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  1. Stories like these remind us of just how weak and on the defensive is the opposition to our national socialists. President Obama specialized in winning phony debates with straw men and organizations. That’s one of the reasons he hated to give a speech anywhere other than a college campus.

    This fiction of an incipient takeover of the country by Nazis and the KKK is almost as skillful a con job as the Russian-collusion hoax. I personally have never seen a cross burning except in a movie theater. Although I haven’t been to Dayton, Ohio, and therefore am unaware of the threat of a resurgent KKK there, I have lived in Minneapolis where our highways are routinely blocked by mobs of leftists shouting “Black Lives Matter” with their fists balled and in my face. Such mobs are usually led by socialist white women with bad haircuts.

    What is the greater danger? Dayton or Minneapolis?

  2. The local whypipul love it when the Dayton Black Panther Party wear their leopard skin Zulu trim and shout Black Power….makes them feel extra virtuous and empowered.

  3. The kl@n holds a Memorial day picnic every year down here, but you’d never know it because everyone just ignores them; they’re an embarrassment.

    I’ve read that David Duke has an IQ North of 130. If that’s so, it’s more than the sum total of everyone that still calls himself a kl@nsman. They really are the epitome of the inbred hillbilly meme, and do nothing but gain support for anti-Caucasian and anti-American leftist groups.

  4. If the model holds true then 2 or 3 of the participants and supporters are FBI informants with maybe one ATF agent to boot.

  5. Mac, I’d be real surprised to learn the feds expend any manpower or resources on them at all.

    Antifa is where the action is.

  6. Swiftee
    There you go, being all rational again. The FBI is nothing if not a great lumbering bureaucracy with a line item in their budget for “watching the know-nothings”. The first rule of dealing with line-items in a budget is “if you don’t use it you lose it!”. Its a safe bet that your tax dollars are being directed specifically to satisfy a line-item that Jimmy Carter put in place moons ago. Besides where else can you recruit your false flag fall guy on a moments notice if you haven’t been monitoring your “usual suspects” talent pool.

  7. How many of the nine klan members were on the payroll of the SPLC?

  8. How many of the nine klan members were on the payroll of the SPLC?

    More than the Black Panther members were…the SPLC doesn’t hire Negroes.

  9. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Dayton, between visits to family who live in the area and high school drumline competitions (the championships are held there). Dayton is Rust Beltish, but there are definitely worse places. One thing seems certain; Dayton (and neighboring Xenia) have much greater issues with tornadoes than with incipient Klan activity. I do recommend visiting the Air Force Museum if you’re ever in the region.

  10. Mr. D;

    You are correct. The air museum at Wright Patterson is a really cool place to visit.

    My brother lives just north of Dayton in a little burg named Piqua, so I’ve been to Dayton a few times over the years. That city pretty much dried up after National Cash Register closed and although Wright Pat is a decent sized employer, it couldn’t offset what was lost.

  11. Mr. D, the President and other top execs quit the SPLC last year. They’re being sued by several groups and people (Gavin McInnes seems to have a pretty good case, and a big pile of cash to litigate with). But I think they’re hanging in there by a toenail.

  12. It is funny the rewiriting of history than has gone on regarding those idiots. Interesting fact did you know that they were virtually dead and gone until Birth of a Nation came out in 1912? Another interesting fact, Woodrow Wilson, the father of modern progressiveism, screened it at the White House and it was the first movie ever screened at the White House.

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