After 29 Years…

…it’s great to find Minnesota is the champion at something again.

Well, not “good”…:

More “notable”, I guess.

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8 thoughts on “After 29 Years…

  1. What I find most interesting about the rioting and looting in all these Democrat run cities is the specificity. Target, Walmart, BestBuy, grocery stores, any smaller businesses are all fair game, but even though each of these Blue cities has at least one, so far No Amazon Warehouse/Distribution Centers have been touched. It makes no sense, if you’re “shopping” for electronics or shoes thats where you find the motherlode.
    Unless what we have here is Hubert Humphrey/Isadore Blumenfeld type of partnership — drive out all the other “capitalists” and eventually the only game in town will be Amazon.

  2. In my neighborhood, all the Woke people painted their doorposts and lintels with the blood of the lamb so the angel of death would pass them by.

    Figuratively speak. Can’t use real blood, that’s un-hygenic. Nowadays they stick Black Lives Matter signs in their yard. But it’s the same idea.

  3. Pig – the issue with an Amazon distribution facility is that it isn’t typically in the area of the rioting. The one here in MN is in Shakopee. I’ve never been there, or seen it, but I’m going to guess it’s more like a warehouse – not a lot of windows, big parking lot for semis, and everything on racks. All told, it’d be a lot more difficult to breach, enter, and get away.

    Compare that to the tobacco or liquor store. They’re right in the neighborhood, and likely have glass doors and big windows. Much easier target.

  4. Easy target is the key there. But Amazon is the by far the largest beneficiary of the mom and pop shops going bust. By a country mile! Remember the good ‘ole days when Walmart was vilified as the mom and pop killer?

  5. During the Minneapolis looting, one video recorded people exiting a Target with big screen TVs, jewelry, and the like. But I saw one woman pushing a shopping cart loaded to overflowing with Tide, diapers and household products and I thought, “Alright, momma! Well done!”

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