The Non-Profit/Industrial Complex

Joe Biden’s “Cancer Charity” appears to be about as legitimate as the Clinton Foundation.

President-elect Joe Biden‘s cancer charity spent the majority of its money on staff payroll and gave none to research, it has been revealed.

First reported by The New York Post, tax filings viewed by showed that The Biden Cancer Initiative amassed $4,809,619 in contributions, but spent $3,070,301 on salaries.

Joe and Jill Biden founded The Biden Cancer Initiative in 2017 to help find a cure and ‘solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention.’

This might’ve been a great story to have gotten out there, I dunno, a couple weeks ago…

5 thoughts on “The Non-Profit/Industrial Complex

  1. NGOs ( your Non-Profit/Industrial Complex) are a combination warehouse/scrapyard for the present glut of Liberal Arts degrees.

  2. They’d have the excuse “well, we’re just getting things off the ground.”, I guess, but really…if the media didn’t think Hunter’s getting primo jobs with no expertise was an issue, what are the chances they’d think this would be?

    We need to start finding ways around the mainstream media.

  3. Even if the story had come out weeks ago it wouldn’t have mattered. The Dems would have just cranked out a bunch more votes.

  4. I read a breathless comment typed by a batshit crazy leftist, that said essentially “This charity doesn’t give directly, it directs funding by other sources to wind up with the recipients”

    The perfect response: “In other words, money laundering?”

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