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  1. BREAKING NEWS!!!The print edition of Buzzfeed will soon appear in grocery checkout lines near you!

  2. Last week, Buzzfeed was not alone in the #fakenews spotlight. During Saturday’s March for Life, an annual anti-infanticide protest in DC, a group of students from a Catholic school were accosted by a group of “Black Israelites” (if you’ve never seen this bunch on TV, you’re missing something), and later a native Indian professional protester and his entourage.

    The nIpp approached the kids, singled one out and beat his drum and screamed inches away from the kids face. The kid just stood there and took it; never said a word, just stood there with a benevolent smile on his face.

    The #fakenews machine and the degenerate leftist online horde went into action. The kids were immediately tagged “The MAGA kids”, and subjected to all the hate the left keeps on boil. One POS, a film producer in LA named Jack Morrisey, went so far as to suggest the “MAGA kids” needed to be put into a wood chipper (he included a crude, hand drawn picture to help urban reprobates who might not know what a wood chipper is).

    Since the initial onslaught, more video has come out that directly refutes the #fakenews narrative. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2019/01/20/more-fake-news-no-these-maga-hate-wearing-high-school-kids-didnt-hound-a-nati-n2539334 But they don’t give a shit; they’re running train.

    This morning, I knew one place that I could count on to keep the train running over at Mitch’s pal Bob Collin’s fetid little echo chamber, and yup, I was not disappointed. https://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2019/01/at-lincoln-memorial-students-mock-native-american/

    The fetid gasbag didn’t even want to risk hearing naysaying from his hand-picked cheering squad, so he closed down the comments completely.

    Some reprobate has already chopped up the various videos to create a collage of the kid’s faces, and is calling for a doxxing and all that comes with that. A site called “grabyourwallet” has identified the people and businesses that lend support to the kid’s school, calling for them to be attacked.

    The war has already started, guys. For now, it is being waged against American’s careers and jobs; take the food out of our mouths. The reprobates know it and they are organized, they have the structure in place to support their forward scouts, and the scouts are busy as hell.

    Mitch has a bit of reach, locally. Several of the regulars here are people of influence and means. But we’re discussing the merits of Dunning_Kruger’s plagiarism.

  3. Gosh, even the Red Star & Sickle has expressed uncertainty: 3 groups; many videos; many interpretations of DC encounter. Effing commies were so gleeful to hammer on high school kids wearing MAGA hats. Especially when it involved a so-called Marine recon ranger Amer-indian fella who served in ‘Nam after the war ended who was just drumming up his people…

  4. Not only is the native American activist likely NOT a Vietnam combat vet due to being too young, and not only was he one who had had similar run-ins in the past, but the “Black Hebrew Israelites” are, according to the SPLC, a hate group with a fair amount of “black supremacy” and interestingly, a prohibition of contraception–at least among their ranks.

    And so I have to wonder if their purpose for being there was to pull a “Margaret Sanger in reverse”–to try to persuade white people to contracept and abort while they did not. In rushing to condemn “the usual suspects”, I think the media missed a few really interesting stories.

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