Minineapolis has been through crime waves before. The thirties, the late sixties/early seventies, and of course the “Murderapolis” years almost thirty years back.

Not sure if this sort of thing happened at any of those times:

Sounds like Beirut in 1984.

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  1. I see they’ve charged an Irishman, named Jawan Contrail Carroll, for two of the murders that happened in downtown Mpls last weekend.
    pull quote:
    “The other man killed was 21-year-old Charlie Johnson of Golden Valley, who was set to accept his diploma from the University of St. Thomas on Saturday. Johnson was shot in the back from half a block away.

    Instead of wasting taxpayer money on Midnight Basketball for disaffected Irish youths they should open an indoor gun range downtown and institute a Midnight Marksmanship Program as a way to make the streets safer for the citizens.

  2. Contrail was the middle name given to Young Carrol by his father, Jawan Jetlag Carroll.

  3. Plainly a case of blatant scapegoating. He didn’t do anything wrong, never has. Well, except

    27-CV-16-12885 Terroristic threats, carry a pistol without a permit
    84-VB-17-678 Driving After Suspension, 89 mph in a 60 mph zone
    14-CR-19-3962 Drugs, Giving False Name
    62-CV-20-6499 Reckless, Driving After Suspension, 100 mph in 55 mph zone

    but those were just youthful indiscretions. And EVERY SINGLE ONE got dismissed or plea bargained down to a Petty Misdemeanor except one speeding and the False Information charge, which was a Misdemeanor. So he’s practically a model citizen, for his age and demographic.

    Therefore, the reason the cops charged him with these crimes can only be racism. Let the riots begin.

  4. I know. He is such a good kid and was just starting to turn his life around.

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