This Is Every Progressive, Every Time

Remember – when Progs soothingly, condescendingly coo “nobody’s coming to take your guns”, there’s always, always and implied “until we can get away with it” at the end.  

Democrat in Virginia think they can get away with it.  

Now, America’s real #resistance, in the form of 75 Virginia counties, have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries”, with no intention of enforcing Governor and Chief Blackface Minstrel Ralph Northam’s gun confiscation laws.  

Which has the salutary effect of getting some Virginia Democrats to screw up and let their inner id romp and play in public:

A U.S. congressman suggested that the Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could deploy the National Guard to enforce gun laws in counties that have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

“Ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” Rep. Donald McEachin said, according to The Washington Examiner.“That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has,” McEachin added.

Gov. Northam himself said on Wednesday that Virginia localities who refuse to enforce gun laws will face “consequences,” but did not allude to what those consequences could entail.

They want to sic the military on dissenters. 

Scratch the surface of any “progressive” and you’ll eventually find a totalitarian waiting to get out.  With some, you don’t have to scratch as hard.  

The commandant of the Virginia Guard didn’t exactly quash the idea – but then, he’s a political appointee commenting on one of his boss, Governor Minstrel’s, idiot colleagues.   I’ll cut him some slack.

But I’m going to guess that Governor Minstrel and Rep. McEachin are talking from an abundance of overconfidence in the loyalty of the Guard1.  Most soldiers are drawn from the same class of people as the people who own the guns in the first place.   I’m thinking Rep. McEachan might wind up going door to door himself, in his little pink kitty hat, at this rate.  

Of course, “Protect” Minnesota, the legiion of the ignorant and depraved, was there with their own little authoritarian twist:

Slavery, segregation, poll taxes, “Separate but Equal” and Jews wearing yellow stars were all “the law”, “Reverend” Nord Bence.

Try again – and a little lighter on the “soullless totalitarian harpy” next time.

16 thoughts on “This Is Every Progressive, Every Time

  1. Love the “Protect MN” ruse to “correct the record” by ignoring the very means that Virginia would have to use if county sheriffs refuse to enforce the (unconstitutional) laws they propose. Keeping up their 100%, perfect record of never saying anything that is significant and true on the matter, I guess.

  2. I had to look three times at the initial quote: “may need to nationalize the National Guard.” Um, there is no “nationalization” of the Guard. They can be activated, mobilized, deployed, or FEDERALIZED. There’s no nationalization though. And, if the speaker meant Federalize, that’d be a bad thing.

    National Guard can be used in a domestic capacity when the are in Title 32 status – under the control of the Governor. In that role, they can train, do disaster relief, and even take on some law enforcement roles (depending on state law and the governor). But, if they are federalized (brought onto Title 10 status), then they are the exact same as any active component soldier. As in, Posse Comitatus stops things. I share this, as fellow SITD readers seem to appreciate knowing actual facts.

    In regards to the Adjutant General (TAG) being political, that’s always the case. And, likely talking to the JAG about what options are. And, the TAG may or may not say it’s illegal. Where the pushback will occur is at the middle levels. Those a couple of years away from retirement may think it’s wrong, but comply from not wanting to rock the boat. Those in their first 10 years of service would more likely be the ones to not comply. The captains, LT’s, mid level NCO’s. Plus, the soldiers. Depending on the state, not responding to a Title 32 call up can have little to no consequences. So, there could be grand plans made up, and no one comes to the party. Or, they go house to house as ordered. Except, they look in the entry closet for guns, and that’s it.

    My prediction – they aren’t going to call out the Guard. If nothing else, it costs a lot of money.

  3. This guy McEachin is a dumb person inserting false premises into the public discussion. Its good to resist being ‘triggered’ by that eh.

    As a matter of law and legal framework at any level, there’s just not a reality in which the guard can be called in to assist a confiscation effort that is not actually proscribed by whatever prohibitive language your state has adopted in its criminal code.

    There’s no authority for the call to the guard, and there’s no authority for them to assist whoever they are going to assist, and whoever they are going to assist doesn’t have the authority to inspect everyones’ closets, and they wouldn’t do it if they did have the authority because logistically it cant be done and you wouldnt want to do it as a LE agency even if it could be.

  4. It’s not just local municipal governments declaring themselves Constitutional Freedom Zones, several Sheriff’s have weighed in.

    The Culpeper County Sheriff says he’ll deputize everyone.

    The Amelia County says he will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws even if ordered to by a judge.

    The Greene County Sheriff endorsed a Constitutional Freedom Zone resolution before it passed, adding “and I promise you, the people this county, I’ve got your back.”

    The current Wise County Sheriff and sheriff-elect backed their Constitutional Freedom Zone resolution.

    This is important, not only because these are the guys that will be called on to kick doors in, but because they are not employees of the county government, they are elected officials in and of themselves. When the county AND the Sheriff tells the reprobates to come and take them themselves, it’s pretty serious.

    I rake cops over the coals often, and I don’t recant any of it but when they do right, they deserve a “Well done.”

  5. ” So, there could be grand plans made up, and no one comes to the party. Or, they go house to house as ordered. Except, they look in the entry closet for guns, and that’s it.”

    There are grand plans being made up. They revolve around making sure no one gets anywhere near any closets, and neighbors getting one another’s back.

    I don’t think the reprobates will push this. They’re dim witted, but not so dim they can’t see the shit rain that will pour down on them if they do.

  6. Given the Commonwealth of Virginia’s history, it isn’t surprising that this is happening there, even in 2019. Despite the fact that it probably owes it’s GNP equivalent to the Federal government, they want to defy it by writing their own rules, then enforcing them with federally controlled resources. The problem with these cowardly leftists, writing anti-constitutional laws like this, is that they won’t be the ones putting their lives on the line going door to door to confiscate the property of their constituents. The dumbest part is that mental midgets like them continue to get elected by the sheeple.

  7. … Its good to resist being ‘triggered’ by that eh.

    I’m not triggered.

    Merely pointing out “progressivism” and gun controls’ inner jackbooted tyrant, and the little Mussolini that hides under the “Reverend” Nord Bence’s ELCA coif.

  8. Constitutional issues aside, the pro second amendment people in VA need to win elections. That should be job 1, not evading the law.

  9. McEachin are talking from an abundance of overconfidence in the loyalty of the Guard1. Most soldiers are drawn from the same class of people as the people who own the guns in the first place.

    Probably not an argument I would make. The same was said when the National Guard was called in to protect strike breakers.

    When the anger of citizens gets turned on the guard, the guards anger gets turned on the citizens. Sorry, but that is the way it has always gone.

    You have to wonder just how this would work though. What, a humvee rolls into your driveway and the squad leader rings your doorbell?

    “Whaddya want?”

    “Our records say you own an AR15.”


    “Hand it over.”

    “You got a warrant?”


    “Get one.”


    “You got a warrant?”


    “Good luck finding what was stolen last week. I reported it to the Sheriff Department, as did every other gun owner in the county. You boys really need to do something about all that firearm theft.”

  10. ” . . . I reported it to the Sheriff Department, as did every other gun owner in the county. You boys really need to do something about all that firearm theft.”
    I tell ya that won’t work. Fascists have over a century of practice in seizing weapons.
    They’ll declare your weapon was state property, and then jail you for treating it negligently, or they’ll simply ignore your claim that your weapon was stolen & prosecute you for not turning it over.
    The Soviets used to break fingers. Still claim you don’t know where your gun is? There goes another finger. If you really did have your weapon stolen, they’d just break all of your fingers and start on your kids’ fingers.

  11. The way to stop these wanna be Stalins, if I were a guard squad leader assigned to gun confiscation duties, I would go to their houses and go full law enforcement mode, pulling drawers out and dumping the contents, turn the mattresses over, pull all the stuff out of closets , etc. In other words, turn their own laws on them. After all, as all of these dip stick Dems have been crowing for the last two years, NO ONE is above the law.

  12. “I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution.” – Ulysses S. Grant

  13. Pig, to some degree, I think that is Trump’s strategy with immigration and the “Dreamers”.

  14. Kraphead, stop the charade, you’re a concern troll.

    Mitch does not get “triggered”.

    You do, liar.

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