Open Question For “The Party Of Science”

To: Governor Walz and the Minnesota DFL
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant who passed College Biology
Re: Help me underdstand this

Governor Walz

So let me get this straight. According to you;

Covid19 is a lethal epidemic.

Attending protests to seek the re-opening of the state during the middle of the pandemic threatens grandma and, since “essential workers” will bear the brunt of any outbreak, likely racist as well.

But when one is attending mass demonstrations, even ones involving violence and property damage, against a politically-acceptable cause, or attending a funeral in a packed church full of un-masked people, it’s utterly acceptable from an epidemiological standpoint.

Unless there’s tear gas involved. Because then, Covid is a deadly pandemic.

Remembering, as always, that y’all are the “party of science”, not febrile superstition, yessireebob.

That is all.

24 thoughts on “Open Question For “The Party Of Science”

  1. “Kill grandma to stop injustice” was the healthcare take no one expected.

    From hale_razor in Twit-land.

  2. Science? We don’t need no stinking science!

    Feeeeelings… nothing more than feeeeeelings…

  3. Allowing mass demonstrations and rioting in the middle of a pandemic just shows that the driving force behind modern progressivism isn’t reason or science, it is hate.

  4. It does seem like the US is looking at around 5000 coronavirus deaths a week for the foreseeable future, and SiTD is apparently OK with that?

  5. Two months ago you were screaming about covid-19 death curve’s EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!
    I told you to calm down, exponential growth is by its nature unstable, and the growth would flatten.
    Shouldn’t you congratulate me on my adroit analysis of the covid-19 death curve, Emery?
    Yes, you should.

  6. Tear gas kills the coronavirus. At least, that’s what I heard. And it gives the virtuous a pass, too, so be sure to send your signals loud and clear.

  7. It does seem like the US is looking at around 5000 coronavirus deaths a week for the foreseeable future, and SiTD is apparently OK with that?

    Hey, everyone! The pandemic’s back!

  8. Since Floyd died & tested positive for covid-19, doesn’t protocol require that his cause of death be listed as covid-19?
    But I fear that the new protocol is that the cause of death of every black person must be Derek Chauvin’s knee.

  9. Well, it’s two weeks past when George Floyd died and protests began, and what I’m seeing in the COVID numbers is that where they were previously dropping, they’re now about flat for the past two weeks. Now granted, you’ve got other things going on, look at it with granularity, etc.., but it does make me uneasy. Hopefully the virus does mutate into irrelevance for most strains, leaving only a tiny remnant of super nasty stuff to quickly become just a nuisance, but I can’t say that from the data right now.

  10. In the US, if you look at the seven day rolling average of covid-19 deaths per million per day, you see an exponential rise that peaked around April 22 at 8k/million/day, then a nearly linear fall to the current 2.6k/day. On May 7, we had 5.4k deaths per million per day.
    So if the curve stays linear at this rate, in one month we should be down to a handful of covid-19 death/ in the US.

  11. 5,000 a day. I dunno, is that a lot? It sounds like a lot, but how does it compare to other causes of death? In a nation of 330,000,000 it might just be a drop in the bucket that we can safely ignore.

    It’s critical to understand the context, so we can make informed public policy decisions about trade-offs between safety and freedom. Without the context, all we have is the witch doctor dancing, shaking his rattle, and yelling “Ooh eee ooh ah ah, Ting tang walla walla bing bang.” That’s not enough information to make an intelligent decision. Which, I suspect, is what the witch doctor is counting on.

  12. Thanks Joe – now I have Alvin and the chipmunks dressed as witch doctors in my head.

  13. Thanks, smh, I didn’t get the reference the first time through, but now I’m infected with that meme as well.

  14. In the state of Hawaii, about thirty people die every day from all causes.
    We have had a total of 17 covid-19 deaths since the start of the year, and virtually all of these deaths occurred to people with significant co-morbidities.
    That is in the noise.

  15. It does seem like the US is looking at around 5000 coronavirus deaths a week for the foreseeable future, and SiTD is apparently OK with that?

    The example I showed indicates that it is in fact the Dems that are OK with the death toll.

    Why do you like killing so much?

    (PS, EI: Even by your dubious standards, that was a dumb strawman. You must be Eric Austin).

  16. I think that what happens is that Emery goes to the highly partisan web sites he gets his political news from, and he reads statements or articles that he believes are so, so perfectly irrefutable.
    These arguments are presented by lefties who have a poor grasp of logic and math, and are never run by anyone with a different POV.
    Indeed, at most of these left wing analysis web sites, having an alternate POV will get you fired & socially isolated, fast.
    After the recent business at the NY Times, it is impossible to argue anything else with a straight face.
    It is going to get worse, near term.
    In the last week we have seen the mob boo the farthest-left mayors in America (Frey & Deblasio), and the media sided with the mob.
    It must be terrifying to be a journalist these days. Simply asserting open-mindedness and support for free speech is a career-killer.

  17. In the 1930s, the Nazi party became the head of the German church. All religious leaders had to agree with and endorse Nazi doctrines (especially the “Aryan paragraph” disenfranchising Jews); if pastors and bishops didn’t comply they were removed from office, even arrested. Since the State controlled the Church, it also controlled the salaries. So, renounce your traditional values and function, or starve. Coming out of the Weimar Republic, some in the church actually thought this was a good thing.

    Our media now is co-opted and controlled in much the same way. Your livelihood is dependent upon your proper thinking, regardless of the original tenets and traditions of your faith or profession.

  18. The Party of Science(!) – but not math. While the MN Dept of Health reports total cases and deaths, and share the percentage of cases by age group, they don’t translate those percentages to actual numbers.

    I did, hear are the totals through June 2:
    Per the MDH, we were at 1,072 deaths.
    1% (11 deaths) were in ages 30-39.
    1% (11 deaths) were from ages 40-49.
    5% (54 people) were from ages 50-59
    11% (118 people) were in ages 60-69
    20% (214 people) were from ages 70-79.
    62% of MN COVID deaths are in ages from 80 to 109; that’s 665 out of 1,072.

  19. Your livelihood is dependent upon your proper thinking, regardless of the original tenets and traditions of your faith or profession.

    NW, that is why it is so important to spend your money with the people that support American traditions and Western Culture.

  20. Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says

    I have long suspected this, because I am a critical news consumer.
    I noticed that while many epidemiologists said that people with asymptomatic covid-19 were especially dangerous because could unwittingly spread the disease, they never gave us any numbers. They had no data to back up their statements.
    It is obvious that asymptomatic carriers of covid-19 are carrying a low viral load. We know this because in the early stages of covid-19, when the infected person shows no symptoms, testing for covid-19 has a false negative rate of 20% to 40%.
    All you need to do to effectively control the virus is common sense. Take common-sense precautions when in public, self-quarantine if you are sick, and protect the at-risk population. Do this every flu season, and thousands of lives will be saved.
    Imagine how much better off we would be if our leaders and our media elite had accepted this simple truth.

  21. I cannot think of a more damaging and devastating hoax perpetrated on the entire world than the Wuhan Flu lockdown. Mamm’s “All you need paragraph”^^ is a perfect synopsis of science.

  22. Considering that most of their jobs are juggling numbers, you’d think the health department would be willing and able to present the data they collect in a clear and informative format. You shouldn’t have to do any investigation to get current public data from them, it should be easily found by navigating their web site. If you can’t, it is a significant failure in their mission. Even worse is they are already doing daily and weekly presentations with this data, so there really is no excuse.

  23. Great news that the asymptomatic aren’t seeming to spread the disease much.

    Regarding allowing riots to proceed while shutting down family funerals….gosh, it is as if the powers that be want blacks, hippies, and Antifa to die horrible deaths from COVID.

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