The Covid Nazi Has Spoken

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Empty magazine rack in the hospital waiting room. Because you can catch The Deadliest Virus Ever Known from toilet seats and grocery store check-out belts and waiting room magazine covers.  

Okay, actually, no, you can’t. Scientists have confirmed that the endless cleaning for the last year has been a complete waste of time and resources. But we can’t admit that now or people will suspect the experts don’t know what they are talking about and will no longer blindly follow our orders. 

The Covid Nazi has spoken: no magazine for you.

Joe Doakes

I have a hunch socieity is on the tipping point of a tsunami of satirical mockery.

Well, OK. I hope so.

48 thoughts on “The Covid Nazi Has Spoken

  1. Over the last couple of weeks, I’m seeing more evidence that most people are realizing that this plandemic, was nothing more than an exercise by government to see how far they could go toward total control of the population. There are still plenty of true believing Karens out there, though. They drive alone in their cars with their maskies, victims of the fear porn that FAUXci, the CDC and their media allies push on a daily basis. I give elderly people a pass, because the real evidence shows that they are the most vulnerable.

  2. I have a hunch socieity is on the tipping point of a tsunami of satirical mockery.

    Well, OK. I hope so.

    We really need that preference cascade to show up soon. All the masking has unmasked the vast number of Good Germans in our midst.

  3. My grandmother always wiped down store bought can tops before opening them. I know people, years before Covid, who never touched magazines at the doctor’s office because of germs. My father in law always wiped the shopping cart handle pre-Covid as well. I am ok with people taking cleanliness considerations. But, yeah, it should be for the right reasons.

  4. Osterholm basically bet his career on that stupid, uncalled-for prediction.

    Here are some choice quotes — remember, Osterdummy went on national TV in an effort to drive up the fear level on January 31, 2012, just at the peak of the covid pandemic in the US. Case load and deaths started falling dramatically in the US the day after he gave the interview.
    The guy is a joke, and he gets on MTP. If you were to predict the opposite on FB or twitter, you would have been banned. By people who banned Trump for handing out lies & “misinformation.”


    I’m telling you the darkest of the darkest days are yet ahead.

    . . .

    The fact is that the surge that is likely to occur with this new variant from England is going to happen in the next six to 14 weeks. And if we see that happen, which my 45 years in the trenches tells we will, we are going to see something like we have not seen yet in this country.

    . . .

    Well, I think it’s going to be tough. I mean, imagine where we’re at, Chuck, right now. You and I are sitting on this beach where it’s 70 degrees, perfectly blue skies, gentle breeze. But I see that hurricane five, category five or higher, 450 miles offshore. And, you know, telling people to evacuate on that nice blue sky day is going to be hard. But I can also tell you that hurricane’s coming.

  5. The Authorities have announced an event at the State Fairgrounds for next month. Interested parties can enter a lottery for tickets or pay a hundred bucks to become Friends of the Fair and get guaranteed tickets. My cynical mind sees this a trial run for limiting the regular Fair. Got to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Can’t walk and eat. I bet that attendance will be capped and a racial test applied to those rushing tickets.

  6. Right-wing accelerationists love the pandemic and the lockdowns and are panicking because they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. This is why you shouldn’t let your pets play with random word generators.

  8. MO, I really like how you get after Osterholm by simply reporting the things he says. Please don’t stop. From where does he get his esteemed reputation? Well, Fauci too for that matter.

  9. ^ Em: I don’t see that: I analyze the RW position on covid as principled and not terribly reflexive, and not accelerationist.

  10. When you live to wage culture war, watching a major cause of social conflict fade away must be distressing.

  11. Probably a total coincidence that Tucker Carlson is going in on Frank Luntz just as Luntz is getting attention for trying to get Republicans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

  12. I don’t even know what a “right wing accelerationist” is.
    Back in the 80s, Osterholm was one of the geniuses behind the effort to “mainstream” aids. Don’t quarantine the infected, don’t interfere with their lifestyle, anyone can get it, that sort of garbage. Whether you are wrong or right is not important as long as you support the establishment.

  13. How much Tucker Carlson do you watch, Emery? You glued to the tube every night watching his show?
    Or are you just trolling?

  14. There are literal rw accelerationists… boogaloo boys, umbrella man, certain classes of rw preppers… and there are temperamental rw accelerationists

  15. Umbrella man? What are his politics? What is his name?
    How many “boogaloo boys” are there? I’ve only heard one named, that’s MacInnes, and he has been banned from every platform.

  16. Speaking of people addicted to culture war: the liberals who can’t quit lockdown.

  17. Antifa and blm, who actually riot, burn buildings, destroy property, and assault and kill people, have huge web presences and are in no danger of being banned.

  18. Did you learn about RW accelerationists during the hours you spent watching Tucker Carlson, Emery?
    I rarely listened to Limbaugh, and have never watched Carlson’s show, but I can see that with Limbaugh gone, the media left needed to replace whim another RW fright man to keep the proles feeling superior and to keep their hate level high. Guess Carlson is their pick.

  19. Woolly wrote: “How much Tucker Carlson do you watch, Emery?”
    I don’t watch much television — especially cable television. Fox lawyers argued in court that Tucker’s show is entertainment and nobody should reasonably take his words seriously.

    But his audience is 45-to-85 year old small town conservatives who absolutely don’t think they’re watching performance art. They’re the marks for this toxicity.

  20. “Marks.” People who must be protected from Wrong Ideas and Bad Think, lest it corrupt them into Error which leads to Sin and eventually Damnation.

    They need someone to protect them from misinformation during this War on Covid. Fortunately, there is precedent: the United States Office of Censorship, established by a Democrat President under Executive Order 8985.

    It’s time to make America Safe Again.

  21. Carlson does commentary, not news. Most of FNC is the equivalent of an opinion page. So are the news divisions of ABC, CBS, CNN etc., but at least Fox is honest about what they do. “Fair and balanced” is not the same thing as “unbiased.”
    The NY Times has responded to James O’Keefe’s lawsuit by claiming that their news stories are really just opinion pieces.

  22. Liberals spend more time talking about what is on fox than conservatives do (although liberals never actually watch it).
    How many times has MBerg or one of his conservative commenters mentioned fox or one of its shows? Emery was the first to mention fox in this thread, apropos of nothing.

  23. Not reading the trolls anymore so no idea what they are saying, but let me give everyone here a serving of truth. The reasons people might be hesitant to vax start with two big ones:

    1. As soon as President Trump announced that the vaccine was due to be delivered in the next few weeks, a bunch of Democraps opened their pie holes to say they wouldn’t trust it, because it was produced under orange man bad. Kameltoe was one of these rocket scientists. This is verifiable.

    2. Now that the vaccine has been widely administered, what are we hearing from flip flop fauci and many dem guvs? Oh noes, no freedoms yet, mask up, stay distanced, we’ll let you know when you are free again you peasants. So yeah, yank a major incentive to vax against this “only kills really old, really sick people” flu, and you’re getting the results all clear thinking adults would expect.

  24. MO: same thing was true about Rush. I don’t know how many times (Many) I heard some lefty go off on Rush, and you know they haven’t listened to 5 minutes of him.

  25. A grand total of 277 people under the age of 18 have died from covid, most of them had other severe health issues.
    You want healthy children? Tell them to to go outside & play with their friends.

  26. E-Collective, you guys should move back to the Dominion. Bill C-10 is right up your alley.

  27. US to begin reallocating COVID vaccine shots from states with lower demand to states with more interest. ~ WASHINGTON (AP)

    Blue states are gonna be done with Covid months before red ones are.

  28. According to that noted right wing rag “The Atlantic”, liberals are having lockdown withdrawal symptoms, have become mentally ill over covid and can’t let go of the dempanic.

    The Atlantic. Liberals.

  29. Funny about that flu comment… there’s been almost no cases of the flu over the past year. Wonder where it went?

  30. Canada has a hard lockdown. Major cities have a curfew.
    They have done this to save 0.8 lives per million per day when compared to the US.
    In the US, the average age of people who have died of covid is 75.5 years.

  31. @jdm — I fully expected mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing to significantly decrease influenza cases but not this much.

  32. Hard left Liberals like the E-Bunch won’t read this, nor understand it, and certainly would never admit it even if they did, but it’s worth reminding ourselves of Freddie Gray.

    Who? Freddie Gray. He’s that Black guy who died in Baltimore after the cops gave him a ‘rough ride’ to jail. In response, word went out that the cops’ highest priority was that no Black men should die in police custody. So cops stopped arresting Black men. Viola – problem solved. Of course, murders and other violent crime skyrocketed when Black criminals realized they had a free pass but that’s not important. What’s important is the numbers came out right. No Black men died in police custody.

    Similarly, there were virtually no cases of influenza this past year. How’s that possible? Simple. We counted them as Covid instead, following the instructions here:

    Relevant quote: “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be
    made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.”

    This guidance was issued in April 2020 at a time when there was a world-wide shortage of test kits so deaths from respiratory illness (influenza, pneumonia, emphysema) were ‘presumed’ to be Covid deaths and reported as such. And on March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the CARES Act which paid an extra 20% for Covid cases, creating a powerful financial incentive for providers to make the lucrative ‘presumption.’ The guidance and the payments are still in effect.

    Naturally, the resulting re-designation of influenza deaths as Covid deaths caused influenza numbers to crater even as Covid numbers spiked. Neither set of numbers was true, both sets are phony.

    But of course, Liberals can’t admit it was all a lie. So they congratulate themselves of the effectiveness of handwashing and elbow bumps and are mystified when we don’t believe a single word of it.

  33. Interesting theory, Joe Doakes, but lacks empirical support.

  34. US to begin reallocating COVID vaccine shots from states with lower demand to states with more interest. ~ WASHINGTON (AP)

    Blue states are gonna be done with Covid months before red ones are.

    Yo, Emery, you are aware that it’s the blue states that have had far worse experiences with this viruses than red, free states, right? Maybe it’s time to align your views with the science you claim to espouse. Between sending COVID patients into nursing homes and ordinary resistance to overbearing regulations, along with most likely some things we don’t yet understand, the Democrats are stinking up the place. Maybe it’s time we figure out why.

  35. In Hawaii, all of the major clusters were caused by groups of related people (a dozen or more) spending most of their time together indoors.
    Hawaii’s response was to close the beaches.

  36. Nor will there soon be empirical support, MO, because studying it is taboo.

    Look at the chart of Covid deaths. It does not resemble the classic epidemic curve explained in Farr’s Law. Why not?

    Bcause before 2020, cases of Covid were misdiagnosed as Influenza since there was no specific test for Covid, and after Covid tests became widely available it became clear people weren’t dying from it (with it, perhaps, but not from it). The vertical left side and sharp drop-off are indications of testing limits, not actual disease.

    But . . . there’s no money in proving Covid is simply a bad flu. And it’s career-killing heresy to suggest it, much less try to prove it. CARES Act, grant funding, infrastructure bill . . . all tied to Covid numbers: the higher the number the more money in your pocket. Diogenes would despair.

    Climate change, election fraud, Covid deaths – the official numbers are the only acceptable numbers. Anybody who challenges them must be ruthlessly suppressed, just as Galileo was officially suppressed.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not true.

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