Well, That Turned Around Fast

Friday Morning: local media cover the bejeebers out of a press conference – the sort of coordinated coverage that screams “a PR flak is working this hard”:

While challenges remain, downtown Minneapolis’ progress toward a post-pandemic revival is picking up steam, according to the panelists who joined a Friday morning online forum hosted by the Minneapolis Downtown Council…“My take on all of this is that you haven’t seen anything yet. Downtown is going to come back stronger and bigger than ever,” said Fhima, who leads the kitchen at Fhima’s Minneapolis.

Still, the panelists said, downtown is currently battling the perception that it’s unsafe — a perception Fhima [1] said was fueled by the lack of foot traffic on downtown streets during the pandemic, when many office workers shifted to working from home and widespread closures of restaurants and venues kept visitors away. Just as an empty restaurant might make diners question the quality of the food, he said, an empty downtown can leave visitors unnerved

“Challenges remain”, indeed.

18 hours after that coordinated burst of manufactured sunshine blowing up the Twin Cities collective nethers:

Two people were killed and 8 wounded in a shooting in downtown Minneapolis, police said early Saturday.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that two people were standing in a crowded area and got into a verbal confrontation,” the Minneapolis Police Department said in a statement.” Both individuals pulled out guns and began shooting at each other.”

Look – I enjoy downtown. I’ve worked there, and 2-3 years ago I used to go down there for concerts fairly regularly – move the Dakota than the First Avenue these days, but whatever. And as a taxpayer, I’ve had a lot of taxpayers money “invested” in it on my behalf, so it’d be nice if the current occupants at the City Council stopped screwing things up.

Not holding my breath, of course.

[1] Have any of Dave Fhima’s restaurants ever succeeded? . I haven’t paid much attention to the restaurant scene, but going back ten years or so, any of his places turned into their own vacant slices of downtown in a year or so.

14 thoughts on “Well, That Turned Around Fast

  1. CRT says that all white people are racists.
    Why would you want to invite more racists into your city?
    Also they will make you wear a mask.
    Why spend your money in crazyland? Spend it in your local community or online instead. Let the businesses in Minneapolis reap what they have sowed.

  2. Ha! Considering that two of the largest employers downtown are bailing, with another big one rumored to be close to doing so, I think Minneapolis will turn into the dreaded “Cold Omaha”, except on the Saturdays before and the Sundays when the Vikings play. That said, we tailgate at every game and frequently, we have fans of the opposing teams, drifting through the lots. From what I have learned over the past couple of years is that while these fans are staying in downtown hotels, 99% of them head to the MOA. They may have dinner and drinks downtown on Saturday night, then concessions at the games, but most of their money is spent in the suburbs. Post game, there are many tailgaters, including our group on occasion, that fire up their grills for round two, while traffic clears out. More than a few of those opponent’s fans, join us, so those people probably don’t spend any more money in town.

  3. I don’t blame you for leaning on the ‘Cold Omaha’ thing, but… Omaha is doing awesome. We are in need of a new comparison, Minneapolis does worse on many levels.

  4. I don’t blame you for leaning on the ‘Cold Omaha’ thing

    I can’t speak for Boss, but when I and many I know (and Boss has been a regular here for well over a decade IIRC), use that phrase, it’s a sardonic reference to the boosters in the ’00s and ’10s who chanted we’d “become a Cold Omaha” if we didn’t build a train, raise taxes, build a new arena for the TWolves, build another train, raise taxes, build a stadium for the Twins, redevelop downtown into a bike park, raise taxes, build a stadium for the Vikings, build another train, that’s what we’d turn into.

    Take it up with Nick Coleman – not the biggest offender, but certainly the most obnoxious one.

    There’s a little more to the phrase, at least around here, than meets the eye.

    Omaha is doing awesome.

    Many red-state cities seem to be.

    We are in need of a new comparison, Minneapolis does worse on many levels.

    Chicago’s been mentioned.

    I’m going to run with “A Cold Seattle” – a formerly enviable place that’s turned into a prog dystopia.

    But that might be a larger question .

  5. To quote the estimable Craig Westover: “Nothing kills a bad product faster than good marketing.”

    I’m sure the thugs endorse this initiative, and are hoping people come back downtown, and bring lots of money, cellphones, and premium automobiles.

    On a related note, we hosted Airbnb guests over the weekend who were here to watch a family member graduate from St. Thomas. Fortunately, it wasn’t their Tommy that was killed outside the Monarch Friday night, but they said the commencement ceremony was devastated by the news.

  6. I followed the link to see if any demo was mentioned but the website had a “you are using an ad blocker” pop up so I split.

    Any mention of race here?

  7. Mitch, a friend of mine just visited the Portland area recently, and said downtown Portland used to be the nicest city in the country but now is a stinkhole.

    Portland would work too.

  8. The guy who doesn’t get the joke, lecturing on how to tell a joke, is a joke.

  9. With the rise in crime, I’m thinking “colder Gary” or “colder Detroit” works as well. Except that Detroit at least still has its major corporate leaders, the car companies, and Minneapolis does not.

    Minneapolis; like a cold Detroit, but worse. Kinda like Gary, but bigger.

  10. I am thinking about adding a Royal Enfield to my growing collection of motorcycles.
    There is a dealer in Lakeville, which is far,far away, over the hills and dales from me.
    There is also a dealer much closer to me in North Minneapolis.
    I will be going to the dealer in Lakeville.

  11. I was in Omaha just a week ago and being out in the downtown Friday and Saturday night – busy, safe and no shootings that I heard of. Also I know someone that visited his old office in downtown Minneapolis last Friday to get a few things – said it was like a ghost town. Easy time finding a parking spot.

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