was back when train wrecks were just fun rides, back in the cha-cha nineties, when consequences were dim and far-off – not like today, when the future of the Republic seemed as dire as it has in my lifetime.