The Usual Suspects

Trump supporters on the Mall

“Trump Supporters” who stormed the Capitol.

We’ve seen the horned-hat guy before:

Wasn’t there a famous incident a centuray ago, a fire blamed on innocent people which gave a certain politician the excuse to seize power?
Are we absolutely certain the troublmakers were ordinary Trump supporters, same as the rest of the crowd outside, and not infiltrators hoping to cause a backlash against President Trump and his supporters protesting the stolen election

Joe Doakes

Whether the riot was launched by provocateurs or not, plenty of Trump supporters did participate with great glee. There’s a dilemma, of course – if there’s one thing we learned during the Tea Party, at gun rights and pro life and tax-protest rallies, it’s that conservatives need to behave impeccably, because the media and the Dems oppo research staff (pardon the redundancy) will pick over every utterance, visual and thought for wrongthink).

(If there’s another thing we learned it’s that the left’s slander machine and control of the administrative state makes perfect behavior irrelevant. Lefty social media today is awash in claims that the Tea Party was racist, violent, and a tool of the Koch Brothers, who (we’re told) bought all of American politics for a few years).

But whoever turned the demonstration into a riot, and whatever the reasons, the left is responding to last week’s events with a technique they’ve mastered; not wasting a crisis. Whoever did what, it will be spun relentlessly to their advantage.

67 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects

  1. Swiftee’s comments scream: “look at me”.
    I suspect he lacked a positive role model while growing up. Perhaps a lack of attention from his father. Sad really— watching him act out on the internet.

  2. It does take a certain kind of deep stupid to convict people (inclusing the president!) of sedition based on some MSM reports ,when you know that the same sources take pride in telling you that they will not allow the other side to defend themselves or air their grievances.
    Box wine granny Pelosi is especially concerned that the MAGA people not be allowed to defend themselves or explain their actions to the American people.

  3. So Pelosi wants to impeach Trump? Is this the 3rd or 4th time?
    You cannot take these people seriously. They act like middle schoolers.

  4. Let’s hope this teaches a lesson that a President should never have to be impeached twice.

  5. If, the GOP takes control of the House (a good bet), Biden might as well buy seasons tickets to the Senate impeachment season.

    Seriously. The feckless, mentally ill reprobates have set a new standard for impeachment: Because it’s Monday.

  6. Let’s hope this teaches a lesson that a President should never have to be impeached twice.

    Didn’t you acknowledge yesterday that impeachment is a political procedure? Considering the Democrats already had a majority in the House, the news is not surprising and expected political theater.

  7. ^ Follow-on comment: Impeachment, being a political procedure, need not prove that Trump incited a riot. The narrative fuels the impeachment, so it’s not burdened with those pesky facts. Not unlike a couple of resident leftist commenters on SitD.

  8. Never… gonna… happen… because… feeling may get hurt and what will the MSM say? Do we REALLY need to rehash the feckless MN GOP bellyaching?

  9. Just wait until after the midterms, jpa. People will have tired of technicals and IED’s by then. We’ll get a crop of snake eaters to replace the weak.

  10. Fearless prediction for 2021:

    “Taking a knee” is replaced by “kneecapping”.

  11. So in a little over two years, Trump lost the House, the Senate, the presidency, and got impeached twice.

    Winning 🏁

  12. Trump lost the House, the Senate, the presidency, and got impeached twice.
    Nancy Pelosi is responsible for half the impeachments in the history of the US.
    None of her impeachments has resulted in the removal of the president.
    But their are six days left in Trump’s term. Go for it again, Nancy!

  13. People were shocked when Clinton was impeached. It was pretty clear it was retribution, not justice.

    No one was shocked when the reprobates impeached Trump last year; even midwits saw it as the lashing out of a deranged mob in pure hate. Everyone knew it would come to nothing, it was “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!”

    This time, no one is even watching. Like everything else the reprobates get their filthy paws on, the act of impeachment has been made completely meaningless.

    Americans are too busy preparing themselves to be bothered with mindless amusements.

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