Free Fire Zone

It’s rapidly becoming a Berg’s Law: if the media doesn’t give any demographic details about a violent criminal (say, a white Hell’s Angel with an umbrella), you can infer the rest.

When I saw the initial coverage of Saturday morning’s bloodbath in the Warehouse District, I treated it as a test.

Up until noonish yesterday (Sunday)? Even after the arrest was made? Not a word about the shooter.

So – was I right?

What do you think?

Carroll was arrested in 2016 for a variety of felonies egregious enough for Mike Freeman to put down his bottle for a moment at try to make an example of.

Carroll ended up getting all charges dismissed, in exchange for pleading guilty to “disorderly condcut”.

Remember – public safety is a privilege.

112 thoughts on “Free Fire Zone

  1. Oh he wont back down from that. He saw the proof on Gateway Pundit.

  2. Speaking of GW pundit — where the Sam Hill is Swift? Is he on a SiTD imposed timeout?

  3. Not retreating, John K. Refusing.

    I refuse to participate in a discussion with a liar. You are a liar.

    This is my last response to you.

  4. I’ve largely not insulted anyone since Tom’s been gone.

    You’ve casually and flippantly insulted the entire body of commenters. Over and over.

    I mean, it’s been utterly self-marginalizing, but to invoke a phrase I hate, “you do you”.

  5. Congrats on seizing upon the despicable, JK! I knew you could do it!
    More smears.
    I wouldn’t trust GW pundit if he/she/it reported that the sun rose in the east.

  6. Gateway Pundit?

    What next? “I bet you listen to Alex Jones?

    Pfft. Glen Beck is too much of a opinion-mining alarmist ninny for me.

  7. My claim is that your contributor Lawyer Joe is a crank conspiracy theorist, and his contributions are garbage-y.

    My joke, as referenced, is him reading crank conspiracy theorists and repeating them here at SiTD or being inspired by them for his writing here at SiTD.  My punchline was Gateway Pundit.

    Mitch Berg: “Gateway Pundit?  What next? “I bet you listen to Alex Jones?

    You personally read Gateway Pundit, Mitch.

  8. A brief review of the record shows MO constantly rejecting Gateway Pundit. gateway pundit

    Tom was a fan.  Some of the other guys still around are readers, it’s safe to say.

    I’ll limit my response / analysis to whether the GP joke is solid. Discussion of “Alex Jones” would allowing Mitch to “move the goalposts”.

  9. Odd. If something factual is published at a site that JK doesn’t approve, the fact is not a fact. And if people of whom JK doesn’t approve say/write anything, that anything is, ipso facto, false. Makes life simple, I guess.

  10. The Gateway Pundit is having a super normal one!

    Bill Gates Linked Org. Sends Pretty French Honeypot to US in Effort to Take Down Gateway Pundit — But She Failed Miserably and Flew Back Home

    Is she pretty and French or is she pretty French but not excessively. Jim Hoft strikes out with a French chick, decides to spin it as a victory against the globalist cabal.

  11. You personally read Gateway Pundit, Mitch.


    OK – so where the facts presented in the piece wrong?

    Any of them?

  12. If Hoft told me the sun rose in the east, I would set my alarm clock early so I could check it.

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