11 thoughts on “Maybe There’s A Miscommunication, Here…

  1. Governor Waltz, aka the Wizard of Oz, lied during his most recent appearance at the Health Department Covid briefing. When asked if there was a plan to shut down schools after the election, he answered “No.” Yet District 196 and 191 are preparing to go back to all distance learning next week. I suppose technically it wasn’t lying because the mechanism existed based on cases per 10,000 in Dakota County. He knew darn well it would happen.

  2. The fact that teachers and Edumacation Minnesota are pushing for distance learning, gives us a great reason to cut school funding. After all, look at all of that overhead they’re saving on administration and maintenance.

  3. Well doc, Sgt Schultz cannot be accused of lying because indeed, he knows and sees nothing.

  4. My son and family live in Dakota County. Their school district is hybrid now, but likely to go all-distance-learning soon (it depends on positive Covid cases in the county – not in the school, in the county at large).

    In response, several parents in the neighborhood hired retired teachers as “tutors” on at-home days. The kids go to the tutors’ houses instead of the school house.

    Report card: the kids are learning more from the tutor than from school.

    Which makes me wonder: what if the kids just . . . didn’t go back?

  5. Joe – if the kids don’t go back, it costs the school money. Which is why they’ll send truancy officers to make them not learn on zoom again.

  6. shaking,

    I believe all the parents have to do is tell the school that their children will be home schooled, going to parochial or a charter school. It will cause them to wet themselves, but, from what I have heard from parents that do home school, truant officers can’t do crap about children that not attend gubmint indoctrination facilities. At least, not yet.

  7. boss, if you thought Big Ed was against parochial and charter schools before, I can bet you a dull nickel they will cease to exist overnight. Damn free speech and laws and constitution and well, freedom. Welcome to libturd utopia, where everything is by the state, for the state. You can have your education, as long as it is in the approved brainwashing camps by the approved expert™ acolytes of science™.

  8. Private K-12 schools are opening with in-person attendance.
    Because in private schools the customers (the parents) call the shots, not unionized teachers, bureaucrats, and politicians.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to investigate these unionized teachers, bureaucrats, and politicians are educating their own children during the pandemic?
    Maybe some reporter could look into it. Most likely it would be a career-ender of a story, if it got past the editors.

  9. Boss – true on both now, and the possible change. The schools get money based on attendance though, which was my poorly stated bottom line. Less students = less money.

  10. shaking,
    That’s why I pointed out that they would wet themselves.
    I’ve always asked the Bloomington school board why it is that we give them more money every year, yet we continue to hear teachers complaining about the same old things. First, they aren’t happy with their pay and benefits, for working less than 8 months per year. I’m counting all of their vacations disguised as MEA and all of the other miscellaneous days off which add up to a full month. And that doesn’t include the three weeks for Christmas and Spring breaks and the two days for Thanksgiving. Then, they complain that they have to buy school supplies “out of their own pockets”. Still further, they make the kids sell a variety of crap during fundraisers. Hell, with the money that these charlatans are raking in, every student could have their initial yearly supplies covered. Of course, the racists don’t worry that the “disadvantaged minorities” can’t afford even that. Something is not right and hasn’t been for at least 60 years,

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