You can’t eliminate supply until you eliminate demand; otherwise, somebody is always willing to meet the demand – we learned that in Prohibition, and the War on Drugs. 
If restaurant managers create the demand for illegal aliens, we need to educate restaurant managers not to do that.  And by “educate,” I mean “learn to make license plates at Stillwater.” 
Of course, the restaurant managers can defend saying “I thought she was legal,” same as any bartender who cards a college kid.  Show me what steps you took to verify identity and eligibility to work here.  Didn’t bother to look too hard, afraid of what you might find?  Weren’t willing to pay the wages an American demanded so you hired an illegal do to the work Americans would do – for that price?  Sucks to be you, Mr. Restaurant Manager.  You broke the law.
Notice who’s being targeted for deportation: families who have received deportation orders.  These aren’t refugees, they aren’t asylum seekers, these are people who had a court hearing and LOST.  They were ordered to leave and are defying the court order.  I’d like to see anybody else get away with that.  Just refuse to pay your child support and see what happens.
Joe Doakes

Would that they’d develop the same consideration for IRS courts.

But that’s just crazy talk.

2 thoughts on “ICE, ICE Baby

  1. “These aren’t refugees, they aren’t asylum seekers, these are people who had a court hearing and LOST.”

    Well some of them lost in court. Others didn’t bother to show up for their hearings. Reprobates are saying it’s Trump’s fault, of course. He didn’t send them a personally signed invitation. Of course, since most of them are on the run, there was no place to send that invite to, but that’s splitting hairs, I guess.

    Hey! I got an idea! How about the ASPCA ACLU sends the DOJ a comprehensive list of the addresses of all those poor immigrants, and they will send uniformed messengers to deliver the invitations? Boom! Problem solved.

    I’m a helper…it’s what I do.

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