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  1. Bertchya these ninnies are mostly white middle-class women. They need to resign immediately and be replaced by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

    Furthermore, in the pursuit of racial, gender and sexual equality, all seniority and tenure must be immediately eliminated in education. It is the bedrock of systemic racism.

    Shove that up your *** Education Minnesota.

  2. “We need to fight against these patterns.”
    Generally, when mathematicians make statements like this, the next stop is the loony bin.

  3. If you have studied early 20th century European history, the pattern is familiar. Individuality is suppressed, your primary identity, the only identity which matters, is your race or class identity. Universities and lower schools have their curiculae examined and improper ideas and improper sources are excised. Political purity is valued above all. Spreading non-aryan or non-Marxist ideas is made, first, socially unacceptable, and then a crime. Eventually the impure are stripped of their citizenship. Then the state declares that their mere existence is a crime punishable by death. There was no such thing as science, their was only revolutionary science or anti-revolutionary science, and aryan or non-aryan science. In the USSR, merely being labeled, by a judge, as a bourgeois or a kulak was a capital offense. In Germany, being a non-Aryan was to be a hostile alien. When the wicked control the state, they immediately begin the persecution of their enemies.
    Liberals used to say “first you burn books, then you burn people.” Well, the liberals are burning books, now. I wonder what they will burn next?

  4. The data are clear: these issues are inseparable. Black, Latinx, and Indigenous lives are the most affected by policing, health, and education policies.

    True. But it’s true because these are the lives that most often depend on the working public to support their unproductive lives. When you have nothing productive to do all day, you’re gonna fill that time with activities that attract the police, or are inherently unwholesome and unhealthy, which causes you to depend on public assistance to bail you out of jail, or off the floor.

    Public education policies are crafted, first and foremost, to support the financial and political interests of leftist unions and their reprobate members. I used to be among the naive fools that put the blame on union bosses exclusively, but the truth is the rank and file one finds “teaching” in public school are just as craven as the leadership.

    Academic success is not part of the curriculum, and is wholly dependent on the amount of effort parents are willing to expend outside the school, or the amount of money they are willing to spend to get them into a quality, private school.

  5. It is time for all members of our profession to acknowledge that mathematics is created by humans and therefore inherently carries human biases

    To me, this is a key to what is wrong with these people. What the fuck does human bias has to do with math? Does the sum of 2 + 2 miraculously change to 5 when a person doing the arithmetic is black?

  6. jpa
    in urban black underclass math 2+2 means 2 shot, 2 dead, in a drive by so 2+2=2

  7. I’ve noticed for well over a decade that even engineering and scientific societies are starting to toe the line in terms of what government wants. Pretty darned sad.

  8. Things like science & math used to criticized, by the left, because they were cold and inhuman. Now we are supposed to believe the lefties when they tell us that the problem is that science and math are inescapably human.
    What the two positions have in common is that both are paths to power over their fellow human beings.

  9. Nature magazine will no longer be about science. Instead it will be an ideological publication:
    Why Nature needs to cover politics now more than ever
    Science and politics are inseparable — and Nature will be publishing more politics news, comment and primary research in the coming weeks and months.

    This is the textbook definition of totalitarianism. Everything must be politicized.

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