That Moment When…

….you see it in black and white:  Big Left’s “elites” really, really don’t understand the Constitution, federalism, checks and balances…representative republican government.

There are times the idea of complete national divorce – preferably peaceful – sounds almost dreamy.

31 thoughts on “That Moment When…

  1. I think Klein understands it. He just doesn’t like it. It doesn’t produce the results that he and similar-minded crypto-Stalinists want to see.

  2. When we split the country, can we also split HBO?

    HBO-Right would include Game of Thrones, West World, movies and the classic series: Band of Brothers and Pacific.

    HBO-Left would take all the alt-left political clap-trap and shove it up its….

  3. Dhimmis trying to prep the country (lefty portions) to not accept an election outcome which they do not prefer.

    But they’re not the cause of dissension and divisiveness y’all, no way. They’re uniters, da**it!

    What a maroon.

  4. what did I hear the other day on Medved? Something like out out the 435 congressional districts Republicans didnt field a candidate in like 25-30 districts and Democrats didnt in like 2. That face alone makes that stastic meaningless. The race for congress isnt federal, its 535 indvidual races. Just like the presidential race, while it appears to be federal, isnt. It is 50 (or maybe like 55 with territories) individual state races.

  5. Greg – don’t forget Generatin Kill in the list of shows that HBO right gets! Also, maybe they could bring back Firefly, since that was all about government staying out of your business…

  6. The fundamental battle in America now and over the next two years is between a plutocracy which has achieved unprecedented political power and a broad middle and working class in disarray concerning what agenda would advance its interests. The plutocracy advances its wealth-concentrating agenda behind a shield of inflammatory demagoguery which works beyond any reasonable person’s expectation.

    Simply put, Trump is the agent and the truly Big Money is the principal. And the Democrats have a hard time getting at the principal because the agent occupies the center ring of the circus. The agent’s antics and stunts draw all the public attention while the principal sits in the counting room counting all the money from the ticket sales.

    Who will speak truth to this new manifestation of privileged power? And if truth will not prevail, then what will come after?

  7. Superdelegates and hard identity politics quotas make the Democrat presidential nomination process not very democratic at all. The GOP nomination process is much more democratic than the Democrat nomination process.
    The democratic GOP process gave us Trump.
    The undemocratic Democrat process gave us Hillary.
    BTW, I have never met a Hillary supporter. I have met many people who are Trump supporters. In the past I have met Bush supporters and Bill Clinton supporters and Al Gore supporters and Bernie supporters.
    I know Hilary got more than 50% of the popular vote in 2016, you would think that I would have met at least one person who thought Hillary would be a great president, but I never have.

  8. I’ve seen that term “House popular vote”, but didn’t get it (didn’t really think about it) until now. It’s a curious measure guaranteed to annoy and, yes, anger the masses of the left. I would be surprised if the Democrats have ever “lost” the House popular vote (well, at least say post-FDR) regardless of the majority in the House.

    It seem to me from the tweet above that unless (hell, even if) the left has a clear majority in the both houses, Klein approves and is encouraging a continuation their malevolently childish behavior.

  9. I cant wait for the 2020 democrat primary battle. I bet it ends up in a floor fight at their convention with the superdelegates playing kingmaker. Which is hilarious on multiple levels.

  10. Simply put, Trump is the agent and the truly Big Money is the principal.

    ….which explains why the largest corporations in the world (Alphabet[Google], Apple, Facebook, Nike, Goldman Sachs) and whatever money Tom Steyer, George Soros and Warren Buffet are throwing around – back his opponents.

    Maybe, Emery, just maybe… you could update your worldview and bring it into the 21st century.

  11. There is no such thing as a House popular vote. We have 435 separate elections. I don’t get to vote on Maxine Waters or Steve King. I only get to vote on Betty “Rubble” McCollum vs. Greg Ryan.

  12. Take a look at the backgrounds & careers of Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias, and explain to me why anyone cares what they think. Neither is especially good at writing. Neither is known for being especially witty or for looking at issues from a novel angle. Neither is particularly bright or well informed; Yglesias’ parents are writers, he took a BA in philosophy from Harvard (magna cum laude!), yet in 2016, when he was thirty five years old & had been a staff writer for the Atlantic for years, he confessed that he had thought the writer Evelyn Waugh was a woman.

  13. I know Hilary got more than 50% of the popular vote in 2016, you would think that I would have met at least one person who thought Hillary would be a great president, but I never have.

    MP remember she only got over 50% because of that insane state (that I am sadly a native of) California. Take CA off the table and I believe Trump gets anywhere from 51% to 54% of the national popular vote.

  14. I was not initially a Trump supporter. I would have voted for Anybody But Hillary. The fact President Trump has turned out to be the most conservative President in decades was a bonus.

    I’m not confident in the mid-term election results. Democrats and RINOs are like rust, they never stop eating away at the foundation of this country. Trump’s election may have been a fortuitous anomaly giving us a two year pause from our slide into perdition.

  15. I only get to vote on Betty “Rubble” McCollum vs. Greg Ryan – Mr. D

    Rumor has it that Betty McCollum requires someone on staff to remind her to breathe. Being that she is too stupid to read a teleprompter, a team of animal trainers were brought in to teach her to repeat, “SPEND MORE MONEY ON EDUTUCASHUN.”

  16. JD, I asked for foregiveness from God before I circled Trumps name on the ballot. I have flipped from inmcredibly reluctant to fierce supporter and I think Congress is held by us by 2-4 seats, and if we lose it it will be by 1-3 seats which would potentially mean some stuff could get through and that we could get a speaker out of left field because there is no way Pelosi becomes speaker with a razor thin majority. Study up on unusual circumstances people, it could happen depending on how close things get tonight.

  17. I meant the house obviously, the Senate is a lock, we could get up to 57 seats

  18. There is no fiscally responsible party because the voters, the majority of voters, are not fiscally responsible (probably not even a plurality of voters are).

  19. hence why I answered Libertarian jdm. But the more I try to like them the more they seem to morph into anarchists these days. I belong to a few groups of them on facebook and they go off the deep end. On a regular basis.

  20. Apparently soy boy klein is now saying this could “light the fuse”.

    Is he threatening violence?

  21. It’s irresponsible to not make payments on the national debt. You can’t do that without taxes or tariffs, so, no, the Libertarians are not fiscally responsible.

  22. Emery, you ignorant slut. Look at the campaign spending totals. Look at who is donating to who.

    The plutocracy has sided with stinking leftists like you. They are counting on leftist slobs to pass legislation to keep the rabble in line, to continue to censor the media, to tighten the noose.

    Fuck you and your plutocrats. I’m going to drink your tears like wine.

  23. “MP remember she only got over 50% because of that insane state (that I am sadly a native of) California.”

    POD, I wasn’t born there, but was raised in Cali from a very young boy. You’re too young to remember, but California used to be a wonderful state, run by adults. I still have family there, but even visiting them isn’t enough reason for me to go there anymore.

    Looking at the third world shithole it has become is just one more reason I am willing to do most anything to crush leftist reprobates.

  24. Latest Trumpism: “The Democrat plan would obliterate Obamacare!”

    You couldn’t make it up.

  25. Ha! Emery, that ill advised and seriously flawed piece of crap legislation, was obliterated the day In was enacted. The drooling sycophants of their party, just refused to believe it.

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