Something Mitch Would Never Do

I sometimes wonder if Mitch realized what kind of co-blogger he was getting when he added me to SITD. My own late and unlamented blog was a bit all-over-the-place, veering from politics to pop culture to media fisking to wine & food. I’m pretty sure he was okay with all of that.

But then there was the less… usual… stuff. Like the time I faked my own death and came back as a gigantic mutant godzilla-like creature. Or the time I appointed a cute puppy as my ombudsman to deflect scandalous political fallout for an entirely made up political office. Not really sure Mitch intended that stuff to make the ol’ SITD transition. As of yet, I’ve not pushed the envelope to find out.

But if there’s one thing Mitch knew darned well he’d be getting when he signed me on to post over here its…

… starting next week. Top 12 Girls on Tuesday. Top 12 Boys on Wednesday. The very un-Mitch-like reaction posts to follow shortly thereafter.

12 thoughts on “Something Mitch Would Never Do

  1. We should combine American Idol and the Olympics. Adam Lambert on a luge, Shaun White singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” It would be a crossover marketing extravaganza. And there’s no doubt that Simon Cowell could be a figure skating judge.

  2. That’s why we got Doug; he fills in one of the very few gaps in our collective expertise.

    Although if you thought the crazies came out when we wrote about biking, just hold onto your hats.

  3. “Although if you thought the crazies came out when we wrote about biking, just hold onto your hats.”

    Oooo — sounds interesting!

  4. Doug, faking things is SOP on this blog, and when he is caught, repeatedly, he then spins it as sarcasm. So you are right at home here!

    Shot in the Onion – we don’t need no stinking facts, we make up our own as we go along LOL

    As for Idol, I burned out a couple years ago. No originality, same ole same ole. I am hoping X-Factor re-energizes the genré


  5. when he is caught

    The term you’re looking for is “when I figure out that it’s satire and not straight”.

    Glad I could set you straight.

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