How ‘Bout Them Twins?

As the Twins continue what is so far a stellar season – winning .678 as this is written, which is the best in the majors, still, by .001 point – I find myself in the painful position of reminding people about the law.

Berg’s Law.

The local media is starting to talk with a straight face about the Twins and post-season. Maybe even the World Series.

A reminder, Twin Cities media; it’s called “Berg’s Law”, not “Berg’s Suggestion”, for a reason. And Berg’s Fourth Law of Media/Sports Inversion is in full effect, and no less binding than Berg’s Seventh.

To wit: “Minnesota sports team may be a contender until the moment the local media actually believes they will be contenders. At that moment – be it spring training, late November in the NFL season, or week 72 of the NHL playoffs – the season will fall irredeemably apart.”

It’s iron-clad. It’s immutable. And it’s the law.

5 thoughts on “How ‘Bout Them Twins?

  1. Man, is it really that difficult to just enjoy the so-infrequent success of an Upper Midwest sports team? Temporary or not? Scandis are always on the look out for that proverbial other shoe. So it can drop and ruin everything.

  2. laws were made to be broken, and the Twins have won the World Series twice so its not really a law if its already been disproven in the past. The Lynx too but lets be honest, the WNBA doesnt really count.

  3. The Vikings are cursed or something. Its really unbelievable.

  4. The Vikings are cursed or something

    No, Viking fans are cursed. The Vikings are Zygi Wolff, and y’all just gave him about a billion bucks.

    That’s fairy tale, man!

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