If The Tables Were Turned, Part 56,334,631

“Governor Walz hates Black people and wants them to die.”

You know that would be the headline, if Walz were Republican.

Shutting down the schools is resulting in kids missing class, mostly Black children.  Walz is widening the achievement gap and condemning a generation of Black children to poverty and despair. 

Shutting down business resulted in layoffs, twice as many Blacks (25%) as Whites (12%).   Walz is shifting the economic burden of the pandemic to those least able to carry it.

Governor Walz’ Stay Home order – while appearing to be race-neutral on its face – is causing disproportionately larger harm to Blacks than Whites.  That’s prima facie evidence of disparate impact racial discrimination. In a Republican administration, the media would be screaming it from the rooftops. But since Walz is a Democrat . . . .

Joe Doakes

If Joe’s scenario were happening, Black Lives Matter would be blocking the freeway…

…although I doubt most people would notice these days.

3 thoughts on “If The Tables Were Turned, Part 56,334,631

  1. It’s payback for that Negress Democrat Rep. from Detroit that thanked Drumpf. It was way too public…might make others uppity….get ideas. The reprobates are gonna send a message to show what happens when Negroes rabbit from the plantation.

  2. BTW Joe, you’re noticing again; you racist literally Hitler.

  3. Still 15%;
    It’s also happening to a Democrat state rep in Georgia, Vernon Jones. He said he was endorsing Trump for POTUS 2020, due to his results on the economy, tackling criminal justice reform and supporting the black colleges and opportunities. After being vilified by the party apparatchiks, both of whom are black, true believers, Jones told them that he was leaving the Democrat plantation.


    Conservative thinking blacks are the scourge of the DemocRAT party, scaring the heck out of them.

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