Waiting For Word From “Protect” MN, Everytown And Moms Demand

The “warlord” of the Seattle Peoples Autonomous Zone hands out AR15s to fellow “revolutionaries”:

Not a background check among ’em.

The gun groups seem to be silent on this particular example of gun proliferation.

9 thoughts on “Waiting For Word From “Protect” MN, Everytown And Moms Demand

  1. I’ve read a bit of science fiction, end-of-the-world type stuff. The hero is always a prepper, has a bit of land by a river to fish, knows how to make his own venison jerky, and always has a firearm or two.

    But they’re never black powder. Which makes me wonder: what do you do when the ammo runs out? Then, it’s an ugly black Useless rifle.

    My grandkids are in a Wisconsin archery league. All of them have compound bows, all of them bow-hunt wild turkeys, the oldest got his first deer last Fall, helped butcher it in the garage. Those kids are long-term survivors.

    Not as flashy as an AR. But quieter. And every bit as deadly.

  2. What do you do when you run out of arrows or bolts since you cannot retrieve them if a mob of libturds is upon you? Plus they are much more expensive and take more space than ammo, nevermind speed of reload between rounds. Against the mob, give me a firearm, in a prepper scenario when you are alone in the woods, bow or crossbow is indeed a good bet.

  3. JPA – you’re correct, of course, at least in the short term. If things don’t get too bad, and it doesn’t last too long, the AR will work just fine.

    After the first winter, most of the unprepared will be dead so you won’t need massive firepower. At that point, the stealth weapon with re-usable arrows becomes more valuable for long-term survival.

  4. Well, you can always plan ahead to being able to reload. But them new-fangled compound bows and x-bows won’t shoot homemade arrows. Both weapon systems have their merits and if you are a prepper, especially for a zombie apocalypse, it would be wise to have both. But I gotta admit, letting an arrow or bolt fly with a note attached to it a la “Message for you, sir”, is very cool.

  5. Oh, and back on topic – the only just cause is your own cause, so {crickets} from the usual hysterical orcs. And given the chance, they will use their newly “found” AR’s to confiscate yours.

  6. I have a couple of .22 and .177 pellet guns with a butt ton of pellets and canisters. Also have a crossbow and about 50 bolts and I know how to make new ones.

  7. Joe Doakes, I am about the furthest thing from a prepper as can be, but it seems to me that in primitive conditions, e.g., most of human history, a fighter on a horse is greatly feared by fighters not on a horse.

  8. @bosshoss There was a time pre-Obama when you could get surplus Russian .22 fairly easily. Terrible stuff for the environment, and corrosive enough that you really needed to clean thoroughly after every use, but very reliable in terms of shooting. At less than $250 for 10K rounds, every prepper in existence made sure they stocked at least one of those cases as a backup.

    @MP You’d be surprised at how much room a horse needs to feed. They’re just not as efficient as cattle. You’d be even more dismayed by how hard it is to get them to tolerate shooting from them. Our horses are calm enough to shoot bows from them, but even that took a lot of desensitizing to do. Getting up to even a small bore rifle isn’t a task I’d relish.

    Real SHTF prepping would be very hard work and pretty expensive. There are much better ways to live.

  9. As a young man, I used a bow to hunt. For a variety of reasons, I stopped bow hunting for nearly 15 years, so when I first picked up a modern compound bow at a friends house 20 years ago I was completely untrained for all intents and purposes.

    After a bit of practice, I was consistently putting arrows in a 3” bullseye at 30 yards, and for years now I have taken many deer, hogs and rabbits with my bow since then.

    It’s not some rediscovered inherent skill; it’s just how damn good, and easy a modern bow is to use.

    What a gift archery is to someone such as myself that suffers from an irrational fear of firearms!

    If leftist reprobates are ultimately successful in destroying civilized society, they will find archers formidable, silent and very deadly foes.

    I’ve never made an arrow, but I think it’s worth doing just to see how good, or badly it would work on my bow.

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