I’ll Believe It’s A Crisis When The People Telling Me It’s A Crisis Start Acting Like It’s A Crisis

When convenient (and/or ordered by leadership), Angie Craig is a climate change chicken little.

But when embroiled in a tough battle for those soccer moms in CD2…?

What’s that she’s driving?

A gas-guzzling Jeep.

She clearly hates the children.

19 thoughts on “I’ll Believe It’s A Crisis When The People Telling Me It’s A Crisis Start Acting Like It’s A Crisis

  1. I wonder how she is going to justify her stand on healthcare to her Big Pharma benefactors? Just like our other lying DFL representatives, she’s just blowing smoke up her supporter’s rear ends.

  2. Her website says:

    Climate change is happening. I believe in the science, and we need to address it now. In Minnesota, we’ve already seen milder winters, heat waves, droughts and floods.

    Yes, climate change is (more or less) real.

    Yes, the world is getting (slightly) warmer.

    Yes, Minnesota is getting (slightly)warmer.

    In fact, things have gotten so bad that the Twin Cities currently has the same climate that Northfield had on the day I was born and in my grandchildren’s lifetime, it may have the same weather as Owatonna.

    …but don’t worry, I have been to Owatonna and it’s not that bad.

  3. Just one more thing, Angie Craig says she “believes in science”.

    Kinda says it all.

    Never knew that science was a belief.

    Personally, I trust the scientific process – but remain highly skeptical of any study or expert opinion that reeks of politics.

  4. Great points, Greg.

    I can’t help but notice that for as long as I have lived, I have heard countless “scientists” declare that “science is never really settled”. Why then, do some scientists and the climate nazis, say that climate change and Covid policies, are “settled” science?

  5. Boss, if you add ™ to science enviro nazis are so fond of, then everything becomes clear, no?

  6. jpa,

    Ha! Yup!

    By the way, I owe the term “environazis” to an iron miner from Babbitt that I met a few years ago while I was in a watering hole in Virginia.

  7. These hucksters are in for a real letdown.

    What happens if Greenland becomes arable? What happens if Minnesota adds 3 months to the growing season? If Iowa adds 4? What happens if it stops raining in West Texas…oh wait, never mind.

    What happens if the polar caps melt? Aside from the changes in weather that would undoubtedly occur, warmers want us to believe putting that much fresh water into the ocean will be a disaster. Will it?

    There is approx. 332,519,000 cubic miles of water in the oceans. Approx. 600,000 cubic miles of ice on the caps. That’s approx .180% fresh to salt. Will adding that much water put the West coast underwater? Gawd, we hope so.

    Will that kill ocean fish? Seems unlikely, but we don’t know. Is anyone investigating? No. Because they might find out adding that much fresh water to the ocean has very little or no effect on Ocean marine life, or worse, helps it. That’s no bueno for Global Warming Inc.

    It’s a natural cycle that is being scammed any way you look at it.

  8. Will that kill ocean fish? Seems unlikely, but we don’t know.

    Let’s see… Dilution is the solution. If marine life is being killed by polution, then adding more H2O should help the environment, no? Change in ocean water salinity will be negligible, but then science™ accolytes cling to ppms, and ppb and now ppt’s and will get their panties in a twist regardless. Funny how danger levels increase proportionately with the increase in limits of molecule detection.

    The CC hoax is being fought between science and science™. And in this fucked up world, science™ owns the bully pulpit and science remains locked in the closet. We are witnessing The Inquisition at its peak. Let’s juts hope this one does not last 500 years.

  9. JPA – my favorite PPB story is when I was at HAZMAT Technician training. A part per billion is a shot of vermouth to a tanker truck of vodka/gin. Now that’s a dry martini!

    Point of that is that it gave me a much better understanding of the ratios involved. I concur – changes in ocean salinity, especially with increased deep water (usually higher salinity) movement would be negligible.

  10. Kid: What’s the difference between weather and climate.
    Old Farmer: See that tank the cows are drinking out of?
    Kid: Sure.
    Old Farmer: That’s weather.
    Kid: Okay.
    Old Farmer: See the water pouring into it out of the well?
    Kid: Okay.
    Old Farmer: That’s climate.
    Kid: Oaky, but huh?
    Old Farmer: The temperature in the tank is roughly the daily average. The temperature coming out of the deep ground is roughly the annual average.

    So when the climate televangelists from MPR or WCCO tell you the climate in Minnesota is changing, ask them how much the ground water temperature has changed over the years.

  11. Regarding the possibility of the antarctic ice cap melting, maybe someone can….do the math on how long that would take? Let’s face facts; exposed routinely to ground temperatures of 40F or higher, we used to keep ice pretty well in ice-houses until the next winter. Now, instead of 12′ thick, let’s assume it’s 12000 feet thick, and the surrounding air is below freezing.

    OK, it’s going to melt in the next couple of centuries….how? We are not talking about the arctic ice cap that’s only a few meters thick here.

  12. It is slightly counter intuitive and most certainly counter narrative, but in all probability, Antarctica will GAIN mass due to global warming. A warmer world is a more humid world and Antarctica is an extremely dry place. In fact, there are places there that are bone dry, no snow or ice at all.

    As the southern oceans heat up, the moisture in the southern atmosphere will become more humid, thus dropping more moisture over Antarctica than can sublimate (ice loss directly to air).

    Readings from the GRACE satellite system suggest this very thing.

    To illustrate this at home, leave your freezer door open about a quarter of an inch and observe what happens.

    “Oh no”, say the climate hysterics, “will sea levels DROP?”

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