Somewhere In Highland Park, Probably

GUY A: “Who was that woman who got arrested here in Highland a few years back for being a terrorist?”

GAL B: “Sarah Jane Olson. She was arrested for being involved in January 6″.

GUY A: “I thought it was from in the Symbionese Liberation Army, back in the seventies?”

GAL B: “Couldn’t be. There was no political violence before January 6”

GUY A: “Doh. My bad”.

31 thoughts on “Somewhere In Highland Park, Probably

  1. Remember kids, the FBI has already testified before congress that NO (ZERO) weapons were confiscated. So take your “armed” whatever and shove it. And take your “deadly” whatever and shove it too. Only one died that day, an unarmed protester. The mediots lied about the cop who died, and now will not apologize for the lies. Truly the enemy of the people.

  2. 1st Man at work: hey, what do you think of all those riots from last spring and summer, and again now? Thousands of stores put out of business forever, burning and looting and rioting, no insurance to make it up, basically zero arrests, court buildings torched, police stations overrun by violent criminals, what a tragedy, eh?

    2nd Man at work: you mean January 6th?

  3. Kinlaw, the feds are settling the overwhelming majority of those cases with guilty pleas to misdemeanor trespass.

    But the razor wire stands.

  4. First lies about a stolen election and then lies about who attacked the Capitol.

    The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth ~ George Orwell, 1984.

  5. You mean like aripiprazol? You know, to keep them multiple sock puppets in check.

  6. Your tax dollars at work:
    Oath Keepers Member Is 1st To Plead Guilty In Capitol Riot Investigation
    “A heavy metal musician and founding member of the Oath Keepers extremist group pleaded guilty Friday to charges connected to the storming of the U.S. Capitol and agreed to cooperate with investigators — a first in the massive probe into the deadly Jan. 6 assault.”
    The only person killed in the “deadly assault” was an unarmed woman, shot and killed by a capitol cop. NPR knows the name of the cop, it is in the public interest to name the cop, but NPR will not name the cop.
    Ain’t you glad your tax dollars subsidize the fed’s propaganda outlet?
    “The plea agreement, which comes 100 days after a mob of Trump supporters violently overran the Capitol, marks a significant step for prosecutors in the case.”
    Y’all remeber when NPR described last July’s Lefty protesters burning and looting in DC as “violently over running” the capitol?
    Not me.

  7. What lies emetic? Back it up turd. Is the FBI is lying about no weapons?

    Make him back this crap up Mitch. I know he’s on topic but we are tired of him pooping and running.

    Back it up basement boi.

  8. MO, the reprobates have a tough row to hoe. They’re committed to demonizing and marginalizing the White people that pay the taxes and do the work that keeps this country viable, while elevating a black minority that behave like mindless, violent animals among themselves and against elderly White and Asian people.

    The nitwit left rank-and-file is doing their part, by parroting the narrative (vis: Potato Head, Swabbie and Peevee), but the story writers are going to have to step their game up; no one is buying their shitty lies. To the contrary, formerly meek, middle class White people are getting angry and they’re arming themselves like people getting ready for a fight; the reprobates propaganda is radicalizing them.

    Like any leftist scheme, unintended consequences are headed back towards them, and this will not end well.

  9. Well Emery must have managed to get past the google/facebook/twitter censors & learned about the riots and burnings in DC last July.

  10. Most of SiTD commenters are locked into a big, giant lie that Trump won the election, the deep state looked the other way, and Antifa led the insurrection inside the capitol.

    This belief is based on one thing, and one thing only: the egotistical rants of a proven liar.

  11. It’s very thoughtful of you guys in the E-collective to tell me why I believe what I do.

    Say, would you mind explaining my religion to me, while you’re at it?

  12. Somehow not a single Republican can point to their own election results as evidence of the “big steal.” Now how is that exactly?

  13. Hang on, E-guys. Are you serious?

    You cannot understand how Trump’s immense popularity gave down-ticket Republicans coat-tails which survived in all the down-ballot races even as the Presidential results were manipulated?

    It’s been discussed for months on dozens of websites, in lawsuit pleadings, in video presentations, and here on SITD. But you still don’t get it? Seriously?

    That’s clinches it: you are genuinely stupid, all of you, under all your sock-puppet identities.

  14. After months of fighting tooth and nail against it, ignoring their own state Senate and a court order, the election commissioners of Maricopa county, AZ have been forced to start turning over the equipment and ballots for a formal audit, or face jail time.

    If there is nothing to hide, why would these reprobates (they’re all Democrat) have battled so hard to keep this audit from occurring? What are they afraid the audit will uncover?

    If the Democrats were not cheating during the count in Philadelphia, why did they refuse to admit GOP witnesses, who were allowed by state law and a court order?

    If the Democrats in Detroit were not cheating, why did they not only refuse admittance to GOP witnesses, but covered the windows with cardboard?

    By their own actions, the reprobates have confirmed their perfidy and their theft of the franchise to millions of Americans. Only a blithering idiot would deny that fact.

  15. Also, notice the tenor of the story I linked to…the reprobate press is full on gonzo fearful.

  16. Most of SiTD commenters are locked into a big, giant lie that Trump won the election, the deep state looked the other way, and Antifa led the insurrection inside the capitol.

    Which commenters? Back up yer assertions.

  17. Really Mr. D? You expect poop and run sock puppet trollbot to do anything else but poop and run?

  18. Yeah, didn’t figure you had the integrity to address my comment, typical.

    No weapons at the capitol, only dead was a protester.

    Facts are so uncomfortable to basement dwellers.

  19. justplainangry on April 22, 2021 at 1:57 pm said:
    Really Mr. D? You expect poop and run sock puppet trollbot to do anything else but poop and run?

    I don’t, actually.

  20. justplainangry on April 22, 2021 at 4:00 pm said:
    MrD, rhetorical question deserved a rhetorical answer.


  21. Sedition Boy:
    Fun Fact: Not one Republican officeholder objecting to Biden’s victory has objected to their own wins, on the same day, on the same ballots, using the same election system.

    For conspiracy theorists, absence of a proof of the conspiracy only serves ás a proof of the conspiracy.

  22. Potato Head:

    The fact that the GOP kicked reprobate ass all down the ticket has been noted, discussed and dissected right here, several times by several people who have at least 2 standard deviations higher IQ than you. It’s more proof of leftist fuckery.

    But good try, Tater. Here’s a cookie 🍪

  23. The E-dolts are still at it, so let’s review:

    Typical Republican voter marks his ballot straight-ticket Republican.
    The scanner “flags” his ballot as potentially defective, requiring “adjudication.”
    The adjudicator decides the voter meant to vote for Biden for President.
    The adjudicator decides the voter meant to vote for Republicans down-ballot.
    The down-ballot Republicans win their races.
    The down-ballot Republicans fail to complain about winning their races.
    Their failure to complain proves Biden truly won the Presidency.

    Am I the only one who sees how stupid that is?

  24. When it is time to release the results, they will be hosting a press conference. The local Four Season Landscaping firm should prepare for the call.

    This is just a publicity stunt, no different than a group of GOP state legislators renting out a Holiday Inn conference room to hold their, ahem, ‘hearings’ about so-called voter fraud.

    The vote count for Arizona, has already been audited and certified. There was no fraud, there were no irregularities.

  25. The vote count for Arizona, has already been audited and certified. There was no fraud, there were no irregularities.
    There 3,333,829 presidential votes counted in AZ in 2020.
    Not a single vote was cast by anyone registered in the wrong recinct, using the wrong address, Not a single vote was lost, or not counted, or double.
    Not one in 3,333,829.
    And why do we know this?
    The guy who predicted a Hillary landslide in 2016, and who fell for the “Russian collusion” fraud (and still believes in it) tells us so!
    Emery considers himself an intelligent person whose opinion matters. For good reason, no one else does.

  26. Potato Head assured: “The vote count for Arizona, has already been audited and certified.” By Democrats, to the exclusion of all else.

    “There was no fraud, there were no irregularities.”

    Said the fraudsters.

    Does someone have to come get you out of the rain, Tater, lest you drown?

    Does it hurt when you lick an electric cattle fence?

    How far do you have to stick a fork into a receptacle to get electrocuted?

    What kind of knife is best to fish toast out of the toaster?

    How close do you hold the match to light farts?

    tia Tater!

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