9 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. I have heard of a player to be named later, but never a team to be named later.

  2. Pro Sportsball? Sorry, I’m completely out of fucks to give. Call them the Washington Floyd’s for all I care.

  3. Imported from my mostly moribund blog:

    Washington Gridlocks
    Washington Red Tape
    Washington Assistant Deputy Undersecretaries
    Washington Orange Man Bads
    Washington Weasels
    Washington Deep States
    Washington J. Edgars
    Washington Swamp Thangs
    Washington Strzoks
    Washington Fanne Foxes
    Washington Fighting Hasterts
    Washington Junk Drawers

  4. I’ve already ordered a Redskins tshirt to go with my collection of un-pc apparel: Lake Calhoun, Cleveland Indians, Yale University, Princeton University. I’ll need more closet space

  5. I was thinking a name that would strike fear into all who face them; the “Corrupt Bureaucrats”. I like “Assistant Deputy Undersecretaries”, too.

    But would could any of us bear to see Jim Comey’s ugly mug on every helmet?

  6. We well could be calling them the “Washington Fifty-Ones” before too very long.

  7. The Washington Redskins have announced their new name. They have done away with the racist part.

    It is now The DC Redskins.

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