Darn Those Science-Denying Trumpkins!

Vaccine mandates are on the hit list…

…of Black Lives Matter:

At a protest Monday in front of New York restaurant Carmine’s, Chivona Newsome, also a co-founder of the group, said of the vaccine mandates, “What is going to stop the Gestapo, I mean the NYPD, from rounding up black people, from snatching them off the train, off the bus?”

She further issued the threat that BLM was “putting this city on notice that your mandate will not be another racist social distance practice” and that “Black people are not going to stand by, or you will see another uprising .” She said vaccine verification “is not a free passport to racism.”

The catalyst for those remarks was an incident at Carmine’s last week wherein three black women from Texas were charged for assaulting a hostess at the restaurant, allegedly over a vaccine verification dispute and, as a lawyer for the women subsequently claimed, because the hostess, who is of Asian descent, used a racial slur.

And it doesn’t just seem to be just BLM:

Morning Consult found that Biden’s approval dropped a striking 12 points among black voters since September 8th, the day before the White House announced a comprehensive new COVID-19 mitigation plan that included a new OSHA rule, which, when drafted, will demand workplaces with 100 or more employees either require their workers to be vaccinated against COVID or submit to rigorous testing for the virus.

“President Joe Biden’s sweeping federal rules to mandate vaccines hasn’t hurt him with the overall electorate, but it appears to have spurred a weakening of his standing with one of the most reliable pieces of the Democratic Party’s coalition: Black voters,” Morning Consult noted.

Now – getting everyone to connect the dots from “unequal and racially-tone-deaf enforcement of arbitrary Covid regulations” to “unequal and racially tone-deaf policy” in general? That’s the challenge.

33 thoughts on “Darn Those Science-Denying Trumpkins!

  1. A plea to all *bloggers* covering vaccine mandate stories:

    1) Write about what has happened, not about what anti-vax agitators predict will happen

    2) Always include the denominator. If 100 people are suspended at a 100,000 student university or a Hospital that’s a compliance rate of 99.9

    On a personal note: My daughter and I attended the Harry Styles concert last evening at the Excel Center in St. Paul.

    In spite of the vaccination/test/mask requirements Mr Styles (private enterprise) required of concert goers — his show was 100% sold out.

    In contrast: Gun’s and Roses @ Excel Center the previous evening had zero vaccine/test/mask requirements with only half the attendance for their show.

    Mandates work.

    Private enterprise has every right to impose requirements for their workplace or entry to their restaurant, show, concert etc..

    Inequities will always exist in pretty much every aspect of life. The flip side of this is wanting to still allow for personal choice. With the knowledge that choices always have opportunity costs.

  2. Emery, you are dumber than a box of rocks. Styles is a lefty, catering to lefties, so duh! Minnesota is a lefty infested state, so the concert sold out.
    There are some law suits gearing up right now, the most notable against (un) American Airlines for violating the HIPAA rights of their employees. By their mandates, they are requiring their employees to divulge medical information to them, against their will. Since HIPAA was a DemoCommie construct, it will be interesting to see how they react.
    WTFU! These mandates are all about control over you serfs and these companies are supporting fascism. And morons like you, still maintain that Trump was going to be a dictator, when your guy has morphed into the U.S. version of Chairman Xi.

  3. Here’s a link to the professor, which will have a video, which I think takes you to a (friendly) twitter which gas a video of what looks like tourists in the Capitol. It is actually Jan 6. Check it out, this is one of the videos the gummint stooges tried to prevent from being released. INNzeReKsHU kind of evaporates in the face of EVIDENCE.

    Enjoy the video troll.

  4. BLM is learning that we no longer ruled by a constitution. The Bill of Rights is caput. If the feds can close down your legal business, control whom you can and cannot see, and shut down your church, the 14th amendment is meaningless.

  5. Harry Styles? You mean thisHarry Styles?


    I’m not sure what’s more hilarious…that rat Emery is surprised that tweenie girls would wear buckets on their heads, if necessary, to swoon over their boy band heroes, or that rat’s daughter is so lacking in self respect that she’d attend with her fuckwad father!

    You’ve trained your litter well, rat!

    HAhahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! (Did you get moist during the concert, too, rat?) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA!

  6. Mr. Styles


  7. Hayseed, look at overall vaccination rates and ask yourself a quick question; with about a quarter to a third of the nation holding off on vaccination for various reasons, what is the likely result of shoving the requirement down peoples’ throats?

    If you answered “long term resentment to and resistance of government authority”, go to the head of the class. Making millions of Americans the involuntary subjects of what they perceive to be a new Tuskegee Experiment will have harms we see for decades.

    Mandates may work temporarily, but they’re hardly a substitute for making a good case for a course of action and having people do things voluntarily. Sadly, Fauci and his minions are not, apparently, aware of this principle.

  8. Only Pedo Joe could re-direct rampaging, 85IQ blacks from attacking Trump supporters to attacking leftist rats.


  9. Here is some basic economics for ya’ all, the kind they teach in econ 101.
    If 50% of your potential market wears hats, or at least doesn’t mind wearing a hat.
    If 50% of your potential market refuses to wear a hat under any circumstances.
    Then mandating that your customers wear hats is not a good business decision.

  10. Woolly wrote: “Every #nevertrumper conservative I personally know or who is a public figure has a visceral dislike of Trump.”

    Trump who?

  11. We are led by president f*ck up, right? The guy who couldn’t organize an orderly withdrawal from a country we have run for 20 years? The guy who regularly pisses off our allies by disrespecting them? The guy who promised vaccine booster shots before the FDA had made a decision on whether or not to recommend them? The guy who announced that our southern border was now open & was caught flat-footed when wetbacks swarmed across the Rio Grande?
    It’s as though he thought the president’s sole job was to collect graft & distribute it to his relatives and cronies, and now he is overwhelmed.
    Amyway, I see with amusement some MSM types noting that Biden has had a rough couple of months, and that he needs to turn things around, as though events have pushed Biden into a V shaped valley, and that he is at bottom and needs to climb his way out.
    Nope. Ain’t ging to happen. All his failures are due to the incompetence and arrogance of Joe Biden. He decided to open the southern border, he decided to announce a non-approved booster shot, he decided that since he had already made up his mind, he shouldn’t consult with allies, he decided on a premature, abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan and announced the date to the taliban — he even initially chose the date 9/11, which is just . . . amazing.
    This is just Joe being Joe.
    He ain’t going to get any better.
    Who knows what ol’ Slow Joe will f*ck up next?

  12. The blowback from the nursing home vaccine mandate will be . . . interesting.
    The people who are mandated don’t make much money. And in today’s job market they can easily walk into another job.

    This is not the “think before you open your yap” administration.

  13. Back when Biden was a candidate, I would often read stories in the MSM — both news and opinion pieces — praising Biden for his foreign policy gravitas. Biden himself used to talk about his eagerness to restore American respect in the eyes of the world.
    Nobody talks about that anymore.
    Instead, in MSM outlets, and some liberal outlets, more people are talking about his FP mistakes — voting against the gulf war in ’91, voting in favor of the Iraq War, Biden’s opposition to taking out Bin Laden, even his vote in 1974 to abandon our South Vietnamese allies to the mercy of the VC and the North Vietnamese.

  14. My spidey-sense tells me that if Biden’s numbers don’t rebound, the sacrificial goat will be national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

  15. Hey rat, how’d it go smuggling your gender indeterminate spawn into Chucky Cheese with just xer rat maskie?

    Game tickets and greasy pizza, or nah?


  16. MP, aside from low pay, nursing home attendants are notable for their high melatonin content and their gender.

    If you wanted ti target working black women, you could not pick a better.

    GO JOE!!!

  17. “Private enterprise has every right to impose requirements for their workplace or entry to their restaurant, show, concert etc..”

    Sign at door of Alabama lunch counter: “No Blacks allowed.” Explicit racial discrimination okay because it’s a private business, E?

    Sign at door of West Virginia lunch counter: “No excessively tanned people allowed (anybody whose skin is darker than this paper bag).” Veiled racial discrimination okay because it’s a private business, E?

    Sign at door of New York lunch counter: “No unvaccinated people allowed.” On its face, this looks like a neutral policy but we know only 36% of Blacks are fully vaccinated so this policy will have a disparate impact on Blacks. Disparate impact racial discrimination okay because it’s a private business, E?

    It’s as if you Liberals who always vote Democrat just can’t seem to stop hating on Black folks. Why is that, E? Why do you hate Black people so much?

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  19. At least one of the corrupt cabal, that has been around Joey Demento for over 20 years, has declared that he’s never been right on foreign policy. Even the puppet pulling his strings, Barackus Obamanus I has said “Never underestimate the ability of Joe to f things up”.
    At the end of Vietnam, Gerald Ford begged congress for the funds to get Vietnamese allies and their families out of the country. One of the loudest opposing retards was Joey Demento. Then, when Ford asked for the funds to get those people resettled, Joey again strongly opposed. Now, he’s letting any disease ridden, anti American moocher in that wants to come in and we’ll be the ones paying the freight on them forever, including the thousand or so pregnant women waiting under the bridge.

  20. Shouldn’t the filthy unvaxxed be forced to sit together when using mass transit? Maybe confined to certain parts of theaters? Given their own water coolers and restrooms?

  21. This 31 year LAFD member, a Captain, has “had enough” with Biden’s mandate. “This is going to stop right here, right now.”

    “I wouldn’t be able to look my wife, or my sons in the eye, as they grew up…under total tyrannical law, when I had a chance to stop this, I had a chance to fight…but I did nothing.”


    Fuck ’em…who needs firemen, right rat? You have no problem looking your tranny son in the eye and admitting you were a rat…just take xer to see the Backstreet Boys and it’s allll good.

  22. Arizona GOP’s Election Audit Confirms Biden Win in Draft Report ~ WSJ

    And water is wet.

    Now MAGA have to be fed another conspiracy theory to explain why the audit didn’t turn out they way they thought. The right isn’t going to walk away from this and just say “this was a good idea to ensure election integrity.” They’ll have to add on some conspiratorial BS to go with it. Which will only make things worse.

    We need to be honest and admit a significant portion of our population are brainwashed morons.

  23. “Sep. 22—WARRENTON, OR — Mayor Henry Balensifer has warned Gov. Kate Brown that he will be forced to declare an emergency and ask for help from the Oregon National Guard or other state resources if the city’s firefighters quit over the governor’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.

    Most of the city’s firefighters are unvaccinated and a significant portion have indicated they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine by Brown’s Oct. 18 deadline for health care workers, teachers and other school staff.”
    Sep. 22
    “Earlier this month, more than 500 Los Angeles firefighters filed a lawsuit against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The suit is one of several challenges among police and EMS personnel across California and in other major cities, many of whom have threatened resignations in response to the new rules.”

    Who needs firemen…fuck ’em.

  24. Since day 1, leftist reprobates have said the results of the AZ audit would not be credible…Alrighty then

    Now, the bastards are prescient geniuses or fucking liars….pick one.

  25. Emery, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Notice that they reference a draft report. To uneducated twits like you, that means it’s not the final report. Besides, the author of that article is a left leaning propaganda pusher.

  26. Lol, still on the past election.

    In other truthiness news, that noted right wing rag “Politico”, is reporting that the Hunter Biden laptop story is true and accurate. Given that the left said it was a debunked conspiracy theory, I wonder what other “debunked stories” are also true.

    The wuhan lab turned out to be true.

    I guess that the dhimmicraps spending 100 million dollars to influence the audits might inform us on that question.

  27. By the way troll, how’s your “winner” gropey joe doing? Not so good?

    Aw, damn shame.

    Really glad we don’t have that all time high economy and all time low unemployment of the Trump years.

    And 2 dollar gas, don’t miss that at all, no siree, love to pay 5 dollars a gallon.

  28. The official vote totals showed Biden over Trump by 10,000. The audit found 50,000 ballots which could not be verified and are therefore considered fraudulent.

    The reason the ballots could not be verified is Democrats destroyed the evidence consisting of chain-of-custody documentation and electronic counting machine logs.

    Arizona is not a Democrat win. Arizona is a Democrat coverup for a stolen election.

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