Go Home, Facebook. You’re Drunk

First things first; condolences to the family, and the entire nation, really, on the death of Colin Powell.

Now, let’s talk social media.This was how the “Drudge Report“ posting appeared;

Forget for a moment the “fully vaxxed“ bit; there’s plenty of inadequate reporters jumping up and down yelling “see! See!, Who need to be reminded that Powell was 84, had blood cancer, and was pretty much a poster case for Covid comorbidities.

No, I’m just wondering if that was the best, most tactful place for Facebook to throw its little “fact check“ blurb?

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  1. Glad you decided you would rather hear from a lying crapweasel of a troll who excretes all over you and your blog than…

  2. Thanks for the reminder that General Powell had multiple myeloma, which I had forgotten or didn’t realize. It’s a very serious, often fatal disorder involving plasma cells in the bone marrow. It often metastasizes to bone and is erroneously labelled “bone cancer,” which it is not. In pre-Covid medicine, a death certificate for the General would list multiple myeloma as the number one cause of death. An infection would be down the list as a co-morbidity or other associated cause. But the Covid freaks will of course want to list this as a “Covid” death. Utter malarkey.

  3. The E-crowd breathless points out that breakthrough cases under age 65 show there’s no problem. Colin Powell was 84 when he died of his breakthrough case.

    And the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases which do not involve hospitalization or death, on May 1st. We’re not seeing the full breakthrough case count because nobody knows how many cases there are; but plainly, it’s a large enough number for Australia to recommend getting a breakthrough case as a way of acquiring immunity not provided by the vaccine – as noted in Mitch’s post “My New Hobby.”

    All in all, a poor job of trolling today. Does anybody have George Soros’ number? Can we request a replacement?

  4. ^ At first I thought you were questioning the validity of vaccines. Then after a bit the joke hit me.

  5. Huh. I guess the Underpants Gnome Theory of Vaccines is a Thing too.
    1) Gen Powell is vaccinated and dies of Kung flu
    2) (mumble)
    3) everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect society’s most vulnerable!

    OK. I wonder how Powell felt about paternity leaves.

  6. Regarding breakthrough cases, it would be something of a shock if they weren’t rising at this point, since coronavirus immunity doesn’t last that long–that’s why you can get about the same cold a million times. That’s especially so with the first set of vaccines for this, and it’s kinda telling that the CDC stopped counting breakthrough infections….right as the first round of vaccines would start losing their potency, and right as the next big surge in cases was about to start.

    The bright thing about this rather convenient “pause” is that it indicates that somebody within the CDC is indeed capable of doing some level of prediction of viral infection and death rates. The trick is to get his work generally available so we can make some intelligent decisions with it.

    The sad thing about this is that it indicates that the claim that post-vaccination deaths are like hen’s teeth is all but debunked.

  7. (*)&)&()&()*&.

    Looking at the data that “Healthy Skeptic” presents (analyzed from deliberately obscure sources in the state), it appears that the death rate among the vaccinated is about 0.3/100k per week for the past 15 weeks or so. With ~5 million Minnesotans vaccinated, that means that we’ve been losing about a dozen vaccinated people per week to COVID for the past 15 weeks, or about 150 in Minnesota alone.

    Translate that for nationwide, and we’re talking about 50x that number, or (ballpark estimate) about 7500 deaths, not 1000. Since the South was hit disproportionately hard by the epidemic, I’m guessing even more.

    But don’t let facts get in the way of your talking points, Emery. At this point, my look at the Minnesota data still suggests that vaccination is helpful for a time, but the fact that they’re not keeping the data in a coherent way is extremely troubling, as if they’re trying to shade the truth.

  8. Emery sounds just as confident about his vax advice as he did with his advice that the brexit vote would fail, that Hillary would win over Trump by a landslide, and that Mueller would reveal proof that Trump had colluded with the Russians.
    You should consult any one you like when deciding whether or not get vaxxed — except Emery. He has proven, time and time again, to be a poor judge of what is true and what is false.

  9. Did you know that being anti-vax causes racism?
    It’s true! As soon as Eric Clapton made anti-vax statements, he did not only become racist, but the anti-vax statements he made this year made him be a racist since the 1970s!
    I know the time tense in that last sentence is weird, but the english language really isn’t good at describing about current events causing changes in the past.

  10. I know the time tense in that last sentence is weird, but the english language really isn’t good at describing about current events causing changes in the past.

    When is that Newspeak stylebook going to be available?

  11. Given the chance to be gracious about someone’s death, or say nothing at all, Trump takes a decidedly different route.

    “Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media. Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!” ~ Donald Trump

  12. Biden’s covid death toll is higher than Trump’s. What do you think he did wrong? You still hold the president responsible for the covid deaths that occur under his watch, right?

  13. In contrast >

    “Colin Powell was a true American Patriot who served our Nation with distinction in uniform, as a four-star general, National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and as 65th Secretary of State. Karen and I are praying for his wife, Alma, and the entire Powell family.” ~ Mike Pence

  14. Condolences to Colin Powell’s family and friends for their loss.

    There’s a fair number of people politicizing his death. He was vaccinated and still died.

    One side uses this to cast doubt on the vaccines. “If he was vaccinated, why did he still die?”

    The other side uses this to bolster the argument for the vaccine: “This is why everyone needs to be vaccinated: to protect people like Colin Powell.”

    Question for both sides: Was the person from whom Powell contracted COVID-19 vaccinated or not?

    Guess we’ll never know.

  15. “I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about Colin Powell’s death” …
    “I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about this” …
    “I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about that”
    – Emery

    Leading to everyone, painfully, knowing what is constantly on Emery’s mind. Put that paint can down, buddy.

  16. Trump’s biggest problem? Jealousy.
    Colin Powell is getting more attention than the hyper-needy, emotionally immature New York con man.

    One of Trump’s greatest cons has been persuading millions of GOP voters that he isn’t, truly, a historic presidential loser. The “stolen election” narrative is his reputational lifeline.

  17. I think that one of Trump’s greatest cons was convincing liberals that they can read his mind.

  18. I’d just like to thank the little fella for posting Trump’s comment about Powell. Well stated, true, and I got a chuckle out of it as well.

    It takes all of seconds to find out that Powell was just as nasty and unhinged about Trump as is the Emery collective. It’s a conundrum to me why Trump should be gracious and nice to yet another one of these jerks.

  19. But the election was stolen from Trump, and Colin Powell was a RINO. Why can’t we speak the truth about those things?

    The admonition ‘de mortuis nil nisi bonum’ is a Latin phrase, developed in a patriarchal society dominated by White Male slaveholders of Western Civilization inclinations, in which women and Persons of Color were disenfranchised. No good can come of adhering to ancient, sexist, racist precepts. Instead, everything personal is political and everything is subject to the politics of personal destruction; has been, since Hillary burst on the scene. She made the new rules, Trump is simply following them.

    We don’t need a lesson in manners from a troll, thanks very much. We get enough of them every day from Liberals.

  20. In related news to what Emery notes, I believe Greta Thunberg “rickrolled” some people.

  21. Marshal Kim Jong-Un is secure enough in himself to maintain dignified silence, when appropriate. ~ DPRK

  22. The idea that you say artifically nice things about people after they die is weird. I’ve never understood the logic of it. Rush Limbaugh was a terrible person while he was alive. He made a living by attacking the powerless. His death does not in anyway change or redeem that.

    — Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) February 17, 2021

    If you feel bad about Rush Limbaugh passing away, you are a bad person.

    — Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) February 17, 2021

    Feeling very sorry for the people of Hell who now have to deal with Rush Limbaugh for the rest of eternity

    — FINNEAS (@finneas) February 17, 2021

    the only good thing that’s happened to me lately is Rush Limbaugh becoming maggot food and burning in hell for eternity

    — Vincent Martella (@VinMan17) February 17, 2021

    So sad to hear about the death of Rush Limbaugh
    *sent with Confetti effect*

    — Matthew Broussard (@mondaypunday) February 17, 2021

    Any time anyone of note on the right dies, we are met with a leftist chorus of “GOOD! BURN IN HELL YOU BASTARD”. Any time anyone on the left dies, any negative responses are met with “WHY ARE YOU SUCH A HATER?!?!?!”

    It is a statement that can be referenced and proven weekly: If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have none.

  23. ^ Care to share a few quotes from former presidents re: the passing of a notable individuals that address your sentiments….

  24. “I think that one of Trump’s greatest cons was convincing liberals that they can read his mind.” ~ Woolly

    I believe it’s best to let Trump speak for himself.

  25. I think Trump said what he did about Powell supported going to war in Iraq and was a purveyor of the idea that it was justified because Saddam had WMD. It is typical for Trump to disparage foreign wars, and to accuse DC insiders of promoting foreign wars because they profit personally or professionally from them.
    That’s a rational POV.
    An irrational POV is to assert that Trump said what he did about Powell because you can read his mind and know that he is “jealous” of Powell’s popularity.

  26. Went to two grocery stores in Polk County today looking for frozen tater tots.
    No luck.
    This never happened under Trump, even in the depths of covid.
    Also the $7 dollar Papa Murphy’s pizza deal on Friday is now $8.

  27. Emery: “Trump isn’t like other presidents. That’s bad!”
    Trump voters: “Trump isn’t like other presidents! That’s good!”
    Yawn. What a waste of pixels.

  28. Regarding Trump’s rude behavior, I’d rather have a jerk for a President than a corrupt man who weaponizes government agencies against his political opponents while using the power of his office to enrich himself and keep his cokehead son in blow.

    Really, the Democrats’ (and RINOs’ ) insistence on someone appearing “Presidential” in demeanor all too often means “just look the other way from clear evidence of corruption like Whitewater, Fast & Furious, buying a home with Tony Rezko, the IRS scandal, failing to subpoena Hilliary’s server and indict her, and weaponizing the FBI against political opponents.”

    Sorry, not falling for that one anymore, Miss Van Pelt.

  29. Uh oh, if nice guys like bike aren’t listening to Miss Van Pelt anymore, things might start changing. 😉

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