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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Covid is over: you know it and so do I. Democrats want to frighten the public long enough to steal a few more seats through mail-in voting this Fall, but can they fool the headline-reading low-information voters that long? Maybe. Maybe Lesko Brandon can bribe the World Health Organization to continue the pandemic until right after the election. That would be ideal.

Even so, Covid rules must end someday. Democrats’ entire political appeal is grounded in the moral superiority of people being Special. You like to dress up and play sex games? You’re Special. Society should not only accept you, society should Celebrate you. What’s that, you’re so mentally unstable that you need to bring your emotional support hippopotamus on the bus? No problem; you’re Special. Other passengers should budge up to make room. You’re afraid your children might die of Covid from an unvaxxed person? Darn right, kids are Special; we’re going to mandate masks, social distance, vaccines and punish the non-compliant as long as it takes for everyone to be perfectly safe.

Democrats can’t suddenly tell all those Special people to grow up and get a life. It’d be political suicide.

And then there are the immune-compromised, the Type I diabetics, the asthmatics. Covid could kill you so that makes you Special? Yeah, you’re right, it does, that’s a legitimate complaint. But society needs to move on, needs to learn to live with Covid and not under perpetual mask-and-vaccine requirements. How can Democrats sell that to all the Special people who make up their base?

Maybe it won’t be as hard as I think. Cindy Sheehan had absolute moral authority until one day, she didn’t. The media dropped her faster than a Black school shooter. Maybe it’ll happen to all the Mask Karens?

Joe Doakes

My prediction: the Mascists, having just gone through a conflict that is The closest their generation and social class will get to storming Omaha B each or breaking the siege of Khe Sanh, Will resent the loss of the best two years of their lives, and the sudden disassociation with their bands of Karens. There will be a wave of what used to be called the “readjustment blues” back in the 1970s, but which has always attended people who come back from war.

Because that’s about how these people see themselves, and this situation.

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  1. I was watching Fox this morning (I know…). They had film of a school board meeting in Illinois. Dad was speaking truf to power without a maskie. Board says “put your maskie on”. Dad says “I’ll wear it on my head, it will work just as well there”

    Board member screeched, and I quote “You can wear it in your dick, for all I care. If you won’t wear a fucking mask, get the fuck out of here!”

    This chud needs to go. Not because he used bad words but because he is so fucking stupid he doesn’t realize school board meetings are tar babies today; everyone is watching.

    Now that idiot has made national news, and it will be repeated all day today, and Carlson will no doubt highlight it too.

    Its best that he retire to a lux lakefront estate and wax his skies for the Birkie.

  2. As Little Castro tries to live up to his father’s credentials,

    Quebec Drops Coronavirus Mandates After Rejecting Trudeau’s Emergency Decree


    Ontario Premier: The World Is ‘Done’ with COVID Restrictions

    And when you lose Ford, you know you’ve lost everything. I think Little Castro will be next seen wearing a beret and fatigues to keep in power. Fact opposition had not dissolved the government yet says Kanadeh is in for a world of hurt yet.

    And we have Canadian truckers to thank for showing that Wuhan Flu King has no clothes. And that indeed the scare is over. Around the world. Did I mention Austria (AUSTRIA!) just made a u-turn and lifted ALL restrictions on the unvaxxed? Not even MSM can hold off long enough to matter in the midterms in face of the Global awakening. Watch for pivots, rewriting of history, changing of the formulas, continue to blame Trump and to paint Jughead as a savior of the free world.

  3. JD, you give yourself and your like minded Republicans too much credit. If you were capable of critical thought, you would accept the court decisions to reject 60 attempted lawsuits to prove fraud in the 2020 election. Over one year later, you have to yet to produce documentation of substantive election fraud and, as Attorney General William Barr declared, “the U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election”.

    The pandemic is over for people who are vaccinated. The risk of hospitalization and death is low, and we shouldn’t be taking precautions simply to protect the individuals who won’t get the vaccine. Let them take their lives into their own hands, and let the rest of us get on with our lives as normal. If we don’t learn to live with the virus now, we never are going to. Smallpox is the only human virus that has ever been eradicated, so get used to Covid-19 being a permanent fixture in life.

  4. Emery,
    Speaking of people that have no critical thought process. If you could do that, you would know that live smallpox virus caches are still around and besides the U. S., guess who has it? WuFlu was a ChiCom bio weapon that was unleashed to stop our economy, because China’s was collapsing. The ChiComs have been working on bio weapons since the 1970s, some of them said to be race targeted, so that only non Asians would be affected. China’s goal is to rule the world, by any means. Since the old routine smallpox vaccinations program has been discontinued, because it was supposedly eradicated, just what do think you hero Xi might use next?

  5. Did you hear the breeze blowing as my point went by you? If live virus exists, whether someone if infected by it or not, it is not eradicated. Polio hasn’t been seen in the U.S. for decades, but over 100 cases of it have been detected in invaders coming across our southern border. But, hey, if you want to trust the compromised organizations that the WHO and the NIH, carry on fool.

  6. Threadjack reported, troll comment at 9:35.

    Don’t think Mitch will do much about it, but maybe he will get tired of reading threadjack reports and ban the loser, cuz I am gonna report every one

  7. Bosshoss, the problem with the bioweapon hypothesis for the exisence of covid is that no sane government would unleash it upon the world.
    After WWI they banned the use of gas in warfare because it was inhumane. Maybe it was, but it was also unreliable. A change of the wind and your own troops would be killed alongside or in place of the enemy.
    A virus like covid evolves in ways that are impossible to predict. Only as a last resort would a bioweapon be used. The largest danger is from bioweapon research at labs with poor records of following safety protocols, and this seems to have been the case with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
    A person infected with covid has maybe a trillion copies of the virus in his or her body at any time, millions of people may be infected at any particular time, and RNA reproduces with fewer error corrections than DNA. The evolutionary pressures are huge, and you can’t predict with accuracy how the virus will evolve.
    There are genetic differences between Generic East Asians and generic non East Asians that a designed virus could exploit, but that virus would experience evolutionary pressure to not discriminate between East Asians and non East Asians.

  8. The girls at Emery Incognito do not understand the distinction between dismissal for lack of standing and decision on the merits

    They also lack the critical thinking ability to understand voter fraud versus electoral fraud.

  9. I’m not going to explain it again because that would be mansplaining and punching down.

  10. Most people, including all democrats, virtually all journalists, and even most republican politicians, accept a definition of “voter fraud” that was designed by the far-left, pro-open-borders Brennan Center think tank.
    This standard was designed to be both narrow and highly difficult to prove. The term “voter fraud” is not a legal definition, it is a political and journalistic standard usage.
    It covers only individuals knowingly casting a vote illegally with the intent of changing the results of an election.
    You can knowingly register to vote illegally multiple times in multiple jurisdictions using multiple names and this is not voter fraud. You or your organization can purposely and deliberately register people to vote whom you know are not legally allowed to vote, and there is no voter fraud. If you vote in more than one district, or in the wrong district, or vote using someone else’s registration, you are not committing voter fraud unless you are A) caught, B) it can proven that you knew that what you did was illegal C) it can be proven that you did so in an attempt to change the election results.
    If you are a poll worker, you can throw out boxes of ballots from districts you don’t like, or simply not count them, and you have not committed voter fraud.
    If you have more votes counted than registered voters in a district, this is not voter fraud.
    Pro ballot security people often use the term “voter fraud” assuming it has a wider meaner than the media uses. The better term to use is “election fraud” or “ballot fraud.”
    I have seen debates where the liberal commenter forces or tricks his opponent into using the term “voter fraud,” then produce mountains of evidence (often from the Brennan Center) showing that proven cases of voter fraud are miniscule.

  11. Red Covid, an Update
    The partisan gap in Covid deaths is still growing, but more slowly.

    A brief history:
    1. Covid arrives first in costal cities, which are heavily Democratic.
    2. Then it spreads across the across the US by early 2021, cumulative deaths are similar across red, purple and blue areas.
    3. The vaccines arrive, and the situation changes sharply.

    But tens of millions of Republicans refuse the shots, and deaths surge in heavily Republican areas…

  12. In this randomized trial of 490 high-risk patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19, ivermectin treatment during early illness did not prevent progression to severe disease.

    Efficacy of Ivermectin Treatment on Disease Progression Among Adults With Mild to Moderate COVID-19 and Comorbidities
    The I-TECH Randomized Clinical Trial

    Ivermectin. Does. Not. Work. Against. Coronavirus.

    Does. Not. Work.

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