Ripped From The Headlines Of Pure Fiction. Honest.

SCENE: Debate hall at the University of Minnesota. Mitch BERG is getting ready for a debate with Stacey HINTON. HINTON – a white woman from Edina – is president of the group “Keep All Racists Equally Nonplussed”, a social justice group without portfolio. The moderator takes the stage, as a small audience rustles in its seats.

MODERATOR: Mr. Berg, Ms. Hinton, you know the rules (both nod ). Let’s get started. What do you advocate doing about the Covid virus.

BERG: Look, I think the only things that have worked are first, protecting the vulnerable – certainly more effectively than we do here in Minnesota – then isolate the infected, and re-open the economy for everyone else.

MODERATOR: Ms. Hinton?

HINTON: You’re white.

BERG: Well, yeah, I am.

HINTON: So that’s your privilege talking.

BERG: What does “privilege” have to do with observing that the places with the best combination of public health and medical performance all did exactly that?

HINTON: Check your privilege.

MODERATOR: OK. On to the next topic. Whither Minneapolis? We’ll start with you, Ms. Hinton.

HINTON: The rioting was a bunch of white boys running around vandalizing neighborhoods of color.

BERG: Well, there certainly were “white boys” and girls doing the rioting. The implied message is “white supremacist” boys and girls. If so, they were pretty ingenious “white supremacists”, coating entire neighborhoods with graffiti associated with the left.

HINTON: Spoken like a white boy.

BERG: What does that even mean?

MODERATOR: Let’s move along. What do we do about reforming law enforcement? Mr. Berg.

BERG: Get serious about reforming qualified immunity. It is used to excuse a lot of horrific abuses, not just by the police, but by every other variety of public employee. It basically turns public employees into a higher legal caste. This doesn’t bode well for self-government.

HINTON: Something a white guy would say.

BERG: Ma’am? Do you have any thing to add other than my ethnic background?


BERG: Let’s hear it.

HINTON: It’s true of all white guys.

MODERATOR: Let’s move along. Ms. Hinton – what do we need to do about race relations in this country?

HINTON: White people need to listen to black peoples’ stories, and check their privilege.

BERG: Huh. All due respect, ma’am, but that’s the kind of meaningless word salad that people like you – “progressives” who are, if I may say so, a lot whiter than I am use to try to diffuse their own white liberal guilt.

HINTON: Again, that’s your privilege talking, white boy.

BERG: To the extent I have “privilege”, it’s because I was born in a functional two-parent household, with parents who stayed together until I was an adult, taught me a work ethic, and made sure I stayed in high school. And that kind of privilege is not an exclusive club – in fact, like freedom, the more of this “privilege” society has, the more there is to go around.

But let’s cut the crap. The concept of “white privilege” was, from its origins, a way for wealthy white progressive academics to try to expiate their guilt about the privileges their class gave them. To insulate themselves from gnawing class guilt while preserving that holier-than-thou feeling that white progressivism feeds on, they created and adopted the preposterous concept that being white meant a hot tar roofer from Arkansas has “privileges” that Oprah and Jay-Z don’t, while giving the likes of Mark Dayton and Mark Zuckerberg a moral pass, like indulgences sold by “church” that never forgives and offers no salvation.

MODERATOR: Ms. Hinton?

HINTON: Whitey white white white white white. White white white.

MODERATOR: Thank you all for coming out to today’s debate!

10 thoughts on “Ripped From The Headlines Of Pure Fiction. Honest.

  1. Why am I reading this? You are a white boy and therefore have nothing to say.

    Why am I commenting here, since being a white boy I have no right to speak?

    I am now checking my privi……….

    Hey! I am back again. This time I identify as a dog. See my avatar, it’s a dog. Dogs being an oppressed species have a right to have their opinions heard and this dog says people like Ms. Hinton are over-privilege white liberals who need to shut the eff up.

  2. Watch Hinton DESTROY White Privilege in the video that’s going viral. Click here.

  3. PiPress headline:

    ‘A beautiful, blessed black queen’: Woman fatally shot in St. Paul recently launched her own business

    FACT-CHECKED headline:

    “‘A beautiful, blessed black queen’ fatally shot in strip club parking lot gunfight between black Kangs in St. Paul recently launched her own business”

    So far, none of the dozens of traumatized Negro witnesses at the scene have named any names…

    Guess that means she not gonna get neither a gold casket or an Al Sharpton Eulogy(tm). Slim to none chance MinniFry will show up to squirt tears.

  4. My response to last week’s Oprah’s 40 Channel Simulcast on race is, “I could do with some of the oppression holding her down.”

  5. SmithStCroix;
    I give you credit for even watching it.

    As soon as I saw Stacey Abrams was part of it, I knew that it was just going to be a mutual bitching about the evil whitey and what he owed their people.

  6. Perhaps Mitch could avoid the accusation of white privilege if he wore blackface as a show of solidarity with African-American community?

  7. Leftist mutts want to deface Stone Mountain. Problem: it’s private property.

    This could be the line in the sand. The Stone Mountain trust has every right to protect their property at all costs. Several militias are offering to provide armed security.

    I’m liking how this is shaping up.

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