In A Blue-City School, Somewhere, Probably

TEACHER: OK, Chad, what do the Gulf War, World War 2, World War 1, the Civil War, the War of the Roses, and the French Revolution have in common?


TEACHER: Besides being called wars.

CHAD: Um…I don’t know?

TEACHER: None of them existed. Because there was no violence of any kind before January 6.

25 thoughts on “In A Blue-City School, Somewhere, Probably

  1. Nailed what? What’s your beef? Name it. Sicknick? That’s a legit beef. The lack of equivalencies between righty and lefty riots? That’s another beef. The other stuff, not so much or at all. 1/6 aint a shining moment for the right.

    I think you’re trying to play in this space where righties bitch about 1/6 without doing any intellectual work.

  2. I think you’re trying to play in this space where righties bitch about 1/6 without doing any intellectual work.

    Said while in the midst of satire about how the left uses 1/6 to, well, avoid intellectual work.

  3. It’s not good satire if Joe Doakes and Tom Swift and Just Plain Angry get it and think its funny, Mitch.  I think you know the truth of that.

  4. In the olden days, Saturday Night Live was funny. Some of their sketches slayed me, particularly the ones that contained an element of truth without rancor or bitterness. Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford falling down . . . hilarious. Of course, that was long ago and perhaps things have changed?

    Liberals pretend January 6 such a momentous occasion that it can be used to justify anything and everything.

    Federal officers killing an unarmed woman and hiding the killer.
    Troops on the streets of the nation’s capital city.
    Razor wire around the national capital building.
    Retroactive impeachment of a former government official.
    Persecution of citizens for exercising their constitutional rights.
    Legislation to prevent free and fair national elections.

    And Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson said, “January 6 changed everything” explaining why downtown Minneapolis was fortified during the Chauvin trial. He didn’t blame Black Lives Matter or Antifa for threating to burn down the city as they had a year ago (that would have been political suicide), he blamed January 6 as if Republicans protesting a stolen election in Washington DC was what made Minneapolis prepare for the worst.

    January 6 is an all-purpose excuse for anything any Liberal wants to do, much like “Covid” is an excuse why customer service is disappearing from stores and like “SCIENCE” is an excuse why shoppers must flap their arms like a chicken before entering the grocery store, to prevent the spread of The Deadliest Virus Ever Known.

    These wild excesses provide the basis for comedy. Mitch’s sketches of Liberals using January 6 as an excuse are funny because they contain an element of truth without rancor or bitterness. Comedy hasn’t change so much. Liberals have.

  5. Its good satire if it forces 90 IQ cockwombles to squeek their objections, and furiously pound their tiny fisties on their little keyboards.

    Tell us more, swabbie.

  6. So what’s your beef with 1/6?

    My “beef” is with every haflwit progressive responding to people pointing out their many misdeeds with “But what about 1/6”.

    Not all that terribly opaque.

  7. It’s not good satire if Joe Doakes and Tom Swift and Just Plain Angry get it and think its funny, Mitch.

    Ad hominem?

    JFC, put some effort into it.

  8. BTW, your responses are either perfect, or perfect self-parody

    Either way – mission accomplished.

  9. It is being reported that Pedo Joe’s Sect. Of Education (forget which sideshow act xe is) is finalizing a plan to include the “1619 project” and CRT into federal curriculum mandates for public schools.

    It is possible the hold up is somehow fitting Jan 6, 2020 into an English colony in 1619. I have confidence they’ll succeed somehow.

  10. Ok, that was helpful Joe. I’d agree, that’s a bullshit Hutchinson quote, uttered for fan service there in HennCo. I’m not aware of the “Jan 6th changed everything” as shorthand for a big idea on the left.  Or maybe I am, but not the way Mitch is using it. I’m not in disagreement about the abuse of COVID / science. SNL: more not funny than funny.

  11. Mitch, one of your screenplay posts here would really be spiced up if you broke out your #unexpectly tag. Or an Orwell quote. The whole SiTD bag of tricks.

    What were you saying about being a parody or self-parody?

  12. The guileless lack of self awareness you bring to these threads never fails to amaze us, swabbie. I bet you’re a real hero among your social circle of fellow nitwits.

  13. DPS, why are you dissing 90IQ people by comparing them to resident trollbots with half that much?

  14. Being born to the left side of the bell curve isn’t a nitwits fault jpa, it’s genetics, and not every nitwit is an jagoff, because being a low IQ jagoff is a personal choice.

  15. “John Kraephammer on April 22, 2021 at 7:16 am said:
    jfc, make an effort Mitch.”
    Maybe you should make an effort, JK, some tiny little motion towards an effort of informing yourself, before you accuse people of murder.
    M-kay? Just a thought.

  16. I’ve heard that Umbrella Man was born on January 6th of whatever year he was born.
    LOL, you can’t mock these numbskulls enough.
    That’s what I heard at my Mensa meeting, which I attended on my way to college where I am majoring in police brutality law, with a minor in epidemiology.

  17. MO, Umbrella man flew to DC, ala Mary Poppins, to rally the insurrectionist grandma’s to action. Then *Poof* he was off like Maxine Waters, to spread dissent all across the nation.

    Umbrella man is the Johnny Appleseed of sedition and insurrection.

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