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  1. About the writer of the second linked article:

    Sarah Jacoby is the Associate News Director at SELF. She’s an experienced health and science journalist who is particularly interested in the science of skin care, sexual and reproductive health, drugs and drug policy, and mental health. Sarah is a graduate of NYU’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program and has a background in psychology and neuroscience. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

    Need I say more?

    Uh, maybe I should.

    Hey, don’t knock it, skin care is important.

  2. “Unnecessary travel and reckless vacationing will only make those numbers worse.”
    Reckless vacationing?
    This means war.

  3. Greg on March 21, 2021 at 9:59 am said:
    About the writer of the second linked article:

    And Toby Young, writer for the Spectator and editor of the lockdownsceptics.org tells us:
    In its latest “reality check” the BBC attempts to rebut seven of the “most frequently-shared” “false and misleading claims”.
    It’s written by Jack Goodman, a “producer, newsreader and reporter at BBC Radio Derby”, and Flora Carmichael, a “journalist and producer with a strong track record of developing media partnerships and managing international projects and teams”.
    So you can see why they would be well-qualified to set straight Oxford’s Professor Sunetra Gupta, Harvard’s Professor Martin Kulldorff, Stanford’s Professor Jay Bhattacharya and other eminent sceptics.

  4. My reckless vacation begins Saturday. Ask me if I plan to self quarantine when I return.

  5. I just returned from a reckless vacation.

    I admit, it was troubling, having to walk around the bodies stacked like cordwood outside gas station convenience stores that didn’t require masks, or laid in windrows outside the all-you-can-eat Asian buffet which allowed customers to serve themselves from steam tables, just like it was in the olden days Before Covid. Apparently those states’ governors lacked the foresight to purchase a refrigerated warehouse so public health officials had nowhere to store the dead bodies resulting from their lax virus measures. The smell of corpses rotting in the sun took the edge off my appetite, for sure.

    But I toughed it out and managed to have a good time, nonetheless. Alcohol helped.

  6. Florida’s main defense against the pandemic is that people can eat and be active outside which cuts down on transmission. That’s nothing DeSantis can take credit for. Florida’s weather allows for a completely different way of life compared to New York and the Midwest.

  7. Emery on March 25, 2021 at 9:50 am said:

    Florida’s main defense against the pandemic is that people can eat and be active outside which cuts down on transmission. That’s nothing DeSantis can take credit for. Florida’s weather allows for a completely different way of life compared to New York and the Midwest.

    Complete bullshit. A lie starting with the word “Florida” and ending with the word “Midwest.”

  8. Current test positivity rate in New York state (with currently some of the highest case numbers in the country) is 3.2%.

    Test positivity rate in Florida is 6.9%.

    Florida has a lot of natural advantages when it comes to COVID (outdoors, little public transportation), but the situation is a lot worse than it seems. Trump was right: if you test less, the numbers will go down.

  9. Emery’s 10:21 doesn’t even rise to the level of sophistry, it’s not clever enough, he is just cherry-picking numbers that he believes (incorrectly) support his “Florida bad, New York good” argument.

    New York: 3.3 percent positive
    New daily cases: 27,644
    Tests per 100,000: 1,144

    Florida: 7.5 percent positive
    New daily cases: 5,143
    Tests per 100,000: 290.8


  10. Being outdoors is very low risk. Yet places like California locked down despite having a very similar climate to Florida’s.

    It is entirely possible that scientists will look back on California’s lockdown and determine that Newsom actually made Covid worse by requiring people to stay in their homes — especially people who live with older family members.

    The period of highest cases came during the two months of the year when it’s actually cold. Outdoor dining and other activities should never have been discouraged. Closing the beaches was an idiotic thing to do.

  11. Today, a unit of the Emery Collective is contradicting all the other units. I predict it soon will be purged for wrong-think.

    Previously, the Emery Collective asserted every death attributed to Covid left blood on President Trump’s hands for failing to institute a uniform national policy to defeat the virus.

    But today, we learn that a uniform national policy would have been a terrible idea. Instead, states with sunshine, beaches and outdoor dining were able to substitute natural environmental Covid killers for the lock-downs and mask mandates of less hospitable climes.

    In other words, Florida’s policy was right and Minnesota’s policy also was right and because President Trump did not impose a uniform national policy, President Trump was . . . entirely right all along.

    Good to know.

  12. JD, we just got back from very reckless vacation as well. Did the bourbon trail, so drinking was indeed involved. But we were actually dumbfounded how cowed kentuckians were – the worst maskie state I have been to so far.

  13. jpa;
    Yea, Kentucky has been overrun by East coast commies that brought their destructive politics with them. Same with Tennessee.

    And Emery, California never gets as humid as all of Florida, almost all year long. I lived in LA for four years and covered the whole state.

  14. Because, Joe Doakes, Emery is totally a closet Trump fan.

    His avatar should probably be wearing a MAGA hat and reading Art of the Deal.

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