Sic Transit Gloria Bloggi

Something has gone seriously wrong with the Penigma website.Ā  The last few articles, all posted by Laci the Dog, are months out of date and actually make sense.
Did we win?
Joe Doakes

I think it was put best in 1983:

6 thoughts on “Sic Transit Gloria Bloggi

  1. Keeping up that level of insanity has got to be exhausting, even for a bunch of certified kooks.

    They’ve all earned a nice rest in a quiet, padded room.

  2. Just wait until Trumps re-election Swiftee, grab the popcorn and watch the meltdown.

  3. POD;

    Ha! Iā€™m having cards printed up with the Suicide Hotline number on them for 2020! šŸ˜‚

  4. Does anyone ever comment on that blog, I almost feel sorry for him, almost.

  5. Bosshoss, this is morbid but I wouldnt bother. Just give them Darwin Awards for doing a service to humanity and the genepool.

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