Lines Like This…

…are why Lileks is still the best there is:

“I woke up this morning,” I said to the salesman, “and I felt like I wanted to be flattered and lied to, but there’s no brothel around so I thought I’d go to a dealership.”
If he’d been a dog he would have cocked his head sideways; it’s possible he thought “Brothel” was a new soup place down the road.

I’ve needed that dog cocking his head line so many times…

8 thoughts on “Lines Like This…

  1. That’s your blog, Greg?

    Bookmarked that sucker because A) You’re a really good writer and B) I really need more lighthearted reading in my life.

  2. Yeah, that’s me. I like to keep the blog lighthearted, but at it’s core, it is profoundly conservative. At the risk of being accused of shameless promotion (sorry, Mitch), here is my take on the fundamental flaw of liberalism (and socialism)

    A Modern Fable About Horses, Carts and Unfunded Pension Liabilities

    It’s lighthearted, it doesn’t bang anyone over the head, but even a child can pick up the message.

  3. When Lileks said his old car was 13 years old I wondered if he was referring to the Honda Element that he had – with the license plate “IMINMY”.

  4. Meanwhile back to the heart of the thread…Yes, Lileks is the best there is. Especially for a guy my age. His pictures of small city buildings are so fun and I relate to his upper Midwestern sense of ethics/humor.

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