Deal Or No Deal

I watched Family Feud last night.  Joe Biden told me he’d impose a national mask mandate to save us all from Covid, so I should vote for him.

Now, it seems he won’t. 

So . . . no reason to vote for you, then, Joe?  Might as well stick with the devil we know?

Good by me.

Joe Doakes

He’s vamping.

Well, no – the people feeling him his lines – they’re vamping.

17 thoughts on “Deal Or No Deal

  1. I’m sure that everyone has noticed that when Biden started polling downward, due to his silence on the riots. Suddenly, ads pop up with him denouncing them.

  2. I would like to thank JD for providing another glimpse for what passes as thought leadership on the Trumpian right.

  3. You’re welcome, E. To expand on that glimpse (for people who need large ideas explained in small portions):

    When people are forced to choose between two candidates for elective office, the incumbent generally tells us what a great job he’s doing and therefore we should re-elect him.

    To overcome that presumption, the challenger must tell us what a terrible job the incumbent is doing, and what the challenger will do differently to make things better, which is why we should vote for him instead.

    In this case, Joe Biden said he’d doing one thing to make things better, then said he wouldn’t do it after all, leaving me to believe he will do nothing to make things better. Therefore, I might as well re-elect the incumbent.

    Works for me.

  4. It doesn’t matter. It’s chaos under Trump’s watch. Failed pandemic response, economic calamity and cities on fire. Nothing for an incumbent to point to and say “trust me I’ve got this.”

    I guess your point is that Trump is just an unnecessary bystander.

  5. Someday, when you get some spare time, try reading up on the United States. Our form of government is quite different from, say, Canada. We have this thing called a “Constitution” under which the President has specific powers and no others.

    The federal government’s pandemic response is not a failure, although some governors’ responses were. The federal government did not harm the economy, although some governors did. The federal government is not allowing cities to burn, local governments are. It’s all because of this wonderful thing called “federalism” which embraces the politicial philosophy of “subsidiarity” and is enshrined in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. It’s really quite revolutionary, completely different from the normal dictatorship that Liberals desire. You should learn about it sometime. Fascinating stuff.

  6. “Cities on fire…under Trump’s watch…”. Please show your evidence the rioting has anything to do with Trump. Good luck, you’ll need it!

  7. Trump says that coronavirus isn’t so bad if you take the blue states out. He’s president of the blue states, you can’t take the blue states out.

    If you take the red states out, Clinton won the election and is President. Two can play that game.

  8. He’s the President of all the states, but he’s not the governor of any of the states, and therefore controls the Covid response in none of the states. Did you do that reading I recommended? You should, it’s essential to understanding how the American political system works. It also explains the electoral college and why that’s not an apt comparison to Covid responses.

    Blue state governors opted for strict lockdowns and sent infected patients into nursing homes – the most vulnerable at-risk pool – and death rates skyrocketed as the state economy crashed. New Jersey, New York and Minnesota are all deadly Blue states.

    Red state governors did not adopt deadly policies and fared much better. South Dakota is a red state. Their death rate and economy are fine.

    The fact is that despite Democrats attempting to sabotage the United States population and economy in hopes of tricking the public into believing they’d be better off under a Democrat president, he’s actually been doing a pretty good job.

  9. I would like to thank Emery for providing another several glimpses of what passes as thought leadership on the Bidenian left.

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