Their Progressive Majesties Demand

Minnesota’s Democrat congressional delegation sent a letter to Vice President Pence telling him it was unacceptable that doctors in our state didn’t have enough complete Corona virus test kits. Apparently, the test kits ship without an essential chemical and world-wide demand has been so high, there’s a shortage of the chemical.
The law of supply and demand is unacceptable!
Yeah? So roll up your sleeves and get to work, ladies. Start producing the chemical. Do something useful.

Or Shut The Hell Up and let the adults get back to work, dealing with the crisis as best they can with the tools at hand.

Joe Doakes

I’m wondering if episodes like this mean that Smith, Klobuchar, Craig, Phillips, McCollum, Omar and Peterson genuinely think the economy runs by command? (Don’t bet against that with Smith, McCollum and Omar). Or is it just election-year posturing?

16 thoughts on “Their Progressive Majesties Demand

  1. Ha! This shows, yet again, that government run by Democrats, always have to blame others for their blatant failures. Meanwhile, the businesses that they constantly beat up with onerous regulations and meddling, are doing something. Bedford Industries, a Worthington based company that is the largest twist tie manufacturer in the world, took it upon themselves to build a clear plastic face shield that will protect the face from splatter or airborne droplets, allowing the reuse of face masks. And, hello Democrat dumb asses; 3M, you know that mega company that makes a large percentage of the medical face masks on the market and is based in Maplewood, has announced that they would go balls to the walls to manufacture more face masks. Funny that their brethren in state government, haven’t thought about beefing up the emergency supplies and now cries to the Federal government to bail them out. Meanwhile, they spend money on disease carrying, crime ridden choo-choo trains, killing babies and edumacation.

  2. I’ve read “zero wasters” on social media who are upset about hospitals asking for homemade masks. As one of my co-workers said, “what if Greta asked for them?” If things get as bad here as they have all around the world, then hospital workers will be using more masks then ever before. Already, panic driven society is using more toilet paper, sanitizer and wipes than they ever have before. Why would anyone think hospital workers who will be closely working with these patients wouldn’t use more masks than ever before. Of course we need non-disposable options to help slow down some of the demand to keep up with the supply available. It’s true whether Trump says it, Bernie says it, the CDC or WHO.

  3. A friend of mine works for ProtoLabs here in the metro area. They do prototyping and manufacturing, some of it using 3D printers. They swung into action to fill orders for companies in California for parts to go into testing kits; they even waived their “express” charges. Some 95,000 components are sitting in their warehouse right now, waiting for the bureaucracy to let the kits be shipped to the clients.

  4. Masks available “in a matter of weeks” —VP Mike Pence. That’s a disgrace.
    — Mika Brzezinski (@morningmika) March 21, 2020

    Say Mitch? No one is a bigger proponent of unfettered freedom of speech than I, but do we really need a Low IQ slob to only spread degenerate hatred, but because of a severe cognitive deficit steal it, wholesale, from other degenerates?

  5. Apparently, the test kits ship without an essential chemical and world-wide demand has been so high, there’s a shortage of the chemical.

    But, toothless bathtub meth cooks can figure out how to make alternative precursors faster than LE can make them illegal.

  6. Trump townhall on Fox. Dow jumps +1600 points in 45 minutes.


    If we can keep the leftist domestic terrorists in NY and CA off the damn TV, I’ll be changing my name to Taking 25% Profitz Swiftee by Friday.

  7. I just saw a headline on CNN (it’s on the breakroom TV) complaining “Trump forgoes task force briefing for appearance on FoxNEWS”


  8. Emery idiotically repeated:

    Masks available “in a matter of weeks” ~ VP Mike Pence.

    That’s a disgrace.

    Emery, I doubt Pence can make those masks. I doubt anyone who has any ability to make those masks is taking their time doing it; 3M certainly isn’t.

    But I have no doubt that Obama’s refusal to rebuild the stockpile of N95 masks after the H1N1 outbreak hasn’t helped the Federal response.

  9. During the town hall, Drumpf released the fact that Degenerate Governor of NY decided against buying ventilators in 2015 in favor of some leftist bullshit programs.

    DJIA soars. Up 1900 as I write this.

    The degenerate House and Senate leadership are skating on thin ice over very deep waters. I hope they continue to asshat dance on it.

  10. Emery, I doubt Pence can make those masks. I doubt anyone who has any ability to make those masks is taking their time doing it; 3M certainly isn’t.

    There’s a local guy who owns a company that makes athletic jerseys (mostly HS hockey) and he is ready and raring to go to make masks and PPEs. He had a C-level exec from one of the health companies in the twin cities approach him a couple days ago to ask him if he could help. He dropped what he was doing and said “get me your materials and I’ll get started”. 10 hours later it was revealed that there was a miscommunication and the company didn’t have any raw materials with which to make masks. This guy went out and spent his own money to buy materials and his shop currently making masks to give to local health care workers in the cities. He expects to have 1000 ready by tomorrow morning and 3000 by lunch tomorrow.

  11. I’m not sure the Dems really want the presidency. Look at the alternatives they offer: Hillary Clinton, a mendacious women with negative charisma whose every achievement was handed to her by others, and Joe Biden, a third-rate intellect who is now doddering.

  12. I’ve followed this through several layers and still don’t know what do they claim is missing. This looks more and more like politicians attempting to signal that they are really really useful idiots.

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