A friend of the blog emails:

What will be the over/under for the number of woke commercials during the Superb Owl this Sunday?

I predict: all of them.

Leave your predictions in the comment section.

The only prize? The satisfaction of knowing you got it right.

7 thoughts on “Contest

  1. Full disclosure: because I heard a rumor that Doritos wouldn’t have a SB commercial I cheated and verified that in fact they do. I’m going with 50 percent woke, although we may need to pin down the exact definition. I think there needs to be social justice content, not just distorted demographics. Because if it’s the latter, my bet goes to 100 percent.

  2. I couldn’t make any bets, because I don’t watch semi-literate black millionaires gather to express their hate for Americans in general and white Americans in particular. Just not my thing.

    I also don’t engage in commerce with corporations or businesses that promote the degenerate agendas of reprobate leftist slobs.

    But by all means, you lads carry on.

  3. It’s too bad we’ll never be able to go back to “Tastes Great!” “Less filling!”

    Budweiser sales manager: “Sir, are you sure a 12 year old boy dancing around in a wig, makeup and pink and blue tutu will sell beer?”

    VP of Sales: “Beer?”

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