The Sniff Test

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Covid has killed 600,000 Americans. 

Joe Biden got 81 million votes to win the election. 

The Census Bureau says Blue states gained residents in the last decade, Red states lost residents, as people flocked from warm, low-tax Florida and Texas to cold, high-tax New York and New Jersey. 

Numbers don’t lie.  

Joe Doakes

Something’s not quite adding up.

6 thoughts on “The Sniff Test

  1. Nothing to see here. Keep moving. I’ve got my bags packed for California. Call someplace Paradise, kiss it goodbye.

  2. I’ve got a buddy down in Costa Rica that keeps after me to move there. He’s got about six rental houses for income, plus his other investments. He says $20 grand down there translates to about $110 grand here. I need to do the math for myself, but that’s looking better every day.

  3. Uh, um, er…..

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this sentence? I will highlight the words to make the task easier.

    The December revisions in population estimates under the Biden Census Bureau

    I will not argue with the supporting facts in the story – but is Rasmussen beginning to write like The NYT?

  4. Um, no. Cali’s population decreased last year. Can’t get a U Haul OUT of Cal, lol.

  5. As Greg notes, this was the Census Bureau under Trump, which suggests–as anyone watching DC the past couple of decades would think–that the agencies have indeed weaponized the bureaucracy against conservatives.

    For my part, if I remember correctly, the Constitution says “actual enumeration”, not “estimate based on the Census Bureau’s super secret model.” The Census Bureau needs to be held to account so that they will redistrict according to the “actual enumeration”.

  6. And yet New York LOST a congressional seat after the latest census due to decreased population. (But don’t worry, Cuomo is searching Hillary’s laptop to find more residents to demand a recount.)

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