Western Horror Stories

This site is an endless – so far – catalog of people, frequently but far from always in academia – catalog of “cancelees”.

And reading the blurbs is a little like reading log entries from a ship that is slowly sinking, but the captain just doesn’t know it yet.

10 thoughts on “Western Horror Stories

  1. Really amazing, but not a surprise. I keep trying to get canceled but so far no luck. Just the usual ghosting by liberal ex-friends.

  2. Post script. Just read a piece on Fox 9 revealing that the IDS building architect, Philip Johnson, was a Nazi sympathizer in the 30s. Prepare for much gnashing of teeth, renting of garments. He’s been dead since 2005, but that won’t slow the cancellers. He was also gay and believed in eugenics. No wonder the Crystal Court makes me feel so weird. Obviously the opening credits of Mary Tyler Moore need to be scrubbed clean of hateful images.

  3. Johnson was an acolyte of Gropius, so these revelations about Johnson are things people knew all along but chose not to talk about, that is, not to attach to his professional persona.

  4. I used to live in Coon Rapids. The name was weird, but whatever. Now I see a “civic non-profit” (of course it is) wants a referendum on changing the name because of its racist connotations (it wasn’t named racistly). An “informal survey” by the non-profit “showed support” for changing the name. I’m guessing the survey was conducted of the four people the organizer allowed at her holiday party out of an abundance of caution. A telling quote: “I’ve been wanting to change the name since I moved here 33 years ago,” she said.

  5. OK, change the name Coon Rapids, to Racoon Rapids. There, that should take care of that name problem. No?

  6. OK, change the name Coon Rapids, to Racoon Rapids. There, that should take care of that name problem. No?

    Nope, it’s never that simple, Allen: The perpetually-offended will declare how the less-enlightened residents of Raccoon Rapids will continue to call it by its old, offensive-only-to-the-quick-drawing-conclusion-types name. Instead, we should rename it to whatever vague description was given to it by prior residents of the area from centuries ago.

    I recall the kerfuffle over the display of the Ten Commandments on public grounds. My left-wing girlfriend at the time and I found common ground when I suggested simply covering the first three commandments that reference God. In other words, piss everybody off a little rather than pissing off one side a lot.

  7. So much censorship of conservative voices.

    The top-performing link posts by US Facebook pages in the last 24 hours are from:
    1. Franklin Graham
    2. Dan Bongino
    3. Dan Bongino
    4. USA Patriots for Donald Trump
    5. Dan Bongino
    6. Dan Bongino
    7. Bernie Sanders
    8. Ben Shapiro
    9. Ben Shapiro
    10. Fox News

  8. Well that’s a parade of conservatives, if I ever saw one, Reek….LMAO

    You fucking moron.

  9. What in the world is a “top performing link post”?
    Description here: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-shares-new-insights-into-most-shared-posts-on-its-platform/582138/
    “Top performing link posts”
    FB itself says:
    Some important things to consider about these lists. […] While some link posts get a lot of interactions, likes or comments, this content is a tiny percentage of what most people see on Facebook.”

    In other words “lack of censorship” != “lots of link of link post”
    Emery has, once again, failed to apply critical thought to some factoid he, no doubt, picked up from some hive of scum and villainy.
    FYI, old “post and run” Emery never responds to my obliterations of his feeble attempts to impress people with command of logic and reason.
    In this case the logical fallacy he attempted to pawn off on his betters is called “begging the question.”

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