A Children’s Story

The Story of the Little Governor Who Cried Surge, by Joe Doakes

Once there was a Governor named Timmy.  He had a fine house and many servants, but he was bored.  “I know,” he thought, “I’ll cause some excitement. That’ll be fun.”

So Timmy ran through the streets yelling “Curve! Curve! We’re all gonna die!”  People panicked and bought hand sanitizer, toilet paper and bottled water.  But they did not die.

Timmy laughed and laughed.  But then he got bored again.  He ran through the streets again, yelling “Covid! Covid! We’re all gonna die!” People panicked and worked from home.  They wore masks.  They ate take-out food. But they did not die.

Timmy laughed and laughed.  But then he got bored again.  He ran through the streets a third time, yelling “Cases! Cases! We’re all gonna die.” But the people had read the headlines.  They knew there were many new Covid cases but hospitalizations had fallen and nobody died.  The people did not panic. 

Timmy was furious.  This was no fun.  He argued with the people.  “We’re on the edge of a cliff.  As cases spread, hospitalizations will rise and people will die, in a surge!  A massive surge!  I warned you all Spring that it was coming in May, could be June, or possibly July.  We got lucky in August but now it’s September and look out!  The Surge!  The Surge!  We’re all gonna die in The Surge!”

But the people turned away.  They threw their silly masks in the rubbish bins.  They went to weddings for young people starting a new life.  They went to funerals for old people ending a long life.  They went to backyard bar-b-ques with friends to celebrate the good life.  The did not listen to Little Timmy at all.

And Little Timmy cried and cried.

The End

In much of the Metro today, it pretty much is a children’s story. More later.

10 thoughts on “A Children’s Story

  1. On the Big Island of Hawaii, there have been six deaths due to covid-19.
    Every single one of the dead was an inmate in a government-run, long term care facility.
    Every. Single. One.
    The government’s response was to close the beaches.

  2. Still waiting for one of our unbiased, resolute “journalists” to do an analysis of the covid-19 outbreak caused by non-mask-wearing & non-social-distancing at the memorial for John Lewis.

  3. BW, on April 30th, the CDC issued guidelines for caring for patients in LTC facilities who test positive for covid-19: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/nursing-homes-responding.html
    Mad King Walz & his “expert” advisers seem to have ignored these guidelines completely. Too busy putting up morgues to house the tens of thousands of dead, apparently. Or maybe they were too busy micromanaging the social & economic interactions of perfectly healthy people. All in the name of saving lives, of course!

  4. Those of you who believe the government will ever relax its freedom and economy crushing pandemic “emergency rule” should check out what is going on in the UK.
    In response to a rise in positive covid tests, the UK government has decreed that gatherings of more than 6 people, indoors or outdoors, social distancing and mask wearing or not, are illegal.
    The chance of dying of covid-19 in the UK today is 0.11 in one million.
    In the US, it is 2.48 in one million, more than 20 times the UK rate.
    In polls, people in both the UK and the US drastically overestimate their chances of dying from covid-19 or contracting its more dire symptoms.
    We are being lied to. The press, which is supposed to act as a check on tyranny, has become corrupt and has disgraced itself.

  5. This is tangentially related. Charlie Buskirk (Editor/Publisher of AmGreatness.com) noted something important about the Queen Pelosi and the Hairdresser Kerfuffle:
    People are accusing Pelosi of hypocrisy & of breaking rules she wants imposed on others. Fair enough, but they miss the most important point. Pelosi is 80 yrs old, a high risk group.

    What this really shows is that she doesn’t believe the COVID hype she’s pushing on the country.

    Nor do any other Democrats in leadership positions. And that includes Tim Jong Walz.

  6. Meanwhile, just weeks after Sturgis, researchers have already used science to prove that 267,000 COVID cases were spread at the rally, with an economic impact of more than $12 billion! Biiillllliiiooonnns!

    The study hasn’t been officially released yet, and you know there’s been no time for a peer review. There’s only been time for a press review.


  7. The researchers from San Diego State University’s Center for Health Economics & Policy Studies published a preliminary version of the paper late last week with the IZA — Institute for Labor Economics.
    The paper, which has not been peer-reviewed, is based on anonymized cellphone location tracking data and is the first known research to estimate the COVID-19 case spread and public health cost of the 10-day rally in Sturgis, S.D.

    So organized labor supports the fascist state.
    Love that “linked to” bit, NW. What links them? The article! The imagination of the “researchers”!

  8. MP – and how can “anonymized” cell phone records of cell phones in Sturgis be linked to anonymized incidences of infection? And also be tied to an economic impact.

    It would be more credible to debate how many Hell’s Angels can dance on the head of a pin.

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