I Love A Happy Ending

I don’t cry much – but I love, love, love this video of a progressive pro-infanticide snowflake trying to argue that she’s above the law, that there’s a different set of rules for progressives in campus…

…and then…slowly…

I so so so love a happy ending.

44 thoughts on “I Love A Happy Ending

  1. She’s trying very hard to sound morally superior. So why doesn’t she tell the officer “God’s gonna get you”?

  2. Let’s see whether she pays as much as a fine. The pattern I’ve seen too often is that the arrest is made, but the prosecutor drops charges. Given that this lady is guilty of assault and theft, that’s not acceptable.

  3. Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Ashville are nests of 1/4 wit reprobates, but North Carolina is holding tuff against them. This would have had a much different outcome in most leftist states.

    I do give that gal credit for knowing when to shut her yap. On many college campuses the snowflake would have screamed and fought, and ended up face down with a boot on her neck. Perhaps there is hope for her.

    Congratulations to Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio and Georgia (and soon, South Carolina). Not only are their challenges to RvW well crafted and well timed, this shows “Sanctuary states” the states rights has two sides.

    How much do leftist skaanks and ghouls love infanticide, I wonder? Will they start a campaign to split their shithole states off from the USA? Hope so.

  4. On second thought…

    I think it is much more likely that overturning RvW will encourage infanticide loving leftists to flee from states that call murder, murder. If anti-infanticide states follow-up with laws that include penalties for travelling to pro-infanticide states to murder an unborn state citizen, why, can you imagine it?

    Streets and public Universities cleared of leftist reprobates and degenerates of all stripes. The Democrat parties in the abandoned states will crumble.

    I really believe this will happen to some degree.

    I see this as a huge, albeit unforeseen benefit from my vote to secure SCOTUS in 2016. It also gives me much more reason to vote for more of the same in 2020.

  5. Oh, a little degenerate humor, D_K?
    Or is that what you were wanking yourself about this morning?

  6. I suppose UNC teaches its students that words on a sign can take away women’s rights. College is the realm of the stupid these days.

  7. D_K didnt really need another reason to stick to his nephews, but there it is.

  8. Like I have told my more hard line pro-life friends, the worst SCOTUS decision (Plessy V. Ferguson, that set back integration/civil rights movement in this country half a century) took 50 or so years to overturn. Roe V. Wade is the second worst decision and it will take just about as long to overturn which means we are in the final stretches to do it. It wont be 5-4 because Roe is just bad law I really believe the case that will overturn it (which is probably going to stem from the Alabama law passed) will be 6-3 or even 7-2.

  9. Also this has been going on forever at colleges. I was tackled by a dirty hippy over a decade ago at the U of M for defending Israel. Outspoken conservatives are sadly in phyiscal danger because the left doesnt know how to debate only silence.

  10. I am in favor of anything that will make progressives realize that this is a democracy, and they need to make arguments and change the minds of their fellow citizens if they want to radically change public policy.
    The supreme court is the least representative policy-making body of the least representative branch of the least representative level of American government.

  11. Who will write a life insurance policy for a fetus? Who will give a fetus a social security number? Who will accept a legal name for a fetus? Is there such a thing as a fetus certificate and what legal rights are granted? To whom?

  12. You’re right, Emery! Being a fetus is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany!

  13. Good ol’ Emery, the voice of unreason.
    A reasonable person would say “how can I be outraged about the death of a toddler when I believe in post-natal abortion?”

  14. Yes emery that child should not have died – and the way to prevent that death was to not drag the child across mexico and abandon it on the border when it got sick Trump didn’t kill it, bad parents did.

  15. If you read the article at Emery’s link, it is clear the child’s female custodian should be prosecuted for child abuse. She and the child (who knows if she is really its mother?) were taken by border patrol on April 3rd. She waited until April 6 to report that the child was sick. The toddler was immediately transported to a hospital.
    Compare this to an abortion, where the purpose is to kill the baby.
    These little stories of Emery’s are not particularly effective. The child would likely be alive today if it had been given up for adoption at birth, which is all the anti-abortion forces are asking.

  16. And, BTW, none of the silly things Emery lists in his 1:47 can be issued without a certificate of live birth. It’s a bureaucratic document, it makes no sense to give social security number to an unborn child (though I suppose you could insure against miscarriage if you really wanted to). No one is suggesting, I hope, that a baby is not a person until some medical authority puts his or her John Henry on a birth certificate.
    BTW, the CDC does require that birth certificates be filed for stillborns and the remains of induced abortions.

  17. No one is suggesting, I hope, that a baby is not a person until some medical authority puts his or her John Henry on a birth certificate.

    What is the thinking here?

    I am not going to get all religious on you, but “first breath” is rather arbitrary. Traditionally, a person became a person at the recording of a baptism. In many cultures, the child is not named until after the first year. In modern culture, vital statistics (birth certificates) mark a person but where is the science behind that? It’s purely cultural.

    Scientifically, one could argue that once unique DNA is created, that is a person. Everything beyond that is just varying stages of autonomy.

    One could argue that the entire purpose of life is the creation and dissemination of DNA.

    If anything, the abortion debate really is about the question, “what are we thinking here?” and the thinking behind abortion (and most family law) is that only mother’s matter.

  18. I don’t think Dunning_Kruger is really arguing in favor of killing unborn human beings; he could care less one way or the other. He’s merely taking the position he’s been conditioned to take, and paraphrasing the talking points he has memorized.

    Like all dedicated leftists, D_K’s brainpan is a maelstrom of inchoate thoughts, fighting for space in the void with degenerate, primal instinct until ThinkProgress puts them together enough for him to vomit out. I doubt he even understands any of it; he’s like the monkey that has learned pushing the green button gets him a banana.

  19. Abortion: not a protected privacy right.

    Swapping information with Russian spies: now a protected privacy right.

  20. So Steele is now claiming privacy protections for his Trump dossier?

  21. Swapping information with Russian spies: now a protected privacy right.

    You mean the infamous dossier that inspired the Mueller investigation? If indeed swapping information with Russian spies is now a privacy right, that ought to put a crimp into Barr’s investigation into the FBI.

    Oh, not what you were referring to? But let’s be honest here, Emery; the sources for the infamous dossier that Hilliary and the FBI appear to have swallowed hook, line, and sinker almost certainly include whatever the KGB is called now.

  22. You’d think being hung out to dry as often as Emery is would get old for him. I mean, so like he’d up his game, be better, more prepared. But I guess that is, in a nutshell, the Dunning-Kruger dilemma.

  23. The old KGB is now the new FSB.
    One of the really sad things about the reign of Putin is that he combines the worst elements of Czarism and Stalinism.
    Russia is a dying country. Russia’s global influence will inexorably decline, though it does a threat to Europe (esp. Eastern Europe) for the foreseeable future.
    China a far greater threat, it is a damn shame that TDS has infected our media. China has hundreds of thousands of its young people (Cinese nationals) in US universities and tech companies. They control a significant amount of real estate in important markets. They are a strategic rival, they want to build a classical empire in the Western Pacific (including Australia), and parts of Africa (classical empire meaning a mercantilist empire where they control resource exploitation and trade within a geographic area). They are quite open about their goals and the means that they will use to achieve them.

  24. MP, thanks. Agreed on China, but I’d argue their mercantilism will serve only to make their nation weaker and impoverish their trading partners, just as it did with Britain in the 19th century and Japan in the 20th. (and innumerable empires before that) Glad to see that they’re looking out for us, even if they don’t know it.

  25. The Trump administration is giving Europe and Japan 6 months to reduce their auto
    exports to the US? Isn’t that completely contrary to how the free market should work?

    The top car exporter from the US is a foreign car company, but the same foreign car company may be a threat to US national security? I suspect the real threat to national security are these short-sighted decisions harping back to the age of mercantilism.

    I get that Trump is hell bent on making America a manufacturing state again, but this goes against the principles of Adam Smith and the GOP. The world is not as binary as he wants to shape it to be.

  26. Which GOP are you talking about, Emery? The ones who put Trump in the White House or the #NeverTrumpers? And would that be the Adam Smith who wrote:
    Merchants and master manufacturers are, in this order,the two classes of people who commonly employ the largest capitals, and who by their wealth draw to themselves the greatest share of the public consideration. As during their whole lives they are engaged in plans and projects, they have frequently more acuteness of understanding than the greater part of country gentlemen.As their thoughts, however, are commonly exercised rather about he interest of their own particular branch of business. than about that of the society, their judgment, even when given with the great-est candour (which it has not been upon every occasion), is much more to be depended upon with regard to the former of those two objects, than with regard to the latter. Their superiority over the country gentleman is, not so much in their knowledge of the public interest, as in their having a better knowledge of their own interest than he has of his. It is by this superior knowledge of thei rown interest that they have frequently imposed upon his generosity, and persuaded him to give up both his own interest and that of the public, from a very simple but honest conviction, that their interest, and not his, was the interest of the public. The interest of the dealers, however, in any particular branch of trade or manufactures, is always in some respects different from, and even opposite to, that of the public.

  27. Trump thinks that the huge surge in availability of low cost consumer goods which has enriched the lives of ordinary people all over the world and counterbalanced the stagnation in wages since the 1990s, and the lifting of billions out of poverty traps worldwide is a very bad thing only because other nations are supplying these goods that 95%of Americans (and the world) wants to buy.

    He thinks that because Americans buy all these products from BMW’s to Samsung televisions and everything Chinese in between that he can stop what he calls ‘the US’ but what is in fact you and us, from spending our own money by taxing us.

    So he has proposed taxing Americans to the tune of 250 billion to stop them enjoying these products and encourage American industry to make them, which obviously, America cannot ever do at the same volume, quality, or price. If it could, it would have. Ever driven a BMW and compared to a typical US car? You get the point.

    Other nations under agreed trade rules will impose equal countervailing tariffs on other US goods which will damage the current US industry.

    Meanwhile the US share of world GDP has fallen to 18%, so the US is no longer the indispensable nation. 82% of world GDP will happily sail on trading fairly between themselves regardless, in fact their share of business will increase and the US share will fall further.

    US dominance of the SWIFT system and hence use of the dollar as primary international trade denominator is now being called into question.

    It is a relativity a simple thing for 82% of the world to set up a Euro Yen RMB £ secure international currency trading platform and moves are already underway.

    Result US dollar dominance declines, but I guess the rest of the world will benefit so looking globally maybe it’s a very good thing.

    Sadly the US we all love has become a blustering treaty breaking unreliable partner and a bully disrupting world order for short term US political nonsense.

    Only a fool says a trade war is easily won. Google them.

  28. Emery
    Out of the dog’s breakfast of uncited opinion, leftist talking points, and factually erroneous assertions you spewed, this howler stands out:
    “82% of world GDP will happily sail on trading fairly between themselves regardless,”
    please cite your source for your assertion that China and Russia are trading fairly.

  29. I have, absolutely, no faith in the economic policies of a man who appears to not understand that it is the American citizen who will pay the tariff, not the Chinese.

  30. I guess we could view it as Trump starting a trade war, or we could alternatively see it as Trump starting to fight the trade war that the Chinese have been waging for the past few decades. I’ve personally told vendors that their IP was being stolen, and information I’ve read about manufacturing there says point blank that the manufacturer will make “a few” copies to sell without your label on it in the Chinese market. It’s endemic in Asia and really bad in China–and in interactions with Asian colleagues, I’ve repeatedly reminded them that if (as engineers) they decide that IP doesn’t matter, they’re in effect saying they shouldn’t be paid.

    I think I got through, but when I provided copies of conference proceedings to them, it was still hard copy. I walked past too many kiosks with pirated movies and software to believe that a copy on CD/DVD would be safe from a manager who wanted to “benefit” the company.

    I’m generally in favor of trade “as free as possible”, but as long as we’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars every few years to keep sea lanes open and operate borders/coast guard/ports/etc.., we ought to gain some revenue from trade instead of just doing income taxes. I’m also convinced that products from nations that don’t honor our IP ought to be taxed more.

  31. Emery on May 20, 2019 at 10:52 am said:
    I have, absolutely, no faith in the economic policies of a man who appears to not understand that it is the American citizen who will pay the tariff, not the Chinese.

    Smart investors look at empirical evidence.
    I have a friend who is a retired schoolteacher. Anti-Trump to the core of her being. We were talking about retirement and I mentioned that my 403B is up 30% in the last two years (I didn’t mention Trump). She told me that Trump was destroying the economy, and that retirees like her were doing terrible under Trump’s economy. I asked a few questions and discovered that the day after the election she had moved her savings from a stock fund to money market & t bills, earning < 2%.
    Because inflation is low t bills and mm funds are paying low rates, and her COLA was tiny. Because Trump!
    Investors like that are why I made a 30% return in two years.

  32. Because some people in my work group travel to China to attend technical or scientific conferences, we are give an ITAR/EAR chalk talk every other year.
    We are told to bring only laptops with clean disks if we travel to China, because at customs, the Chinese will take your laptop, and image the drive before returning it to you.
    The response of the #NeverTrumpers to Chinese IP theft is pathetic. They literally will do nothing to stop it. The Chinese (like the North Koreans) will make grand concessions up to the moment they have to sign on the dotted line, then balk and retract, while demanding that the US remain obligated to the concessions it has made. The politicians (Clinton, Bush, Obama) cave because they want to say they have a new free trade agreement with China.
    Trump is the first president who has not caved.
    There is a tendency on the Left, going back to the cold war, to minimize American strengths while magnifying the strengths of our opponents.
    If the American economy takes a hard hit, we recover, maybe elect some new politicians. If the Chinese economy takes a hard hit, they could have regime change, or civil war, or a 1929-style market crash. In any of those scenarios, we’d be hurt, but the Chinese would hurt far more than we would. I am sure the Chinese know that.

  33. Historically, China is correct. US multinationals bartered US technology for cheap Chinese labor to create profits for US Global Elites. The problem is the strategy of the US Elites increased their wealth, as they did the wealth of Chinese Elites, but at the expense of the US middle class.

    On the contrary, the strategy of the Chinese Elites also increased the wealth and well-being of the Chinese middle class, a consummate result.

    The problem of the US elites is now how to justify their incredible rise to economic power over the US middle class, while the Chinese elites have justified their rise to international economic power by also increasing the well-being and wealth of the Chinese middle class.

    The result is that the US is now in political tumult, while China is now in political solidarity.

  34. “The result is that the US is now in political tumult, while China is now in political solidarity.”
    China is an Orwellian police state. Emery apparently believes that this is a sign of a nation in political solidarity. See my 6:19: “There is a tendency on the Left, going back to the cold war, to minimize American strengths while magnifying the strengths of our opponents.”

  35. I have relatives in Oz. They tell me that the surprise victory of liberals resulted from two factors that were both, essentially, anti-labor. The first was labor’s obsession with global warming, and the second was labor’s burying its head in the sand about about illegal immigration.
    Off topic, but interesting.

  36. Tariffs are paid by both sides. Chinese factories will lower prices to absorb some of the tariff and US consumers will absorb some of the tariffs. US taxpayers will be subsidizing US farmers, etc., etc., etc.

    It’s a camouflaged tax raise. It is Trumps cleverest move yet, he is raising taxes and the people who pay for it congratulate him for it. I don’t like him much, but this is pure genius.

    Re: Oz — Excellent choice for Australia compared to the alternatives.

  37. Emery, please explain to me precisely how the Chinese are “correct” if indeed they are stealing IP like there is no tomorrow. As I told coworkers, if you as an engineer do not defend IP, you are basically saying you should not be paid.

  38. One has to wonder, is Trump really that stupid and what is the end goal here. Anyone interested in the economic policy even a bit has to know that the FED will have to increase the rates due to the trade war, not decrease them.

    Once Chinese products start getting expensive, inflation will go up and by law, the FED will have to increase interest rates to handle inflation.

    Trump cannot be as stupid as he seems.. Right???
    Classic Trump. Overplaying his hand and then looking for others to blame. Will he fold as usual?

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