From The Mergers And Acquisitions Department

This blog hasn’t really changed a whole lot in eight years. 

While this blog started out as my personal venting space back in February of 2002, it’s always had a focus – or rather, like the guy who created it, perhaps a maddening lack of focus.   While this blog, like many, many center-right blogs, started at least in part as  a reaction to 9/11, I have never “focused” this blog; it’s always wandered the waterfront, content-wise, dabbling in subjects big (the War on Terror, liberty and its erosion, faith, conservatism, the Media) and small (Beer, Education, ridiculing overwrought and not-too-bright leftybloggers, music, what I was doing twenty years ago at certain selected moments) and everything in between.

And and even after we started adding writers – Johnny Roosh and Bogus Doug – this blog remained focused on not having a focus, really.

And we hope to continue that record with the newest addition to the Shot In The Dark team.  And with that, I’m happy to announce that  “The First Ringer”, longtime Twin Cities blogger and writer, is joining Shot In The Dark.  Ringer’s debut post is below

Ringer comes to us from his eponymous “First Ringer” blog, and from “Truth Vs. The Machine”.  He has a long track record as one of the best writers in town about…

…well, all sorts of stuff.  Which means he’ll fit in nicely.

John has the same contract terms Roosh and Bogus have; whenever the urge overtakes him, whether it’s once a day or once a year, write something.  Stop by and say “hi”!

5 thoughts on “From The Mergers And Acquisitions Department

  1. Remember when you used to mock lefty group blogs?

    Yep. Ain’t it a weird world?

    I used to mock gropu blogs – not just lefty ones – that looked like ahyone could sign up and start writing. And it showed.

    I’ve got three guys who are realy good writers. Mock that.

  2. Congratulations on another expansion Mitch.

    I am not familiar with Ringer’s writing, but congratulations also Ringer.

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