Kendall Qualls was the GOP endorsed candidate for the 3rd Congressional District seat in this past election.

Having lost that time, he’s on to something potentially bigger – starting a conversation with the black community about…itself.

The DFL’s brain trust needs to stomp on that idea, but quick:

I raise you this, Zach: Imagine an entitled, very very white, middle class member of the ruling political class #progsplaining a black man about how he’s allowed to talk about black history.

This is today’s DFL.

5 thoughts on “#Progsplaining

  1. That Democrats would reject this shows their racism. I am ever optimistic for local Republicans and Qualls new project is good news.

  2. Pathetic but unsurprising that “systemic racism” is a priori true so dissenters need to prove a negative. David Horowitz makes the point that critical race theory and classical Marxism are interchangeable if one substitutes “race” for “class.” That isn’t sufficient to disprove it but it’s a good start. Anyone know of any successful Marxist economies? Buehler? Anyone?

  3. Educated blacks (excluding “studies” majors) are throwing off the reprobate party in increasing numbers. Within a decade, black Americans will have sorted themselves out into the successful and the poverty pimp groups.

    The former does and will vote GOP (or whatever conservative party raises from it’s ashes); the latter does and will join the John Thompson crew and vote with the Reprobates.

  4. Dr Strunk,

    They realize that they’re quickly losing their previously nearly 100% dedicated (and dependent) constituency. That’s why they’re so gung-ho to throw open the borders and import a new, low-ability, low IQ, dependent constituency. The blacks are starting to figure out that LBJs plan to have them voting democrat for 200 years was bullshit.

    Oh, and who got the ball rolling on this change? Trump.

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