Unlike “Resiliency Director” Katie Knuth…

…Minneapolis’s PR firm is going be earning its pay over this next one-to-fifty years.

“Protesters” took to blocking off streets in the Uptown area over the weekend – leading to an incident where someone drove into the crowd, killing one woman.

Which led a crowd to block off Lake Street yet again. And it wasn’t an especially “peaceful” bunch of protesters.

One local news crew actually videotaping a woman wandering around, gun in hand, shooting at God only knows what or two:

I’ll try to post the video when and if it becomes publicly available.

By the way – ain’t Uptown looking grand these days?

11 thoughts on “Unlike “Resiliency Director” Katie Knuth…

  1. Minneapolis in the running for least livable city after the latest farcical elevation of a career criminal to martyr status. On page 5, black owned juice bar in south Minneapolis burglarized. Nobody cares.

  2. I know its not called Calhoun Square anymore. But I can’t think what they even call it these days.

    It doesn’t matter, I can’t think of a reason I’d ever need to go there again.

  3. Ahhh….. I remember the good old days when orcs, after legislature relaxed gun laws way back when, were shouting from the roof tops that MSP will turn into wild west frontier. They were right!

  4. jpa.

    Yea, except for the “Dodge City type gunfights” that moronic Ron Latz assured his minions would happen.

  5. Uptown looks great – bring the whole family!

    As to the current name of the market formerly known as Calhoun Square, I think we need to look up the Sioux word for “toilet”.

  6. IMO, Uptown started going downhill after Figlio’s closed. I also think that Famous Dave’s was either too pricey or too one dimensional for the “Uppie crowd”.

  7. I used to live around there, back in the 70s. It was an amazing thing when it was revitalized in the 80s. It has been all seedy shops and bars.
    When I was nineteen, I used to transfer in Uptown when I took a bus to work. One morning while waiting for next bus, I saw a bar called the “Vice President” and I hopped in to buy a pack of smokes.
    I was such an innocent kid I didn’t know that at 7 AM bars could be full of drunks and cheap hookers.
    Guess that this is the new normal, same as the old normal.

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  9. SO, basically, since city governments started hiring “resilience officers” they have become less resilient.
    There is definitely a pattern here, something like the NY Times admitting that it engaged in disinformation when it labeled the BB a disinformation site.

  10. Per today’s post about Minneapolis funding Agape, and Brooklyn Center funding Freedom Fighters, it appears that the cities are paying a lot of “resiliency officers”.

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